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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Assorted Thoughts

Ideas keep fighting over an influential slot in my mind lately. Picture out those wrestlers ready to land their fake punches and throws to their opponents – that’s how I imagine these ideas are like. Full of ideas yet because of congestion no one succeeded to spring out into something worthy.

Plenty of ideas coming in, but I can’t expound, some suddenly go away without even staying for like an hour. Assorted – various, mixed, classified, multifarious or whatever will you call it.

I'm not quite sure if I can still classify myself into the famous "sabaw moments" - a state where a writer experiences stillness of ideas, mentally blocked, and lack of fluidity. 

Funny to associate this with that of a "poso" - not the heart huh? lols! - it's where people source out water from. The thing is that, a 'poso' is a mechanically built water source wherein you have to pour in some water before it'll start working. Can you follow? I can't explain it fluently..lols. But I hope you know what I mean.

That's how I compare my mind with. That it needs I guess a lot of reading to awaken dormant cells and propel my thalamus to process thoughts again.

As a product of having assorted thoughts, here are the list of things I have thought of, plans to do, and currently working on.

  • Read Books - Reading books has taken a back seat. I'm still stuck with the two "Chicken Soup For The Soul" - Wisdom of Dads and Thanks Dad. I want to push myself to finish it soon and jump to another one - lots of books are waiting to be read pa naman.
  • The Awesome Blogger of April - Senyor was right when he kidded "Dapat ang feature blogger daw ay sa beginning of the month. Sabi ko naman I got it on the end of the month and I wanted to follow that lead but he's right para mas mabasa at mas matagal ang exposure ng mapi-feature kong next blogger. So, I told him maybe i'll do it if not in the first week mga middle of the month siguro.
  • Poetry Corner - This one I guess I kind of ignored. I haven't had a follow up entry for it. So I need to compose myself and write credible poems in Tagalog or English.

  • Two New Blogs - I guess I've hinted to someone already that I am brewing (parang coffee lang) two new blogs - one is a 'food blog' and the other one is 'all about being a dad to D.C. It's in the works already, though I'm not putting it in public yet due to some 'construction going on" -ganyan parang building lang. I will introduce it once I'm satisfied with its theme and appearance. Keep waiting.
  • Blog Contest - And this one will surely excite all my blogger-friends - hahaha! I have tweeted about it and so far I guess this will be my biggest, grandest and according to Senyor - most ambitious - pa contest in the blogosphere. For its totality - that is still in the works - Surprise! surprise!
  • Inspiring People Of My 2013 - 2nd Entry - Actually, I had already profiled the lucky person and he's really worthy of a spot in this segment of my blog. But I need to have a careful and meticulous research all about him. HINT: He's a kumpare residing in the Philippines and owner of a social organization too.
  • The 365 Life Lessons Project - What? I don't even have my second entry on this one and it's already April. Holy crap! what am I doing? - nakatanga lang? hahaha. Hurry, hurry! or else I'll get disappointed if I can't produce 365 stories. Pero kaya ko 'to!

So far these above assorted thoughts are what running in my mind lately. Now, I guess I am successful in putting them in sequential form - from high priority to low priority.

Plus, I'm adding also as a dilemma to me is that I'm so lagging behind in terms of commenting to some of my blogger friends entries. Sa sobrang dami kasi nalulula na ako sa pagbabasa. Pardon me guys, I am reading but sometimes, kapag hindi maganda ang thought processing ko, di na muna ako nagko comment. Ayoko kasi na mag iwan ng mga 'sabaw-sabaw lang na comments" kasi I want you to feel na I really read and internalized your entries. 

Ok, this is all for now. 


  1. Please stop thinking about me so you won't have to mention me twice on your post. Hahahaha...

    Sobrang opinionated ko yata at pinakikinggan mo naman... Hehehehe... I would to see those random thoughts materialized... Parang nabasa ko na kasi ito noong umpisa ng taon.

    May tawag d'yan - procrastination!!! lols

    Kahit ano ang ihain mo sa aming mga readers/followers mo, dahil sure namang may substance, kering-keri 'yan!!!

    Abangan namin 'yan!

  2. Go kua Jay - Pacontest ka pahabahan ng koment ikaw mananalo hehehe. Kiddin. sayang wala ka sa PBO. looking forward for your new daddy themed blog

  3. gusto ko ung contest pero judge ako hahahah wala akong karapatan lol.

    at sino kaya ang featured blogger? kasama ko? hahahaha.

    aabangang ko yang new blogs mo. :)

  4. Keri lang, Jay. :) I'm excited about your food blog. I'm have a list of things to do too but I've been through a lot lately so set aside muna. :P

  5. Yung 365 mo nawala na nga. hehe. Abangan ko yang blog contest mo ah. I agree with senyor. Dami ko ring dapat gawin na di ko pa nasisimulan. hehe Keep writing :)

  6. Okay lang na minsan may 'sabaw' moments. Ganun talaga. Thing is, nagpapatuloy tayo. Thanks for sharing all your plans, nakakadagdag ng ideas sa mga bloggers.

  7. Na e-excite nako jan sa biggest, grandest and most ambitious blogging contest mo Daddy Jay :))

    Tanong po pala, lumalabas ba yung mga blog updates ko sa feeds mo Daddy Jay? minsan kasi (or kadalasan) may glitch ang GFC kaya need mong i-add ulit sa blog reading list yung link ng isang blog. Yun lang hehe :))

  8. Okay isa isahin naten to Dad.

    The two new blogs. You told me about the food blog which I AM EXCITED about. I'll definitely learn something from you if ever esp how to describe a food. dalian mo na to ha.

