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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Carpet List

Laughing out loud mode! hahaha.

Look at the title? It should be my bucket list or wish list instead of that one. But since I am working in a place where carpets abound, I just thought it might be a good idea to borrow this word just to make it different. LoL

This post was inspired by Kay's entry "31 Things To Do In One Year". Here's a link of her blog: Life Is Kulayful. It seems cool right? 

I'll be coming back to Manila on Nov. 18, 2011 @4:10pm. That's the exact landing of the plane that will be carrying us back home. So, I think of things I will do while spending my 37 days vacation. I'll list down 20 of 'em. I just hope I'll be able to accomplish these carpet list of mine. If so, then, it would be great. 

1. Visit a bookstore in Alabang Town Center and buy at least 2 new books.
2. Treat my family in a posh restaurant in late November or in my birthday
3. Watch at least 5 great movies 
4. Date with my God's Gift in a very relaxing place somewhere in the South of Manila
5. Meet up with my batchmates/classmates in any day in December.
6. Have a photo-shoot with my family.
8. Walk in the pathways of Intramuros with my soon-to-be-wife.
7. Throw a party on my birthday in Dec. 7
9. Do 7 acts of kindness for my family.
10. Attend an exhibit for "small and medium enterprise" business start-up.
11. Do an apprentice nature photo-shoot using our Nikon DSLR D5100 camera.
12. Hang-out with my "Smashers Badminton Club" in Paseo De Sta.Rosa.
13. Play badminton at least 3-4 times within the duration of my vacation.
14. Attend the mass in all Sundays within Nov. 19-Dec. 27 of 2011.
15. Do a getaway with my wife (this time, we're married already) in any tourist spot accessible by a bus.
16. Jump-start the feasibility study for the business I am brewing. 
17. Compile photos of my family (those which are retrievable and current)
18. Jog at least daily (if I'll stay in my sister's house)
19. Tightly hug my tatay and nanay in my wedding day.
20. Make love with my wife twice a day. LoL. Now, that is darn crazy! hahaha! (It's honeymoon peeps. wheww!-understandable.LoL :)

And last but definitely not the least. @21--Meet fellow bloggers in Manila. LoL. Sorry SweetKay...blame it to my poor memory. Got a memory gap now. LoL. Peace! Peace!

Well, these are my carpet list. Multi-tasking with office work while doing this list is awesome. Two priorities getting done in almost an hour. By the way, accomplishing these things are at random and so never expect it will be done according to the numbers.

Readers! What are your wish list? Feel free to write down you comments. :)


  1. Bakit walang meet fellow bloggers in Manila? Tsk tsk ... hahaha!

    I can give suggestions for date places in the South ...

    and numberr 20 should be feasible for you! Good one!

  2. Holy crap! now, that's pure memory problem. LoL. I edited it now. And I guess if not the first one, maybe you'll be the second or third list to be accomplished when I get back. LoL! I discussed the idea to my fiancee and she's excited too. And maybe we can meet up together with Jeo of Eyegasms on Reach. LoL. What do you think? And would you mind suggesting a place, it would be nice though. hehehe!

  3. Where are you going to be staying? We can meet in Makati. It's the center of everything. :)


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