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Friday, April 19, 2013

An Answered Prayer

A DM short of reply in Twitter!

His direct message reads:

“Thanks God! Engineer na po ako Dad! Thank you so much sa prayers. Sobra sobra. Thanks for believing! :)

Ignored tweets in @Mentions. Not even an FB message at his inbox!

Perhaps, he might be thinking that I just pass on the chance to greet him and be joyful for another important milestone in his life knowing that I, together with many other friends and family alike, were in unison in wishing and praying that he will surpass his upcoming Board Exam then.

It’s like I totally shut down my world from him. If I were in his position, I too, will wander what’s goin’ on? Why my online dad didn’t even care now that I earnestly passed my exam?

Well, it was my grand plan. The moment I learned during my February vacation that he’s going to take his board exam on April 15 (actually for just one subject since he failed at it in his first try. He was declared conditional passer then), I already plotted in my mind that he deserves another blog entry.  It is my piece of share in celebrating his success. It’s quite ironic to think that I already claimed his victory even though exam is still far ahead that time.

Since 2009, I have this habit of listing down prayer petitions of my family, relatives, and friends especially if they ask for one. I just feel like doing it as my way of communicating to God. A trivial attempt to please HIM and ask for forgiveness for some shortcomings I've done. Sabi ko noon, by doing such I am slowly compensating the shortcomings that I commit in my everyday existence.

We were molded in SFC (Singles For Christ) community here in Mid East to always pray for others' concerns. May it be for their upcoming undertakings, for health reasons, for struggles, and the likes. So I get used to doing it for like five years in a row already. Of course, there are prayer petitions that aren't answered as quick as a lightning. Most of the times, there are delays. But knowing God who is a God who never disappoint, we fully entrust to Him all that we pray for. 

So this was the idea I used for Pao. Though through our constant DMs in Twitter, I already told him that I'll be praying for him. But never did I tell him that aside from my personal prayers, I also lifted him up to the collective prayers of our community done through our Household Meetings and Praise and Worship assemblies. 

He had no idea that since April 17, I've been searching for results in the net. Clicking one blog after the other that features list of board passers, visiting PRC website and links just to make sure I will be one of the many firsts to know about his ECE exam result. 

I don't know about psychic thing, about the ability to predict the future, but I just have a strong instinct that I'll be seeing his complete name written as one of the passers. 

We had a community activity in one of the villas (mansions for rent here) earlier.  My wife and I's presence were needed since we're the Parent Coordinator of the graduating CLP (Christian Life Program) Participants. Before I left the house, I had browsed once more if I can peek through some results that headlines ECE Passers, but none yet so far. So, I brought with me my Samsung Galaxy Note II so that I can access the net while away from home. 

I knew that any moment the list will come out. For the last time, I repeated again my solemn prayer lifted for Pao's success. I even whispered to one of my community brothers to lift up my personal intentions for Pao. Following a query to me asking who Pao is. I told him, he's one of my close blogger friends whom I consider an online son. He laughed but an assuring nod settled me. I then thanked him for the gesture.

Right after the Praise and Worship, I quickly browsed my mobile and connected to one of the sites I already bookmarked for result checking. Taadaa! the passers were already in. "Hurriedly, I scrolled down to the surnames that started "BU" and finally I saw the number 195. BUNUG, JOHN PAUL UMANDAP."

I can't even contain myself and I blurted out in ecstasy and joy. "Pasado si Pao! I exclaimed to the surprise of others who didn't even know what's the cause of my celebration." 

And I was like Uh-oh! Sorry I just got carried away hahaha! Then, one after the other congratulated me by saying "Tell him Congratz kamo ha! Tell him punta na siya dito sa KSA, he'll have a good pay here"

Kung sana nasa Pinas lang ako, I could have thrown a little party for Pao with of course the presence of our blogger friends. Since it is through blogging that our friendship has been formed, strengthened, and is still strengthening. But I am sure though that thru this post of mine I know my presence is being felt. 

I am always proud of the successes of my friends. And having Pao as one feels like I have hurdled again another ladder of success. 

