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Monday, October 31, 2011

A Hopeful Expecting Less

The last time I entered a contest or a competition was way back in college. During my quiz bee stints inside the campus and inter-university competitions.

My last memory of losing was when I participated in a "Brain Twister" in Holy Trinity College in Quezon City wherein I just ranked 8 out of 33 participants. It's a brain drain though. Competing against the toughest kids from the likes of UP-D, UST, PUP, PLM, Ateneo and etc. brought me in awe. I just can't believe I'm among them. It was like "do I belong here" kind of feeling. LoL. Doubting as I was, I just concentrated and did my thing. In the end, I lost. Though, I would say it's a graceful loss. A real fighter never quits and despite on a losing end, still finishes the battle.

I guess I've had 5 quiz bees wherein I've participated way back in college. It's enjoyable yet brought high amount of pressure as you are prodded to review and review...again and again.

It had been my attitude ever since I joined in a contest to be hopeful yet expecting less. As I'm constantly reminded of the floods of disappointment if I set the bar one step higher. 
Another solid motivation to write & inspire more
And this year, I feel like I'm a newbie once again in a competition. Well, for one, I didn't explore this kind of a battle--writing competition? Are you sure? that's what I pressed on myself. I'm not even a communication arts graduate neither had a degree in mass communication or journalism. Though that was my first choice before I ended my high school saga. But, triggered by my strong belief that "To be excellent is not confined only to those who had their expertise in their chosen field, but it also favors the heart of a determined Juan". And so I went in to join this year's Middle East Conference "Reflection Writing Contest".

My love for writing pushed me to participate, plus the support of those SFCs who believed in me boosted at par my confidence. The twist was this, "when I saw the email coming from our yahoo groups I got excited and murmured to myself saying "I'll join this one". Few days after, bro. Aris Espanola also told me to try joining and encourage other SFCs to participate as well. And so I did what was asked of me. 
The gift for a hopeful expecting less
But, due to my usual pre-occupied schedule and with lots of things constantly running in my mind, I forgot to make my entry early as it could be. Later when I realized that it was the last day already when I saw I guess an email or a FB notifications from the head secretariat warning about that day's deadline. And so I crammed a bit. I was like, will I still make it? will I still compose a credible entry? Lots of questions were flowing in my neuron that put me a little uncomfy and unease.

I read once again the criteria. While reading I came across this statement: "Pray before you write so that you'll be guided by the Holy Spirit". And so I did just that. 
The fruit of my labor
It was early in the afternoon on that deadline day when I finished a 200-words maximum requirements for my entry. Did few revisions and gotcha! I'm done. So, I immediately emailed it for submission in Riyadh for shortlisting.  The idea of shortlisting gave me again the unusual "butterflies in my stomach". Questioning again my credibility and capacity. The dilemma was that, it took another week for the announcement of the final 3 entries for KSA. So the eager me patiently waited. 

Then came the announcement after a week of waiting, I was on break when I received the SMS message from Sis. Jodie and she indirectly broke the good news to me by just saying "check you email". Seeing the words had put me in ecstatic mood. I knew that it was good news. And luckily, I made it as one of the top three contenders from KSA.

Moving ahead, now came the MEC proper. I just asked some SFC and CFC friends to hear over my entry during the announcement. Though I'm hopeful but I've already accepted the idea that "it's not all about winning but the sheer dedication of participating is what mattered to me". And led me to think that in case I win, it just a secondary thing for me. It's like a bonus. A topping in a cake. 

Finally, our former CFC Parents Coordinator here in the East broke the news to me and my good friend Joevan Gertes of Riyadh. Though my entry didnt' bag the top prize, the thought of being given a special award was more than winning the whole thing. It's a gift for my fiancee who celebrated her birthday on the 29th. Intangible at it was, she was delighted of it.

This is the testament of my faith put in writing. A concrete memorabilia that propels my spirit to inspire others, to be of person to others. The willful spirit in me who is a hopeful expecting less.

Follow Me

Follow Me! I'm begging....LoL!

I've started blogging officially last year. As far back as I can recall it was August of 2010 but not so active compared today. I've been writing though but not in blogs. I remember my account in the once famous "friendster". Poor site, I guess it was converted more as gaming site since it was outdone, outwitted, and outsmarted by other social network such as these enslaving and addicting Facebook and Twitter. Not to discount the fact that MySpace, Tumbler, Multiply and etc. had their own followings too.

Now, I'm more addicted to blogging. As a self-acclaim writer (kuno!), I decided to step-up in my writing. A hesitant me took it so long to explore online blogging since I'm the type of homo-sapien whose literally not tech-savvy enough to easily know all about this blogging thing by myself.

