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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

People Who Inspires Me - The Concept


     While doing a multi-tasking office work today, suddenly an idea pops-out of my mind. Well, it isn't that new. I have been having this thought way way back. But now, I guess I need to start it out. Sayang ang mga oras eh, dapat ng mabasa na rin ng mga taong involve dito ang gagawin kong series of articles.

     This post will be like the concept, the introduction, the prequel, the beginning, the alpha, the start. I will be featuring articles for people who inspires me. It is not limited to people I know, but it also will features people I meet along the way, in the street, in the concert arena, in the sports stadium, people I chat with, people I look up to but haven't met yet, my co-bloggers, people in my community, people whom I read in the book (like authors), people in the government (public figures), people in the faith aspect, and also people that are stranger to me but made an impact to me the first time I meet them. 

     Basically, it will focus on ordinary people, humble people yet living an extra-ordinary lives because of their works in the community and their advocates in life. People who spreads the value of unity, camaraderie, people who selfless devote their time and energy in improving the quality of life of others. People who does not necessarily seek the limelight for recognition.

     In short I'll be writing about people who inspires me. Inspired me yesterday, still inspires me today, and will inspire me tomorrow.

     My motivation will be "how do I know them and how well do I know them?"

     While I was writing this, lots of people suddenly floods my neurons and I'm so excited to feature them here. This will be like a series. A post you will be excited to wait for. I hope so..hehehe.

     Just watch out for it as I am more inspired to write good things in life. Things that can inspire readers as well. 

     See you in the next entry. Hopefully, the entry No. 1 for the first ever person who inspires me.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. :) I'll read through yours on the weekend ... I'm flattered you've been reading up on my blog ... hopefully, you and I get to hang out one time ... its always nice to meet fellow bloggers

  2. Thanks too..hopefully we can meet up when I get back in Manila.


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