So to you Pao, being one of the sweetest online sons I have, here is my personal message for you. And it reads: 

Dear son Pao, 

How sweet it is to father a good online son in you. At times, I'm lost in imagination owning you as a real son. I maybe far away to join you as you celebrate there but just bear in thought that I am so proud of your achievement.

I know surpassing and being an Engineer is not the peak yet. Let alone being a new one. There will be a lot of crossing the Rubicon River as you shape your career in your chosen field.

But I rest my thought in knowing that you'll make a good Engineer. Knowing how you take life and how you face your daily battles, we, your friends are assured that you'll go places. 

For one more time, I claim now your VICTORY in the future. Be the best in your craft while maintaining the core values and principles you have acquired from your parents and also from your grade school teachers up to college professors and also friends that helped mold you for who you are now.

And in reaching for your dreams never ever forget to head turn where you come from. It is in looking back that you'll be sure you're guided walking in your road to achieving your aspirations. 

Never ever forget to give back. I know you'll do since you have the heart of a servant and a giver. Finally, please bear in mind that we are blessed in life to bless others too.

Remain as a sweet and thoughtful son!

God bless you on your journey. In case you'll need my help through my connections here abroad, never ever hesitate. That is if you're decided to follow the lead of the millions of OFWs. 

Prioritize your relationship and connection to God - it is because God is the giver of all that there is and it is but right and proper to return to HIM all that is rightfully HIS. Honor HIM all the time. 

Once again, Congratulations! I AM PROUD OF YOU!


I intentionally refrain from sharing it in our PBO page, not even posting/sharing it in twitter or linking to his FB account. I will just wait until he finds it out by himself. And for readers, please don't mention it to him if you can contain your excitement. But if not, it's your prerogative anyway. All I want is a complete surprise for him.


  1. Congrats Pao -You actually deserve it.. aun oh Engineer na oh.. pa burger ka naman.
    sweet tlaga ni daddy jay..

  2. I have been constantly praying din na pumasa at di mahirapan si Pao sa exam nya hehe.. deserving talaga si Pao, naks Engineer na ngayon!

    Agree, ang sweet nyo kuya Jay at napaka-thoughtful :) God bless!

  3. super sweet dad... nakakaselos kasi ako I just got promoted pero walang ganito... hyyyyy... hahahaha

  4. Jei Son - ahahaha! nilalanggam na ba post na 'to? hehehe. Thanks Jei - sweet naman ako sa lahat, Kanya kanyang time lang daw yan hehehe.

  5. Senyor - There is a saying that goes "Just wait with a loving longing". One day, you'll come back to me and say "I cried again" and you'll thank me. :) :) You're witty enough to read between the lines :) :) hehehe!

  6. Gracie - Iba talaga ang power of prayers ano. Tapos, ang dami pang nag pray sa kanya, Tapos some claimed the success na kaya ayon wala ng choice si God kundi ibigay na kay Pao this time.

    Salamat naman, sweet talaga ako in person wahahaha. Well, isa isa lang muna mahina ang kalaban, time will come that a post deserving to all my blogger friends will be featured here. And who knows, you might be one of the earlier ones. Big thanks Gracie!

  7. Congratss ulit pao. We are proud of u. I'm so happy being ur friend. Daddy jay very touching post.;)

  8. Archieviner - Thanks panganay kong anak! You know naman how I celebrate successes of my friends. You, being the eldest among the online sons and daughters I have. Naks may daughters na talaga hahaha. Dumadami na kasi kayo eh hahaha.

    This time nga medyo nagseselos na si Senyor eh hahaha. Pero, I will just leave this for Senyor to ponder: "There is a time for everything". Kumbaga kanya kanyang time lang yan hehehe.

  9. Good job Pao! Good job din Daddy, JAy. :)

  10. ako ung eldestdaughter ah....hihihi

  11. LJ - Thanks :) Pao rightly deserves naman kaya dapat lang talaga hehehe. :)

  12. Senyor - Sabi mo nga we are on the same wave length kasi alam mo bang yan din ang naisip ko while responding to comments hahahaha. Kaya ang lakas ng tawa ko ng may follow up comment ka hahahaha. Definitely, your the eldest and the favorite amongst them hehehe!