Few of my techie-friends would tell me "Jay, you're such a dumb-ass in the tech-world". Yeah, they're so true as I'm not really smart when it comes to technological advances and innovation. Well, perhaps because I'm not really putting my focus into it. Plus the fact that I don't follow trends of any kind. Let's put it this way, "I'm living a simple life" or "I'm trying to simplify my life." Hahaha! Such excuses...hahaha. Uhu! Actually, it's not really an excuse. I've decided to just live by my needs and not by my wants. It's more on necessity than pure luxury.

While peeking to some blog sites earlier, a thought just popped-out of me. I've noticed most of the bloggers have followers more than 20 and holy crap! mine was like 13? How is that? LoL! So, I've decided to search some tips on how to gain followers in my blog. And here are few of the tips I browsed:

Rule #1. Stay on topic: Pick a topic that you love and stick to it. 
Rule #2. Optimize your blog. Learn to use key words to get more traffic in the search engines.
Rule #3. Keep your post short. There are few people that will read anything longer than a few paragraphs.

LoL! And I officially declare those three rules a 100% horse manure, not to mention BORING.

I present to you Single Dad Laughing's revised list.

Rule #1- Write about whatever the heck you want to write about. You can keep some general topics. But if you haven't noticed, SDL is all over the place and most survive the experience intact.
Rule #2- What is optimization? Why worry about search? Somebody clicking in because a friend told them to come visit is 10,000 times powerful than somebody clicking in the search engines. Focus on what will make that happen instead.
Rule #3- Keep it serious? Are you serious? Yes, most of the time, but use however many words you need to use if you're putting an important message out there. The bullying post is somewhere in the area of 4,000 words. That's around 19 pages, double spaced, and in it's first three days it had more than a quarter million views.
Rule #4- In addition to the message, pictures of really cute children in cowboy hats seem to work well too. Attempts at whistling are a big plus.

Rolling on floor while laughing my heart's out! At least the revised rules didn't disappoint me as I'm doing what's stated in there. I mean, most of them. I don't need to worry whether my post would go five miles long. It's up to one interested reader to patiently scroll down and read more. And I'll rely on the "word of mouth" marketing strategy more. LoL! :)

Note on Rules: Excerpts from Dan Pearce article.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Carpet List

Laughing out loud mode! hahaha.

Look at the title? It should be my bucket list or wish list instead of that one. But since I am working in a place where carpets abound, I just thought it might be a good idea to borrow this word just to make it different. LoL

This post was inspired by Kay's entry "31 Things To Do In One Year". Here's a link of her blog: Life Is Kulayful. It seems cool right? 

I'll be coming back to Manila on Nov. 18, 2011 @4:10pm. That's the exact landing of the plane that will be carrying us back home. So, I think of things I will do while spending my 37 days vacation. I'll list down 20 of 'em. I just hope I'll be able to accomplish these carpet list of mine. If so, then, it would be great. 

1. Visit a bookstore in Alabang Town Center and buy at least 2 new books.
2. Treat my family in a posh restaurant in late November or in my birthday
3. Watch at least 5 great movies 
4. Date with my God's Gift in a very relaxing place somewhere in the South of Manila
5. Meet up with my batchmates/classmates in any day in December.
6. Have a photo-shoot with my family.
8. Walk in the pathways of Intramuros with my soon-to-be-wife.
7. Throw a party on my birthday in Dec. 7
9. Do 7 acts of kindness for my family.
10. Attend an exhibit for "small and medium enterprise" business start-up.
11. Do an apprentice nature photo-shoot using our Nikon DSLR D5100 camera.
12. Hang-out with my "Smashers Badminton Club" in Paseo De Sta.Rosa.
13. Play badminton at least 3-4 times within the duration of my vacation.
14. Attend the mass in all Sundays within Nov. 19-Dec. 27 of 2011.
15. Do a getaway with my wife (this time, we're married already) in any tourist spot accessible by a bus.
16. Jump-start the feasibility study for the business I am brewing. 
17. Compile photos of my family (those which are retrievable and current)
18. Jog at least daily (if I'll stay in my sister's house)
19. Tightly hug my tatay and nanay in my wedding day.
20. Make love with my wife twice a day. LoL. Now, that is darn crazy! hahaha! (It's honeymoon peeps. wheww!-understandable.LoL :)

And last but definitely not the least. @21--Meet fellow bloggers in Manila. LoL. Sorry SweetKay...blame it to my poor memory. Got a memory gap now. LoL. Peace! Peace!

