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Thursday, April 25, 2013

There Is No Easy Way Out Being A Christian

It’s 11:43PM now. 

Surrounding's still cool brought about by the aftermath of a heavy sand storm a couple of days ago. 

Changing weather is beginning to let its presence felt. By the way, weather is constantly changing from winter to summer now. And like anyone who complains about the hot season in Pinas, we too have our own share of agony here. 

Too bad for us because the scorching heat of the sun can reach at a maximum of 50+ degrees. Imagine that? Would you want to still work in the Mid East? 

Well, there's nothing to worry since all the houses here require good ventilation and a heavy duty airconditioning system. 

Anyway, that's not my topic for tonight. This post is about some realizations. Of being a Christian in the most unChristian culture.

I just got home from a choir practice. My good bro./kumpare Randy drove me home. Remember him? He is the guy I featured in my 100 Inspiring People Of My 2013 - A Man Of Steadfast Faith - Randy Policarpo Dela Rama Turiano

As a budding choir group in our location here in the Mid-East, we have decided that we'll do the practice every Wednesday evening. It was unanimously agreed by all the choir members since it's the most convenient time for the majority. By the way, I won't mention here where I'm at but I know some of you might know. I beg to openly discuss it here for security reason. As you may well know, professing one's faith or expressing it here is still taboo since the government don't allow religious activity for those whom outside their faith. So, in order to still practice our being Christians, we just do it discreetly. There are certain repercussions for those who might be caught doing it in public or by groups. But we rest our thoughts in our strong faith that God protects us. He won't allow any evil to defile His warriors of light.

Part of our choir practice is an "HONORING" for bro. Mark - one of our very active guitarists. It's a tradition in our community here to honor its member once he/she decided to go home for good. Meaning, balik na sa Pinas. Mark is now going for an exit due to some reasons - one of which is the unfair management practices from his company. 

And so we have prepared a video tribute for him for his unwavering dedication, devotion, and desire to serve in our SFC community. Along with that video is our individual personal wishes for him. Now, this is the part where usually lots tear up. I don't know if you can relate that much, but I tell you that the friendship that is being formed here in the Mid East is so tight that no one would dare to let the other go home. But the inevitable always happens. Each of us has a life of our own, has a future plan separate from each other. So, we just let our tears explain the part of "it's hard to let go". Most especially when the group is that close and almost everyday of your lives you see each other goofing around to ease boredom and to fight against the dilemma of being homesick.

I had my share of message to Mark - being his leader acting as Couple Coordinator for SFC the spot light turned to me that early. And then, it goes on one after the other. We were like 20+ people earlier. 

While they were still giving their "madamdaming message" I was struck of few realizations about my being a Christian. That THERE IS NO EASY WAY OUT being one. 

At first I thought, I have the option to avoid difficult people, or unGodly people in my life. After all, I don't want to be a receiving end of their problems. I don't want to burden myself of the presence of people difficult to deal with. But my conscience slapped me reminding me that "It's too unChristian to fade away from people just to make the easy way out". It's too unChristian to just live a life without doing what Jesus had done. It's too unChristian for not even carrying your own cross in your lifetime.

It is because being a true Christian is all about facing those difficult people in your lives, allowing yourself to be a catalyst for the positive change of a difficult person. If there are difficult people in your life, dont' give them up by just escaping away to avoid them. You should remember that God put people in our lives for a purpose. "If that person is still so stupid by doing things the unChristian way, it is because God is not finish refining them yet." 

I remember in one instance where I was walking along the  Megamall one fine day last February, I saw this hippy guy wearing a shirt that reads: DON'T LOSE PATIENCE WITH ME, GOD IS NOT DONE WITH ME YET'. So true right? We shouldn't be exhausted to a person who is still under God's construction. We should act as their foundation instead.

There are misconceptions or incomplete notions about Christianity. that it is a mere religious system - a set of doctrines to believe in, like the Apostles Creed. A set of religious practices like going to mass or doing novena. Well, unless what we believe is translated into our lives it will fall into misconceptions. Our religious practices ought to be experiences of faith and not mere rituals we do as a matter of habit. 

Some say, Christianity is a mere moral system - a set of do's and don'ts, a set of rules regarding right and wrong. Avoiding those things that can make you go to hell. It is a misconception because they make religion legalistic and sterile. There is no life and joy. We do or don't do certain things not because the rule book says so, but as an expression of our relationship with God and with our brethren. 

Other says, Christianity is a social humanitarian system. Wow, equating it into a mere humanitarianism? It's like saying a Christian is someone who always does good and is kind. The likes of those who always smiles, is friendly, never get angry, and tries to please everyone.  

What the heck! it's a complete misconception because it leaves out the deity of Christ, and limits Christianity to merely being a good Samaritan. When in fact, Christian CAN GET ANGRY, as Jesus once did in the temple, remember? And non-Christians can do good as well. 

And lastly, some say, Christianity is an escape from realities of life, an opium of the poor and the oppressed. It is for the weak, for those who cannot cope with life. A total fail in its true essence. Why? It's because Christians are not taught to escape problems but to face them. 

And with that note, indeed THERE IS NO EASY WAY OUT being a Christian but the good part is that we are resilient to face any circumstantial difficulties thrown at us. 

It's hard and painful to live a Christian way of life, but the nice thing about it is 'AT LEAST WE HAVE THE DESIRE TO TRY LIVING IT" We may fail at times or even so many times, but in the end it's all worth the pain and hardship. 

Good night folks!


  1. Some lines are too personal daddy jay that sounds to be bias but I have nothing against it though coz u deliverd it well.

    i love this line "Our religious practices ought to be experiences of faith and not mere rituals we do as a matter of habit."

  2. Reminds me of the Ghandi quote "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

  3. Its good...:)Highly recommended..indeed!

  4. Will it be ok if i share this post on my FB account?
    I really like your quote "Our religious practices ought to be experiences of faith and not mere rituals we do as a matter of habit."

  5. very inspiring sir jay :) that's what we called love to God and faith

  6. Love that you shared this brother. Yes, we are not perfect and the good thing is no one is, that is why we need to be close to God who helps and leads us to perfection:)
    Keep sharing Jay. You have the gift and the right heart and attitude. Bless you!

  7. Jei Son - I don't see it as too personal, but anyway, it's how you've conceived it. Thanks :)

  8. Adam - Yeah, even if I'm a Christian, I do find some of the same faith as too unChristian and reminded me as well of Ghandi's quote. This quote always flash back to me whenever I see someone claiming as a Christian but doing things too unChristian. Well, I don't claim to be perfect though.

  9. Zei - Yeah sure, feel free to share it in your status.

  10. Mommy Joy - Thanks mommy Joy, And yes po, I will continue sharing inspiring post in my blog after all the focal point of this blog is mostly to inspire.

  11. T2 Lybert - Thanks for the compliments :)

  12. Well it was sure hard to be christian in this world that we are into right now, a world that is drowned in temptation! As the bible says we have to live our lives as how christ did but then i think it is too impossible. The good thing is being christian doesnt just mean to be holy of the most kindest people ever, perhaps of you practice God's commandments, if you honor HIM and most especially if you know how to truly love that is when you can be considered a christian.
    love god above all and love other's like as you love yourself that's the principle on God's commandments right?

  13. galing po tito^^

  14. Mecoy - being a Christian means following God's example of living therefore, being holy or become holy is an important requirement. It is hard to achieve in our human ways but God gives us free will as the option to do it as well.

  15. Anonymous - Thanks, sana you put your name after the comment kasi I can't properly recognize you hehe.


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