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Monday, October 24, 2011

Life Song

How many of you have a life song in your lives? How many of you claim of a one great song that you can relate too much upon which hearing it would shed droplets of tears down your cheeks or would even lead you to crying a river? Not because you're hurt or in pain but it's because you feel overjoyed. It's like being in a cloud nine isn't enough to express how you feel. Perhaps many of us do have our own life song. Right? And here's one of the many life songs I have. Crazy enough that the title speaks of itself. LoL.. It's a Christian songs and it truly rocks. Who says Christian songs are boring? Who says such songs don't bring one into jumping or running across a concert arena. This one can make you do just that. 

As I was playing some popular music from my current favorite band "Boyce Avenue" while at work I was led back to re-visiting one of the many inspiring Christian songs I've always liked. A song from an awesome Christian band "CASTING CROWNS". And it's entitled "Life Song".

Suddenly, my body puts me in a worship mood. It pays to have a very encouraging Christian music to boost your energy to heed the call of worship. It gives you so much joy, so overflowing that it seem though you're in a certain ecstatic heights of joy.

The opening lyrics says: 
Empty hands held high, 
Such small sacrifice. 
If not join with my life;
I sing in vain tonight. 
May the words I say 
And the things I do. 
Make my life song sing;
Bring a smile to you."

It's a crazy thought that despite our location, despite tight security measures in a country where I'm currently at, it is no reason for us to sing our life song to our dear God. It does not hinders us to express our sincere gratitude for Him who is the provider of all that there is. 

That's why we are called "SFC Fearless". We brave all odds and we defy the famous notion here saying: "It's too risky to profess your faith here, we can't gather together because of this, because of that." I believe that wherever you are if God really calls you to serve He will work in mysterious ways to protect your being. True enough about this lines in the lyrics which says:
I wanna sign your name
Until the end of this day
Knowing that my heart was true
Let my life song sing to YOU.

Being Christian means fearless. It means pursuing HIM even death takes its toll on us. It's very hard to live out a Christian life. But that's what we are called for as Christians. We have to act upon what we believed in. We have to let go of our fear by converting it to courage. The amount of our fears is tantamount to the amount of courage we can have too.

So, be fearless in faith. Be bold and never be discouraged by tribulations or persecutions. 

As for me, I'm still in the process--aiming to be tough, to stay tough, and all the challenges I encounter are also my ingredients for my refinement.


  1. Marami akong nagiging life songs lately, mostly Hillsong kumanta. Haha! Bilis mo mag-update ng blog hindi ako makahabol. LOL!

  2. Mine would be Lord I Offer my Life ... I cry every time I hear that .

  3. @Gasoline Dude--Hillsong remain as one of my top favorite Christian band. I've watched them did a concert in Araneta Coliseum way back April of 2010 along with Darlene Zschech, Joel Houston and Reuben Morgan. It was awesome. Both Hillsong and Casting Crowns are my idols. By the way, ang bilis ba ng blog update ko LoL..hahaha. parang sprinter lang. LoL.

    @Kay--Oh that's a great song as well. One of my top fave is STILL. Wow, it really penetrate my soul when I hear it being sang.

  4. wow. what an inspring Christian song you've shared in your blog.

    My inspirational songs are "One More Gift" and Martin Nievera's "I'll Be There", a non-christian song but inspiring and some of Gary V's songs. :)

  5. Oh, my life is full of soundtracks. One or a few each chapter, to say the least.

    And yours is a very inspiring one :)


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