Well, these are my carpet list. Multi-tasking with office work while doing this list is awesome. Two priorities getting done in almost an hour. By the way, accomplishing these things are at random and so never expect it will be done according to the numbers.

Readers! What are your wish list? Feel free to write down you comments. :)

Stag Party

I was startled! 

Completely surprised that I was just tongue-tied and had a blank yet suspecting stare.

I am actually planning for one. And I even think yet unsure if a stag party is a party thrown-away for the engaged bachelor by close friends or the bachelor himself host it. 

Last Friday, I must say, was like an epic, first-of-its-kind, classic fun, and unconventional kind of stag party. I never knew it would be that early as I have my separate plan to throw a stag party for myself next week. 

Never did I thought that the culprits --SFC Dammam Boys, as masterminded by the Unit Leader Sattie McScotty would host a "Stag Party" (our modified verison) for me and bro. Roy when all I was expecting was just a Unit Assembly as he disclosed to me when we're talking about some details. He even told me that I should take a rest in the "creative department" of our Unit since I always take a critical role in almost all the creative side in any of the activities we do.

And so the party had began.

My suspicion grew bigger and clearer when I saw sets of condom in a box which at first I thought it was special balloons -- poor boy. LoL! hahaha! 

And so we were called in front. Two of us cross-seated. The first game was like a "bottom line" kind of stuff. People around were asked to look for any object from around the "House of Voices". Anything that they want to pick out or up and let them explain in a "naughty way" associating us why they choose that particular thing. It was funny though since some of them can't even ace how to deliver a funny/naughty explanation about the object they were holding. And it was like so off that bursting into laughter is like far from happening. Good thing, some were so spontaneous that rendered the everyone in audible laughter. It was like an ice-breaker since after that the fun continuously soaked in.

There comes a point where the top three funniest jokes graced with an opportunity to ask us with a "straight-forward & inside the-baul" kind of naughty question. I don't know if some thought that Roy and I would pass with a question or won't answer it. But to their surprise, we did what must be done. We answered all their questions without any second thoughts.  We're unsure if some were a bit shocked, or in disbelief. Or maybe they weren't even thinking that I've done this or done that. Well, surprises are surprises. You'll never know unless you've asked me before. It all boiled down on how far and deep have they knew me. LoL!

The crazy part of the party was when we grouped them into three and the boys had to present a "naughty dance" for us. This time, I can hardly hear due to the boisterous cheers and laughter surrounding the room. And what made it so wacky was that the performers didn't even realized they were videotaped by bro. Ken as I prodded him to do so. Sorry guys, I still need to grab a video copy from bro. Ken to upload it here. Just watch out for it.

That night was awesome. And the poker game wherein I lost 3 times and was punished to wear a blouse they borrowed from Sis. Mico . I can't hardly contain myself since the blouse was too-fit and the portion near the under arms was like tightly gripped and I was really uncomfy. They told me to wear it until the party is done, but I took it off after twenty minutes I guess.

You might wonder there ain't no girl wrapped in box as a present for us. Just to let you know, we are in a very strict country and having one would risk ourselves into a prison cell if caught in the act. So, we did the party in a modified version--our own version. A version safer and funnier.

Photos and Videos to be uploaded soon. 


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Dozing-off which seemed like a thousand years?

This can’t be happening!

And it’s far from a writer’s block either. I have a number of topics to be written about but lately I have been such a “lazy bug” –a bitten lazy bug. I have been into “Me Time” for the past days and it’s killing me. I needed to wake up from the hiatus mode. It has been such a daze. It’s like I’m dozing-off for a thousand years.

Few days back, I randomly browsed the web for some blogging tips and here’s what I found. Just a thought of sharing it to you guys, especially for those who are about to start-up their blogging interest.  These are helpful tips that could make better your blog site. Take a full read and benefit from it.

I ran across this helpful tips when I was browsing for a different thing. I won't say what's that about though. LoL! It's secret and you guys don't ask about it either. LoL! 

It seems like I'm just fillin' up the time where I could have made a more credible entry. But heck! I am so darn lazy these past forty-eight hours. I just feel like cuddling my pillows, listening to mellow songs, and sleep. It's like "Eat, Sleep, Cuddle" and not the "Eat, Pray, Love". LoL..hahaha. 

I guess, it a clear indication that winter is around the corner. As I quote our accountant saying: "Jay! it's like you've set your mind for the big day already" while he laughed audibly. 

And so guys, pagtiyagaan nyo na muna ang entry kong eto ha. Minsan dumadating talaga sa point ng isang "writer" ang mga ganitong mood. Walang ganang magsulat, walang ideyang pumapasok. Kumbaga sa pangingisda, madalang ang huli.

