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Saturday, October 15, 2011


     In our SFC community, we have this annual M.E. Conference gathering. I can still remember the joyous and euphoric moments when I attended one in Manama, Bahrain way back in 2009.

     It is our yearly gathering of Praise and Worship to our Creator. A time where all are gathered to pour in their hearts and souls to glorify our great God. To have awesome fun, to enjoy each other's company, to participate in different workshops and teachings, to get to know other delegates within the M.E. Region. All boiling down to thanking Him for all that He has done for us. For all the blessings which sustain us and trials which keep us stronger.

     In this year's conference which will be held in Doha, Qatar, the over-all organizing committee decided to make some enhancement in this year's format. And so they devise this "SFC Reflection Writing" competition as one of the modifications. Each countries are requested to submit a maximum of three (3) entries. 

     And yours truly submitted an entry which focus on Mark 12: 38-44 as our gospel reading to reflect on. Please find below photo as my official entry in the said competition which is still subject for short listing. We are only given a maximum of 200 words and we should fully abide with the mechanics (I won't elaborate it here) to create a competitive entry.

     Yours truly is hoping (fingers crossed) that I may be included in the short-listed official entries. If not, participating is more than an honor for me as I treat winning as secondary. The bottom line is that I was able to take part in this year's MEC despite my absence. If you find it hard to read the full text of my entry, please read it below;


     "The pure intention coming from a sincere heart of the poor widow affected me the most. It is through our genuine intention which truly matters and not by the amount being presented.

     Being Christ's follower, this passage reminds me that life isn't sized up by how big or small we give but by how sincerely we offer. There are riches in poverty that God wants us to realize. We oftentimes view being poor as something to be championed for or eradicate. But in Mark's gospel, it is presented as something to be glorified. That, in reality, the joy in living and of living isn't in the possession of material riches but in our ability to be faithful in transcending the real essence of giving.

      This gospel made me realize and reflect that it isn't about what we accumulate that makes us who we are. It is about what we owe from Him that all our actions deeply roots for. He is the giver of all that we need and therefore we should rightfully return with sincerest intention what was originally His. It's because in life, all that we have we owe it from Him."

     To all participating delegates, good luck and may God be praised.


  1. We are blessed in our everyday lives.from the beginning of our days til we close our eyes to take our rest at night... every air we inhale, every food we intake, every minute we spend, everything...we owe it from our Lord, because of him we are here in this world, and in return, we must share what blessings we have, sabi nga, tumingin ka sa ibaba at makikita mo sila... we should do something to share our blessings to those less fortunate fellowmen, regardless how big or small, in kind of in other ways. hnd naman siguro tinitimbang ni lord ang naitutulong natin, ang mahalaga yong pagtulong natin at tunay, bukal sa loob at galing sa puso natin. everything in this world are created by our God, we must utilize sa paraang naaangkop sa kagustuhan niya at maibalik natin sa ibang tamang paraan ang mga blessing na ito. siguro kung lahat tayo naiisip na ang lahat ay galing sa kanya, wala siguro madamot at naghihirap sa panahon ngayon.

  2. maraming salamat sa napaka insightful mong comments bro. Carl. Highly appreciated. Thanks..:)))

  3. Wow! That's really nice ... I wish I could have a closer relationship with HIM but I don't even know where to start ...

  4. @Kay - It's easy to start, try finding a religious community which really fits you as a person. You can join our community which is SFC (Singles For Christ). I guess there are SFC community around your area. If you need my assistance to find one I can help you out. We have global links. Or if you're not comfortable with the idea, meron naman church to pray from, attend mass, spend devotional prayers and such things. For me, it's important din yong may share tayo ng time on our spiritual side more often than the usual thing we do (like pray or attend mass). Life will be different if you'll try it. Malay mo doon mo matatagpuan ang iyong "God's Gift". God's Gift ang tawag namin sa BF/GF sa SFC community. And kapag engaged na 3G na...God's Greatest Gift..:)))

  5. I don't know where to start. I guess thats the problem

  6. nice reflection t2 jay! i wish you good luck and thanks for sharing your talents to us. continue to inspire more souls. God bless you always.


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