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Sunday, October 23, 2011


I was handpicked.  

I was short listed. 

I was chosen. 

Now, it’s official and it’s real. I will be competing as one of the finalists, along with the other two entries from KSA, in this year Middle East Conference “Reflection Writing Contest” in Doha, Qatar at the end of this month. A friendly competition that fosters comradeship and camaraderie all rooting from our love and faith in HIM.

Wow, I miss the feeling of excitement. Being thrilled, feeling goose bumps. The feeling of receiving positive news for something you’ve prayed for. As far back as I can remember, the last time I join in a competition was way back in my college days. I competed in Quiz bees (both in my course in Accountancy and other general quiz bees).

But this one is way too different. It’s in the field where I’m not even a degree holder or not even in my comfort zone. So, this makes it more exciting.

The competition I joined might be too trivial for some. Others may find it “just a fraction of a big thing”. But they may be missing the point about it. 

Victory for me is a different thing. It isn’t about the whole winning thing. It's neither about how big or small a competition is. It isn’t about the glitz and glamour that might be attached to it. And it isn’t about my own but it is about the opportunity given, plus the fulfillment of a passion. Moreover, it’s a passion that roots for the expression of love for our Savior.

The opportunity presented to me (us) in the community where I belong is more of a VICTORY already. And so, winning the highest place just plays a secondary importance. As I have been victorious in sharing to them the true reflection of myself.

A testament of my ever-growing faith to our God. A manifestation of what I have learned from the teachings and gradually living it out for my solid refinement as a Christian.

So, I say that real victory isn't about the fame, prestige, or glamour. But it is about the intention and effort of reaching the highest peak with only one thing in mind.

 "To honor him for the gift HE has endowed in me. The gift of writing."


  1. Congratulations and goodluck sir. You're pure of inspiration so I guess you'll do well in the competition.


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