Okies, have a fun-filled read. LoL! :)  Scri-mi curind!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Life Song

How many of you have a life song in your lives? How many of you claim of a one great song that you can relate too much upon which hearing it would shed droplets of tears down your cheeks or would even lead you to crying a river? Not because you're hurt or in pain but it's because you feel overjoyed. It's like being in a cloud nine isn't enough to express how you feel. Perhaps many of us do have our own life song. Right? And here's one of the many life songs I have. Crazy enough that the title speaks of itself. LoL.. It's a Christian songs and it truly rocks. Who says Christian songs are boring? Who says such songs don't bring one into jumping or running across a concert arena. This one can make you do just that. 

As I was playing some popular music from my current favorite band "Boyce Avenue" while at work I was led back to re-visiting one of the many inspiring Christian songs I've always liked. A song from an awesome Christian band "CASTING CROWNS". And it's entitled "Life Song".

Suddenly, my body puts me in a worship mood. It pays to have a very encouraging Christian music to boost your energy to heed the call of worship. It gives you so much joy, so overflowing that it seem though you're in a certain ecstatic heights of joy.

The opening lyrics says: 
Empty hands held high, 
Such small sacrifice. 
If not join with my life;
I sing in vain tonight. 
May the words I say 
And the things I do. 
Make my life song sing;
Bring a smile to you."

It's a crazy thought that despite our location, despite tight security measures in a country where I'm currently at, it is no reason for us to sing our life song to our dear God. It does not hinders us to express our sincere gratitude for Him who is the provider of all that there is. 

That's why we are called "SFC Fearless". We brave all odds and we defy the famous notion here saying: "It's too risky to profess your faith here, we can't gather together because of this, because of that." I believe that wherever you are if God really calls you to serve He will work in mysterious ways to protect your being. True enough about this lines in the lyrics which says:
I wanna sign your name
Until the end of this day
Knowing that my heart was true
Let my life song sing to YOU.

Being Christian means fearless. It means pursuing HIM even death takes its toll on us. It's very hard to live out a Christian life. But that's what we are called for as Christians. We have to act upon what we believed in. We have to let go of our fear by converting it to courage. The amount of our fears is tantamount to the amount of courage we can have too.

So, be fearless in faith. Be bold and never be discouraged by tribulations or persecutions. 

As for me, I'm still in the process--aiming to be tough, to stay tough, and all the challenges I encounter are also my ingredients for my refinement.

This Christmas

Ang sabi sa kanta ng 2011 ABS-CBN Christmas Special "Ngayong pasko mangniningning ang Pilipino, Saan man sa mundo, tanaw nila ang liwanag mo."

When I saw this video, I quickly miss my family & my country. It has been three long years of not being able to celebrate yuletide season at home. The sad part of being in a foreign land is when Christmas season comes and all you can do is to watch television shows on TFC showcasing the merriment of the season --the least thing you can contain yourself into. Well, Yes, there are side by side discreet celebration (bawal kasi in a place where I'm at) with close friends but it doesn't fill the longing one has for their families back home. 

But nonetheless, though our absence are being missed, the idea that brings joy in me is that my family will be able to celebrate one with enough in our table. At least now, they can pick their choices of food without thinking if the budget would allow it. LoL, funny right? But that's how it was way back then. I mean, we can hardly put foodies of our choice in our table before. 

Coming from a modest family, there were times then that we weren't even thinking of preparing food because what we got from our pocket is not even for the purpose of spending it for celebration but for our daily existence. There is no pain in it I would say since we were raised in modesty with sense of contentment kung ano lang ang meron at nakakayanan ng parents namin. And we don't prod just to get what we want.

Though we have less food in our table, it didn't stopped us from enjoying the season. It didn't even appeared to me that we are less of a people. In fact, it's far more gratifying to me than having different dishes and menus only found in high end restaurants. For me, the essence of being together, feasting to our "small handa" with my family, waking up before midnight to a small noche buena treat and hearing fireworks from the neighborhood, greeting our family members "Maligayang Pasko" as well as our relatives had been so much more to me than any amount of material things. 

As kids, we were taught to be enduring, to be patient, to be contented of what we currently own, and to work hard to achieve what we want in life. The biggest learning experience I got from my parents is this: "Respect others always". And that to me is the most important value until this present day in my life.

And this Christmas, I'll pay homage once again to important people in my life. To people who were part of my shaping up. 

So I ask you, What will be your plans "This Christmas"?

The Well- Ordered Heart

The secret of life is pursuing one thing.

There is a pursuit that is worthy of our devotion. There is a goal that is achievable even in the most desperate of situations. It will produce good far beyond our own little sphere of influence. It is something that our souls long for; the life we've always wanted.

