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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Fish Experience

We trooped down to the wet market last November 4 – that was Friday afternoon at the Dammam Fish Market. And these are the random photos I took while walking along inside. Some locals won't allow me to take photos but I insisted. The "makulet" side of me worked. And it ended that some of them even requested me to give them a shot at the camera. Sorry I didn't post it here. Next time nalang. So here are the different varieties of fishes:

Di ko alam kung anong klaseng isda 'to. Pero edible daw! LoL
Pati eto di ko rin alam lahat
Eto pa..
Pating-patingan..LoL..Pating talaga yan!
Malalaking Hipon 
Lobster (di ko alam sa tagalog)
What we bought are the following: Yellow Fin Tuna, Bigger Bangus, Tambakul, at Hipon. You can't find some from here kasi tinamad na akong mag-upload. Sobrang dami kasi eh.

I was with bro. Satt, Robert, & Herman. I was thinkin’ of taking photos of the different fish varieties including sea foods so I decided to goof around with fish vendors. I begun clicking my phone camera and here's what I had. 
Satty busy sipping his hot "chai tea"

Rob was trying to figure out which one to choose.

And this was our market escapade. Ang daming isda at ang mura. Tapos ang linis pa ng wet market compared sa atin.


  1. Pating ba 'yun? Kulang ang post mo. Hindi mo sinabi kung ano ang binili niyo. LOL!

  2. @Gasdude--oo, kulang nga, tinamad na eh..hahaha..sige edit ko siya..LoL...hahaha

  3. Lobster 0_0 ang sarap! seafood overload!


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