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Saturday, October 15, 2011


     I've had a very exhausting and physically draining day today, lots of work had to share their time with me. Did office stuff while doing the laundry, working on updates for my big day, doing purchasing queries & worst of all phone ringing every now and then too. I hate the idea of answering phone calls when I'm in the middle of doing something. 
     General cleaning in my room is quite a daunting task sometimes. Especially when there are various thoughts bugging my mind. Plus the burden of ironing my clothes...ugghhh..I hate it. But who else would do it for me? Clothes piled up and waiting for my hands to pick them up lay it on top of the iron flat stand. In short, I had a share of physical and mental works today.

     While doing all those stuff at the same time, with only few breaks at intervals, I feel like I'm stressed big time. I haven't been feeling this mind drifts as I call it as tiring as it is. I don't know, but I just felt so low this week. I'm like not in my best condition-physically & emotionally. There are anxious moments where it just puts me to stop amidst something I'm working on.

     Right now, it's 1AM and I'm still wide awake. I'm trying to invite Mr. Sleep to visit me quickly but it seems though that he's like so faraway from where I'm at. He's not even caring that I badly need a good sleep for almost weeks now. I've engulped two mugs of milk tea in my attempt to sleep but I just can't sleep now.

     I know there is something significant that's bothering me right now. I know that I need to address it sooner before it gets blown up and out of proportion. Oh God!....I need you this time. 

     God, you know very well what's inside my heart. My struggles, my pains, my sorrows as well as my hopes, my aspirations, my courage, and my strength. Right now, I'm leaving all my worries to you. Lead me to your path and direct my thoughts as well as my actions. 

     As I attempt to sleep now this is what I want to ask from you, GOD, grant me peace of mind and a forgiving heart. 

     Good night LORD. Put me at peace when I wake up in the morning.


  1. Next time, keep a calculator at your bedside, so you can count sheep :). Ok, I know that was downright corny :)

    Seriously, I also hate it when I can't get the shut eye I so badly need. Something always creeps up and fills my thoughts.

  2. @Pepper- hahaha..thanks for the comment, Yeah, it's a darn thing if sleep don't visit in an expected


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