It is a quest for what might be called a well-ordered heart. The balanced-life paradigm assumes that our problem is external- a disorder in our schedule or our job or our season of life. But truly significant disorder is internal.

In order to have a well-ordered heart is to love the right thing, to the right degree, in the right way, with the right kind of love.

When our heart is well-ordered, we are not only increasingly free from sin, but also increasingly free from the desire of sin. If the heart were truly well-ordered, we would love people so much we would not want to deceive or manipulate or envy them. We would be transformed from the inside out.

Spiritual transformation cannot be orchestrated or controlled, but neither it is a random venture. We need a plan. We need to develop what is called a "rule of life". A rule involves a rhythm for living in which we can grow more intimately connected to God. Consider how you might arrange your day around the pursuit of a well-ordered heart.

Let me quote apostle Paul as he wrote to the church at Colossae, as the climax on instruction on transformed living. And here's what he said:

"Whatever you do in word or in deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him -- Colossians 3:17

Honestly, I am far from what I say here, but I am trying to achieve a state in myself wherein for once I'll be enjoying a well-ordered heart. And I know and firmly believe that it is achievable. I just need to simplify my life and detach from the worldly cultures that this generation popularly hooked in. It is because if the current culture doesn't work for me I don't necessarily have to buy them.

And so I say, are you living with a well-ordered heart? Are things in your life flow in accordance to the will of your heart? 

Feel free to post your thoughts in the comment portion of this post. I'll highly appreciate anyone spending time to share their insight about this post.

Have a nice read. God bless :)

P.S. -- Credit to the book of John Ortberg "Life To The Max" for some insights used in this post.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


I was handpicked.  

I was short listed. 

I was chosen. 

Now, it’s official and it’s real. I will be competing as one of the finalists, along with the other two entries from KSA, in this year Middle East Conference “Reflection Writing Contest” in Doha, Qatar at the end of this month. A friendly competition that fosters comradeship and camaraderie all rooting from our love and faith in HIM.

Wow, I miss the feeling of excitement. Being thrilled, feeling goose bumps. The feeling of receiving positive news for something you’ve prayed for. As far back as I can remember, the last time I join in a competition was way back in my college days. I competed in Quiz bees (both in my course in Accountancy and other general quiz bees).

But this one is way too different. It’s in the field where I’m not even a degree holder or not even in my comfort zone. So, this makes it more exciting.

The competition I joined might be too trivial for some. Others may find it “just a fraction of a big thing”. But they may be missing the point about it. 

Victory for me is a different thing. It isn’t about the whole winning thing. It's neither about how big or small a competition is. It isn’t about the glitz and glamour that might be attached to it. And it isn’t about my own but it is about the opportunity given, plus the fulfillment of a passion. Moreover, it’s a passion that roots for the expression of love for our Savior.

The opportunity presented to me (us) in the community where I belong is more of a VICTORY already. And so, winning the highest place just plays a secondary importance. As I have been victorious in sharing to them the true reflection of myself.

A testament of my ever-growing faith to our God. A manifestation of what I have learned from the teachings and gradually living it out for my solid refinement as a Christian.

So, I say that real victory isn't about the fame, prestige, or glamour. But it is about the intention and effort of reaching the highest peak with only one thing in mind.

 "To honor him for the gift HE has endowed in me. The gift of writing."

Saturday, October 22, 2011


If I let myself believe anything on insufficient evidence, they may be no great harm done by mere belief. It maybe true after all, or it may never have occasion to exhibit it in outward acts. But I cannot help doing this great wrong towards man, that I make myself credulous

The danger to society is not merely that it should believe wrong things, though that is great enough. But that it should become credulous, and lose the habit of testing things and inquiring into them, for then it must sink back into savagery.


P.S. -- My own insights to follow --> :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011


As I was on my way toward the office this afternoon (shifting kasi ang work schedule ko) I was led to think of what's gonna be my Thursday night and whole Friday. I quickly halt walking and began a mental run down of my "usual busy schedule". And I just realized I am full for the night and until tomorrow.

Here are my errands to myself. Let's start with going out from the office.

7:30PM - Si Jay nakalabas na from the "enslaving office". I exaggerated it since once I sit down my station, I seldom get up to flex my body. Even doing a coffee or tea break I tend to forget. Why? doing procurement concerns, updating entries in our accounting system, encoding stock transfer, calling suppliers, doing Skype conversation with them, attending to my office mates work related queries. So enslaving right?

