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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

United Colors Of Benetton

Why am I writing about the title above? I don't even know where this product brand originates, Yet,I’ll still borrow this name as I do this blog post.

I started writing years back, a time when blogging is not in the main stream yet. A time when pager is the “in thing” in communication, a time when texting is nowhere in sight yet.

And today, I must say nag-level up na si Spidey, nagba-blogging na. Salamat to me at sa sariling pagsisikap matuto ayun at natuto na rin ng paunti-unti. Ika nga take it slow ng “Freestyle”.

Surprisingly, my blog has been gaining audiences from around the world. A dream I was waiting even before. LoL. Mapangarap lang. hahaha.

So far, I have seen visitors in as far as Croydon, UK, Durres, Albania, Bangkok, Thailand, Singapore, Riyadh, KSA, Dubai, UAE, London, England, Athens, Greece, New Jersey, USA, Bay Area, California, and cities I never imagine of knowing. Though my “Live Visitor’s Feed” won’t show them all since it just maintained 10 new visitors at the most. Still I am happy for this result.

So,these visitors from different countries explains why I used United Colors of Benetton. It's because they came from different countries with various flag colors and I just associate them to the brand name.

These, along with my visitor friends are my driving force, my fuel, my inspiration to continue to write.

And like U.C.O.B. This blog will be as varied as it can be, as assorted as it appear and as inspiring as it can become.

CHEERS to United Colors Of Benetton :)


  1. cheers to the internet which has allowed us all to be connected :)

  2. Cheers too to our kasipagan in writing, without which there'll be no blogging to be born. :)


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