    Yung blog contest, I'll join. Uhmm depende. Kung literary contest to ay ikakatalo ko yan. But i'll give it a shot.

    Going forward sa prob mo.. Nu ka ba take your time. Ako nga I stopped posting for three weeks kahit may post naman talaga ako.. Taking my time talaga. Pero natakot din ako na baka tamarin na ako so I'm totally back!

  9. Senyor - Eh ang lakas mo sa akin eh...hehehe! Ok lang na banggitin kita kasi alam ko naman na gusto mo (joke) hahaha. Opinionated ka nga na talaga namang may 'substance' - radioactive substance..lols..pero thanks always. alam mo yan kung saan :)

    JeiSon - Ahahaha...walang makakatalo kay Mr. Tripster sa pahabaan at pa substance substance ng comments hehehe. Siya ang King of Comments hehehe. Sali ka ha..

    Bino - Pwede talaga sanang kuhanin kita judge.. why not? kaya lang I've decided as advised by a blogger friend na din na dapat ang mga judges ko daw should come from outside the blogosphere para mas ok daw. hehe. At malamang, isa nga siguro sa mga kilala mo/natin ang featured blogger ko for the month of April hahaha.

    Michy - Wow, nice to hear na mga mga new plans ka din hehehe! Do it nalang kapag free ka na...siguro lalabas ang entry ng meet up natin sa new food blog ko na hehehe..

    Archieviner - Anak, di naman totally nawala, di lang inintindi or nag procrastinate lang ako hehehe.

    Ate Malou - Oo nga dumadaan po talaga sa mga sabaw moments ang mga blogero hehehe...kaya magsa sabaw mode ulet ako joke hehehe

    Fiel - nababasa ko ang mga sinusulat mong new kaya lang di nga ako nakakapag comment agad agad hehehe...sorry po, kaya meron akong pahabol sa bottom about "commenting" thingy.

    June - hehehe..partner in food blog na tayo? hahaha. I know of a blogger friend na nagpartner sila ng classmate/friend niya sa La Salle and they made their food blog together. So silang dalawa ang nagmi maintain. Ako din, excited sa two new blogs ko hehehe. Sumali ka pa rin sa pa kontest ko ha...that's a done deal hahahaha..brasuhan na ang labanan hahaha

  10. pinapasaringan mo ba ko sa post na to? ako to eh SABAW NA SABAW 2 months na haist!

    ang daming plano... ang daming drafts... ang daming sequel/series na hinidi na nadudugtungan... di rin regular na nakaka-comment... waaah procrastination to the max!

    #amaguilty :(

  11. Natawa ako sa "poso"- not the heart! hahaha I definitely know what you mean!

    Pahiram ng Plans to Do mo, except for the Awesome blogger. Wala ako nyan sa blog ko eh hahaha... reading books and poetry na lang.

    woaah! Ang dami mong pending projects! Good Luck! Sali din ako sa contest na yan!

  12. Look at me! Malapit na ang board exam pero andito ako sa blog. Hahah! Pampalipas oras lang po, masakit sa ulo pag tuloy tuloy ang review, I mean, I need a break, kahit 1 hour lang po. :) But next week, im totally gone na po sa cyber world! hahaha! :)

    Excited na po ako jan sa contest na yan! Ano po kaya yan?


  13. ako ung tuesday with morrie pa din ung huli kong nabasa kahiya sa message mo dun haha

    sino naman kaya ang blogger of the month, may point si senyor

    looking forward sa poetry corner mo pareng Jay

    wow not just one but two? haha kaw na di ko kaya ok na ko sa dalawa!

    ayun oh my contest, alam mong adik ako dyan!

    exciting ang kumpareng yan ahh kaso di ko ata kilala

    haha sige lang jay kaya mo yan think positive wag kang aayaw haha

  14. Ms. B- Pilitin mong higupin na yang sabaw na yan ng maubos na hahaha..ako inistraw ko na siya sa pag higop, eto nakakabangon na hahaha.

    Mar - hahaha...ang spelling pa nga niyan nung una ay 'puso' talaga tapos naisip di naman yun ganun pala hahaha. Libreng lang ang pagpapahiram hahahaha..sige kopyahin mo lang siya hahaha. Yes, ang dami nga hahaha pressured eto. Hihirapan ko ang contest para mga less than 10 lang ang sumali hahahaha..joke..hahaha. Of course, I am EXPECTING you to join hehehe

    Pao - Anak anong ginagawa mo dito sa blogosphere sa mga panahon ngayon. Dapat nagkukulong ka na sa loob ng kuwarto mo at nagpapaka genius na hehehe. Of course, you need to take a break or you'll be dull comes the board exam day. Aba, at na excite ka sa pa contest ha..hehehe..Just wait and watch hehehe!

  15. Mecoy - OK lang yan at least natapos mo ang Tuesdays with Morrie. For the Blogger of the Month - just wait and see hehe. Regarding sa two blogs, since last year ko pa talaga balak ang 2 blogs na yun hehe. Yes, may pakontes ako at inaasahan ko ang pagsali mo hehehe. He's definitely exciting talaga hehehe. Watch out for it.


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