7:30-7:40PM - Si Jay ay on his way home na sa time na yan. Malapit lang naman ang office ko sa "flat" ko. Tawag nila dito sa ni-re-rent is "flat". Sort of an apartment.

7:40-8:00PM - Si Jay ay nagbibihis, bihis, bihis, then salang ng labahan sa washing (or kapag hindi bukas na LOL).

8:00PM -Si Jay is waiting for  his Unit Leader para sa HH (house hold meeting) namin.

9:00PM - Si Jay serious mode na. Simula ng HH (mga two hours din 'to) (If anyone ask what is it all about. PM me. hehe)

11:00PM -Finish na ang HH. It's either uuwi ako or matutulog nalang sa "House of Voices"--tawag namin sa flat ng aming leader. LoL. kasi dito nangyayari ang lahat. Hmmm..anong lahat..Lahat ng kasayahan. Birthday party, kantahan, movie marathon, assembly, tambay lang minsan at kung anu-ano pang aaliw sa aming lahat. LoL.

Teka, tinatamad na akong magsulat ng schedule ko sa Friday. May tawag kasi now that I need to respond - work mode na muna. 


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

United Colors Of Benetton

Why am I writing about the title above? I don't even know where this product brand originates, Yet,I’ll still borrow this name as I do this blog post.

I started writing years back, a time when blogging is not in the main stream yet. A time when pager is the “in thing” in communication, a time when texting is nowhere in sight yet.

And today, I must say nag-level up na si Spidey, nagba-blogging na. Salamat to me at sa sariling pagsisikap matuto ayun at natuto na rin ng paunti-unti. Ika nga take it slow ng “Freestyle”.

Surprisingly, my blog has been gaining audiences from around the world. A dream I was waiting even before. LoL. Mapangarap lang. hahaha.

So far, I have seen visitors in as far as Croydon, UK, Durres, Albania, Bangkok, Thailand, Singapore, Riyadh, KSA, Dubai, UAE, London, England, Athens, Greece, New Jersey, USA, Bay Area, California, and cities I never imagine of knowing. Though my “Live Visitor’s Feed” won’t show them all since it just maintained 10 new visitors at the most. Still I am happy for this result.

So,these visitors from different countries explains why I used United Colors of Benetton. It's because they came from different countries with various flag colors and I just associate them to the brand name.

These, along with my visitor friends are my driving force, my fuel, my inspiration to continue to write.

And like U.C.O.B. This blog will be as varied as it can be, as assorted as it appear and as inspiring as it can become.

CHEERS to United Colors Of Benetton :)

Juicy Jay

It was quite sometime now since I've been actively blogging and only just now that I was intrigued to use a catchy name. A self-coined name way back in December of 2009 when we're having a random photo shoots in a seaside here in my current place. 

As far back as I can recall, it was a random photo shoot done by bro. Aris for the purpose of putting a calendar for 2010 based on the birthdays of the person participated and the title if I'm not mistaken was "HOMBRE DE CALENDARIO". LoL. What a name! hahaha!

This was what I'm talking about:
Juicy Jay
JUICY JAY? LoL, quite funny isn't it. I just want people to laugh their hearts out when they see my name on the upper right portion of my blog. Maybe it'll work, maybe it'll be awkward. But nonetheless, gagamitin ko pa rin 'to. Walang basagan ng trip. Kanya kanya lang yan. hahaha.

Hmmm..Will it arouse different reactions? Will it stereotyped me to someone I'm not. But then, it's up to the first impressionist and it's up to the personality diggers. LoL. 

While doing this entry I can't stop myself from laughing. Hahaha. Even me is quite in a bit disagreement. But, my purpose is just plain and simple. I just want to use a name to spread laughter and for readers to be in wide grin after they saw it. LOL! (What's happening to me? Jay, are you still in sanity?) LOL.

And the answer is YES! Yes, I am still in my sound mind. It's just the idea that creeps the hell out of me. LoL. Whatever reactions, comments, or beyond that it won't affect me or none will be ever matter, I am who I am. I am free to choose any pseudonym I want to. And no one can stop me except my own.

Just bear with me guys, And just laugh your hearts out boisterously. CHEERS!

Of Thrills and Chills

Chilling while being thrilled? Or thrilled while chilling? 

Have you ever got into this feeling? It's kind of a weird one right? When one goes with the other or likewise. Well, I'm not a neophyte on this as I've gotten them several times.

