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Thursday, October 20, 2011


As I was on my way toward the office this afternoon (shifting kasi ang work schedule ko) I was led to think of what's gonna be my Thursday night and whole Friday. I quickly halt walking and began a mental run down of my "usual busy schedule". And I just realized I am full for the night and until tomorrow.

Here are my errands to myself. Let's start with going out from the office.

7:30PM - Si Jay nakalabas na from the "enslaving office". I exaggerated it since once I sit down my station, I seldom get up to flex my body. Even doing a coffee or tea break I tend to forget. Why? doing procurement concerns, updating entries in our accounting system, encoding stock transfer, calling suppliers, doing Skype conversation with them, attending to my office mates work related queries. So enslaving right?

7:30-7:40PM - Si Jay ay on his way home na sa time na yan. Malapit lang naman ang office ko sa "flat" ko. Tawag nila dito sa ni-re-rent is "flat". Sort of an apartment.

7:40-8:00PM - Si Jay ay nagbibihis, bihis, bihis, then salang ng labahan sa washing (or kapag hindi bukas na LOL).

8:00PM -Si Jay is waiting for  his Unit Leader para sa HH (house hold meeting) namin.

9:00PM - Si Jay serious mode na. Simula ng HH (mga two hours din 'to) (If anyone ask what is it all about. PM me. hehe)

11:00PM -Finish na ang HH. It's either uuwi ako or matutulog nalang sa "House of Voices"--tawag namin sa flat ng aming leader. LoL. kasi dito nangyayari ang lahat. Hmmm..anong lahat..Lahat ng kasayahan. Birthday party, kantahan, movie marathon, assembly, tambay lang minsan at kung anu-ano pang aaliw sa aming lahat. LoL.

Teka, tinatamad na akong magsulat ng schedule ko sa Friday. May tawag kasi now that I need to respond - work mode na muna. 



  1. Wow, what a day for you. I bet you're so stressed with work. Give yourself a break sometimes. Ay hindi pala, malapit ka na rin naman na umuwi eh. Mke yourself excited nalang, hehe.

  2. Parang alam ko 'yang HH na 'yan. Halabos ng Hipon ba 'yan? LOL!

  3. @Jeo---Di naman ako stressed sa work kasi na-e-enjoy ko pa naman ang work ko. It's enslaving lang kasi madami akong work loads. Excited naman ako lagi sa siyempre excited sa pag uwi LOL

    @Gasdude--Halabos ng Hipon LOL...ano yon di ko alam..hahaha..ang HH ay weekly gathering namin dito para sa Taas. It's the time where we discuss all our encounters for the past week. Thanking Him for the whole week, asking forgiveness for mistakes and shortcomings, and lifting up our concerns. We do the A.C.T.S. (Adoration (Prasing), Contrition, Thanksgiving and Supplication. :)) I bet you can relate to it kasi nasa Christian community ka din dyan sa Gapore.

  4. Parang hindi naman ikaw gano kabusy hahaha ... you should see my planner LOL

  5. @Kay---sobrang squeezed na yang nilagay ko...ang fulldetails niyan madami pa. Just took out some of it..hahaha...may mga di ako nilagay diyan na mga detalye.


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