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Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Musician's Dream

Yesterday was a day so blessed.

I was with my family in Festival Supermall in Alabang basically to fulfill a promise neither anyone of 'em had it known. A random act of kindness indeed.

I went with them to treat them for a shopping spree at my expense. Some of them were wond'rin but most were like in high heavens for their dreams were made realized.

And one of these excited people in my family is my nephew who had been dying to own a new guitar. A dream that he'd started working on saving some pennies just to buy 'em at the appropriate time. Only to find out that what he got as of the moment wasn't enough to pay for the entire amount the guitar had cost. So, the Santa in me ran for a rescue. Who won't it's yuletide season and what's more satisfying than having someone's ultimate desire be realized.

With that and to his surprise, I led him to "Lazer Music Store" in the upper ( I guess 3rd floor) part of the mall. And there, I had him choose which electric guitar does he want.

I can see the smiling aura in him as he started to check out the guitars hung for sale. And here's what he had gotten.

A Samick Electric Guitar
A smile of a fulfilled person
A realized random act of kindness
Ready to rock on!
I don't have photos for others since I forgot my camera in my fiancee's condo unit and these photos were taken after the shopping and mall strolling.

One down baby! 20 more to go and it's gettin' more and more exciting.

Thanks God for making me realized this plan.


  1. @Kay--thanks! to fulfill a dream for someone feels so great. Much more to a person close to my heart. :)) high heavens

  2. I remember the time I wanted an acoustic guitar so badly.. XD Unfortunately, I didn't pursue music that seriously. I bet your nephew is serious in music though, so great job for helping him realize his dream! :)

  3. @Sumi- He is the lead guitar in their bands "WordsWorth". He a good guitar player now. He just love music and the good thing is he wasn't a product of any guitar school. He learned it just by himself at nanghihiram lang ng guitar sa barkada niya dati sa village.


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