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Friday, November 11, 2011

Game of Words

It's scrabble time.....

I, together with my SFC buddies, Satty McScotty, Rob Cabalsa, Jefferson Alfaro spent our time playing scrabble on Thursday night. Good thing it's Friday the next day and we are all on a rest day.

Below were our recorded scores. Happy to have won in three separate games. But I lost in Game 5 with a score of 75 due to my inattentiveness. I was busy watching you tube videos of Billy Crawford during his stint in France. We all knew that Billy was famous then in all of Europe popularizing the hit songs "Keep on Trackin' and "Bright Lights". It also reminded me of my once presence in his major concert in the Philippines way back in 2006. To know more about Billy, please click this link Billy Crawford

I don't know if this will have a succession. I mean, if we'll still have a round two and so on. I hope so to at least be challenged and maintain my rank. LoL. hahaha! I've always been competitive in any of the sports game or mental exercises I've competed into. I still have this kind of attitude with me due to my stint in quiz bees in my college life.

We finished at around 3am since Rob was a bit tipsy already. Jeff and Rob had their share of  the famous "sadike"--a formulated but not regulated nor underwent quality inspection liquor here. As we all know, liquors are banned here in the kingdom. And if caught in the act, a severe punishment of I guess 50 lashes plus the reality of immediate deportation confronts the offender.

So, for the record, I never tried it and have no plan in the future. Good night guys! Oh sorry, it's good mornight na pala!

Keep safe you all. God bless -:)


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