  13. I am sooo proud of my online buddy/fellow blogger friend/kapatid na kuneho for passing the Engineering Liscensure Exam.

    Huge Congratulations Pao!!!!

    Ang sweet sweet naman ni Daddy Jay... ang daming langgam oh hahaha!

  14. Fiel - Hongsweet din naman ng message mo kay kapatid mong kuneho hehehe. Thanks Fiel!

    Hangtamis ba hehehe! Sweet talaga ang mga daddy hahaha

  15. Naman jay, nahirapan akong magbasa neto kasi tulo ng tulo ang luha ko. What a very nice post for Pao.I was so touched for the love and prayer you devoted for him. YOu are one of a kind. Not his real dad, but one can feel the connection between you two. You are dad and a friend worth having, respecting and following.
    You know, I am so glad to be a part of blogworld. We can pray for each other.
    Bless your heart daddy jay:) From Mommy Joy:)

  16. ang sweet nyo naman sa letter na to para ky pao. im pretty sure matutuwa yun ng husto at masusurpresa pa.

  17. ang sweet dadding daddy ka pareng jay ahh!
    congrats pai di pa kita nababati!
    hehe blowout na yan!

  18. Congrats Ser Pao! Exciting journey ahead :)

    Ser Jay, ramdam ko ang concern mo sa iyong anak. Ayos :)

  19. Mommy Joy - Before, All I know is that blogging is all about expressing yourself only. Neither did I realized that it can also build greater friendship and stronger ties between friends. I am thankful to blogging for it widens my circle of influences in ways I cannot imagine. Thank you mommy for being such a genuine person too. I hope to meet you in the soon future. Hopefully, when our vacation will coincides.

  20. Phioxee - Ganda kasi ng start ng friendship eh kaya lumalalim sa ngayon. Feeling ko nga daddy na niya talaga ako eh. hahaha. Masarap maging daddy sa anak na alam mong masunurin at magalang. Thanks for the comment. :))

  21. Mecoy - Kaya pareng Mecs ok lang naman na tawagin mo akong daddy hahahaha! (kidding) Salamat sa pagbati hehe!

  22. Sir Overthinker - Salamat sa pagbati sa aking anak..hahaha..anak na talaga eh noh.

    Masarap palang magkaroon ng anak na mabait at magalang pa. At siyempre Engineer na..hahaha. Pao is such a sweet person kaya nga tawag ko diyan siya yung taong walang masamang tinapay.

  23. at hindi ko pa yata nakita si pao dito? hahahaha wooooottt!! ppooottt! pap-parap-papap!! bang bang bah!! CONGRATULATIONS TO PAO!!! wooottt!! sabi na eh papasok talaga! basta may tiwala at trust kay God!!!

    at ikaw na talaga ang daddy ng lahat daddy jay!! hahahaha papaampon na rin kaya ako sayo anO! hahahaha hindi naman tau magkalayo sa katawan dad eh!! hahahahaha maipilit lang talaga!! hahahahahahaha

  24. Lalah - Yes, pwede naman kitang ampunin kasi nga kitang kita ang ebidensiya na magka size tayo hahahaha. Sige ako na ang daddy ng lahat hahahaha

  25. Congrats Ulit Pao! Pang ilang congrats ko na ba to? hahaha

    Hala ka Jay, nagseselos ang Senyor! haha

  26. Mar - Oo nga eh..hahaha..pero sabi ko sa kanya "just wait with a loving longing" and one day he'll say to me again "I cried again" and he'll thank me for that hehehe.

    Sabi niya sa akin joke lang daw yan pero alam ko my 'selos factor' talaga. Ramdam ko eh hahahaha

  27. Hindi ko po alam ang sasabihin. SALAMAT PO!!!

    Grabe po kayo. Waaah! I know "Salamat po!!!" is not enough. Kung kaya ko lang replyan ang kada sentence e. Hahaha! Cutie-engineer, talaga kayo dad! Napangiti nyo ko jan! Hahaha!