In fact, I got it again tonight. And why is that so? Well, for quite few reasons. Firstly, thrilled for the soon-to-be-meet-up of a relative (his name is Christian Rafol) working as a nurse in London for the first time. We just got connected way back in 2009 through social network Facebook and this is our first time to see each other since we began fooling each other online two years back...hahaha..just kidding. And hopefully exchange few conversation. He's anxious excited while I'm just chillingly thrilled. There is this certain kind of unexplainable thought which confronts both of us especially because we'll be meeting each other for the first time. Well, understandable since we didn't even had a chance to bump into each other our entire life before. The uncertainty that maybe the person is way too different as he is online. I can't call it "meeting a stranger" either since we are consanguineous-related.

What further chilled me up is how we got our flights bound for Manila in the same time and schedule, boarding the same airbus without us even noticing about it. It just a coincidence so to speak. And what crept him up is the weird thought of how did it went that way--speaking of the same flight when we didn't even talked about it. We've arranged our flight bookings separately. He is from London and Dammam is where I am at right now. 

We just learned this fateful thing tonight while we were talking over the phone. He called me up for a different thing and through the course of our long convy, we got into our flight details. And there it goes, it's like the universe connived for us to finally meet. Our brotherly friendship became even closer as we banked on two common grounds. One is that we are relatives and two is that my younger brothers were once his classmates way back and close friends too up until now.

Another follow up thrilling thing is the thought of anticipation for our (Ken and I) entries for the Middle East Conference "Reflection Writing Contest". I was highly waiting for the final announcement of the short-listed entries of KSA contestants tonight as scheduled, but my excitement were engulfed by the news Sis. Jodie of SFC Riyadh broke into me. She told me that we'll still have to wait for another uncertain and a bit agonizing week since the jurors decided to postpone it for another week. She discloses that they need more time for deep discernment and prayers to cast their verdict to all the entries. So far, I'm still crossing my fingers. Just hoping but not highly expecting though as there are numerous brilliant minds in the field that friendly compete against me. 

For me personally, MEC is a big thing here in the Mid East and be given the chance to participate is such an honor more than whatever lucrative thing at stake for it. It gives me the platform to voice out our insights and opinions about a topic assigned to us. Insights that we know will matter to our fellow SFC and the entire community. As opinions reflect of how we have gone far in our lives in the community. How we have embraced the myriad of insightful teachings they taught us.

So, these are what I've had tonight. A mixture of different feelings. Feeling of quiver. Of shiver or shudder. Of thrills and chills.

And like what the lyrics of Coldplay's song: "Every tear drop is a waterfall. And I quote: Every thrills is an awesome chill as every chill resonates thrills.'

It's because tonight is so wonderful. Tonight is of thrills and chills.

Monday, October 17, 2011

That Night

     And I wrote:

This is that night;
When we had our spirits low
This is that night;
When we thought a friend's dream blows.

This is that night;
We keep thinkin' why and why
This is that night;
Even answers seems so shy.

This is that night;
Our efforts to stay alive
This is that night;
Was overshadowed by doubts and inner cries.

This is that night;
We keep ourselves composed and tact
This is that night;
We can no longer hide the crack.

This that night.
Our biggest fears we come to face
This is that night;
Our prayers did manifest. 

     This is that night when one of our dear friends was on its lowest of lows. We came to a rescue and attempted to paint with words of encouragement his thousand pains. A pain that when he wakes up in the morning a feeling of relief has replaced. All the blur will become clear. All the doubts will suddenly disappear. All the fears will turn to courage.

     This is that night when we're all tongue-tied and mouth shut. But, this is that night also where we all utter our fervent prayers.
Sattie, Archie, ME, Ronnie, Marlon & Jansenn
     One day, we highly hope that things will come as fine to you. If it's God's hard way of refinement for you, then so be it. Humbly accept the challenge. We may not be at your side in your life's greatest battle, but our prayers and well wishes will always be there every time you feel the pain in the process.

     Just keep the faith, never give up. Faith is the manifestation of hope. We are sure you're abundant with that. The community is behind you all the way. Get well soon, T2 Ronnie Bautista.

P.S. - I could have added a video in here but the format of the video isn't compatible and is being rejected by the settings, so this is a video-less entry.

Inspiring People: Part 1 - Meet The Kielburger

     WARNING: This post might be too long for non-readers (especially yong tamad magbasa) but, I can guarantee you it's worth the read once you've started, even a blink won't interrupt you from Seriously, it is worth the read. Please give your eyes a chance to finish right down the last lines.     

     Like what I've promised in my previous post "People Who Inspire Me - The Concept", two people topped the list of those whom I draw inspiration from. These two brothers were extra-ordinary people yet living in humility. 

     Here a video of Craig doing online invites from people around Canada and the world to join in their cause in Free The Children.