    Ayun oh ttry ko po muna magwork dito sa Pinas, and dahil sa sinabi nyo, feeling ko tuloy welcome na welcome ako sa KSA, I mean, the doors are already opened na dahil sainyo. Thank you po sainyo at sa mga kaibigan nyo. Napagnetwork prayer nyo pa pala ako, grabe kayo kasweet and thoughtful dad. Swerte swerte ni Baby C sainyo! :D at syempre, sobrang swerte ko din! ;) Hindi po ako mag hehesitate magsabi sa inyo lalo na't isa po kayo sa talaga namang pinagkakatiwalaan ko. Seriously. Even with just a short time span of knowing each other in person. Parang may lukso ng dugo, father and son talaga! hahaha! ;)

    Higit pa nung bago ako mag board exam at maghintay ng result, my heart beats fast (in a good way) as I read your letter, as in! Sobrang nag-uumapaw ang feelings of i don't know na hindi ko macontain! Basta. More than "joy". Pasensya na hindi ko po maexplain talaga!!! waaah! Thank you po. Hayyy.

    Salamat din po sa mga nagcomment and nagcongratulate sakin. Thanks din po sa mga kaibigan nyong bumati saakin!

    Hindi po ako magiging engineer kung hindi dahil sa inyong mga panalangin. Please extend my heartfelt gratitude sa lahat po ng mga nanalangin sakin jan. Sobrang thank you po. GOD IS GREAT!

    Kaya po pala hindi kayo nagrereply sa DM ha! At baka po mas nauna pa po kayong nakaalam na engineer na ako kaysa akin, kasi tulog po ako nung lumabas yung result. haha!

    PS. Nakita ko po ito kaninang umaga. Pero ngayon ko lang po binasa dahil papunta po akong church kanina. Ang sarap basahin paulit ulit. Ibu-bookmark ko ito.


  28. Pao - Salamat po is enough for me! My intention naman is just to add up the already joyful mood you have. Plus, it is just me. I just like making people happy and recognizing their achievements done through hard work.

    Nakakataba naman ng puso ang mga sinabi mo hehehe. Tagos din sa laman. Our friendship, though short-lived have grown fast and far. Well, kasi inaalagaan natin lahat eh kasama ang mga PBO na bumuo ng pagkakaibigang eto.

    Nice decision na mag a acquire ka muna ng experience diyan sa Pinas before heading to the country where you want to broaden your technical know how and impart your knowledge. Basta kung anuman ang maitutulong ko para mas madali ang pag abot mo sa mga aspirations mo, just feel free. I'm just a tweet away ika nga hehehe.

    Sinadya ko talaga na di magparamdam sa'yo ng malaman ko nang pasado ka kasi my mind was busy finishing the blog draft I have had already intended for you. Gustung-gusto na kitang i-congratulate kaya lang tiniis ko kasi sabi ko nga hayaan kong ikaw mismo ang maka diskubre para mas complete ang element of surprise at mas lalo kang maging happy. At successful naman ang plano ko hahahaha!

    Once again. Congratulations! Your friendship is worth keeping and my being an online dad is like transforming to be a real dad in you, Arvin and the rest hahahaha!

    Sarap ng feeling kasi kapag may napapasaya eh hahaha! God bless you always!

  29. so sweet of you daddy jay. :) congrats again sayo pao. you deserve it. ganyan talaga pag mabait may rewards mula sa taas. daddy jay pwede pa ampon din? :)

  30. Daddy Earl - Hmmm..Ako kaya ang ampunin mo diyan sa NY? Maganda ideya yun. Kahit personal buddy mo nalang ako, or driver or gardener or taga pala ng snow. Seriously, Thanks sa comment. He truly deserves what he got.

    Ang blog mo update update din pag may time. Regards kay ate Bob!

  31. Your post is as pure as a real father's love, i suddenly miss mine, i can feel your faith and your strong relationship with God.

    To Pao congratulation.

  32. Zei- Thanks for feeling that way. Oh, you miss your father? Is he still alive or he's gone already? I'm sorry to ask.

  33. He's with God already, and I know he is at peace and happy up there.


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