     Introducing: Craig Kielburger & Marc Kielburger, Canadians, founded the "FREE THE CHILDREN" organization back in 1995. 
Craig @ 12
How Did I Know About Him (Them)?  
     How did I learn about them? It happened one hot afternoon of 2004 while I was browsing books for re-sale at BOOKSALE in SM Southmall (Las Pinas Branch). As I can remember, I was waiting for my relatives that afternoon but realized that they were still far from SM's vicinity. So I decided to stroll around and eventually ended up in BookSale store at the far north wing of the mall. 

     It is a normal routine for me whenever I visit malls to initially check out bookstores since I am a reader. While waiting, I busied myself browsing different books that might interest me. And so after series of scanning, I found this book "Free The Children". I was intrigued, so I opened and read the back portion (the synopsis) and I was just fascinated and captivated when I learned that the author of that book is a 12-year old boy named "Craig Kielburger" eventhough I'm still uncertain if his book was worth the read. Without a second thought, I immediately handed it over to the cashier to pay for a cheap price of P60.00 pesos. It's under re-sale that's why the price is way way inexpensive.

Craig @ 28 now

     So, let me give you a brief background of Craig Kielburger. He was born on December 17, 1982 in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. He is Canadian. An activist for the rights of children. He is the co-founder of "Free The Children" - an international organization of development and youth empowerment helping children around the world & co-founder of "ME to WE". On February 20, 2007, he was named a member of the "Order of Canada" by the Governor General of Canada. 

     He attended Bishop Scalabrini Catholic School, in Thornill which is where he did a school project which eventually gave birth to Free The Children and was assigned by Mr. Fedrigoni of Bishop Scalabrini. He graduated with a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, a double minor in Psychology and Politics from University of Toronto. In 2009, he completed his Executive MBA at Schulich School of Business at York University as the program's youngest ever graduateFor full biography and advocacy, please click this link: (credits goes to Wikipedia)

     Let's jump now to his older brother Marc Kielburger. 
Marc Kielburger - eldest & only brother of Craig
     Marc Kielbruger, CM, OMC, (born 1977) is a Canadian author, humanitarian and activist for children's rights. he is the co-founder of Free The Children, an international development and youth empowerment organization.

     Kielburger is also the co-founder and Director of Me to We. The goal of Me to We is to make ethical living become the norm while helping Free The Children achieve financila sustainability.

     After attending Brebeuf College School in Toronto, Kielburger graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard University, completing a degree in International Relations. He won a coveted Rhodes Scholarship and went on to complete a law degree at Oxford University with an emphasis on human rights law. He has also received two honorary doctorates for his work in the field of education and human rights.

     He is the co-author of national best sellers Take Action! A Guide to Active Citizenship, Take More Action and most recently, the New York Times Best Seller Me to We: Finding Meaning in a Material World. For full biography and advocacy, please click this link: (credits goes to Wikipedia)

What inspired me about them?

Talking of inspiration, there are lots of people that thrilled me in this aspect. Definitely, I need at least one notebook or one pad of paper to list them. But I'll be both objective and subjective to them, These brothers inspired me in so many ways than one. As someone who is so inclined in social work, I really admired them for their efforts in helping children around the world. Which is why it triggered me more to be closely involved in various organizations that focuses on under privileged children's literacy and education.

Currently, I have been involved in two separate organizations in the Philippines. One is, Silid Aralan Inc. ( spearheaded by a good friend of mine Arcie G. Mallari. and the other one is Kasimanwa Ko Association ( - a hometown social organization being run and co-founded by a great friend of mine Erwin R. Relox
Marc & Craig
     It's just so amazing to get to know these people and be influenced by their works and how they live their lives. By the way, I'll brag on this though it's just a petty thing, but it matters to me. When my dear friend Arcie Mallari went to Canada for further studies, he got this chance to meet-up with my idol Craig in one of the events there. As I prodded him to say hi to Craig for me, he made my request realized. He was able to exchanged few words to Craig and say hi for me. That's awesome right? Being mentioned in a conversation by your idol in a very rare occasion is like epic to me. I can't ask for more. And it happened just this year. I guess it was June or July ( I can't just be sure, but definitely within those moths frame).

     This book below is the reason why my enthusiasm to work with the needy has escalated more than I dreamed of. 
The Book
     So, basically, these are two of the Top 10 list of "Inspiring People" I'll be featuring in my blogs. Can't wait for the next one? Just sit back, relax, and wait for the my second entry on this. I just hope that through this writing, you'll be inspired and also start your social work too by getting involved to one of the many organizations with the same advocacy. 

     Let us be movers and shakers and do not stay idle to our comfort zone. Let us go for high adventure of living a life that is inclined to our purpose. And let us always be a person to others.

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