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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Marc Kielburger - Activist for Children's Rights

Marc Kielburger -- ikaw na!

Let's do some serious stuff right now.

Most of the time, it's emotionally rewarding to write about people whom you draw inspiration from even though meeting them is nowhere in sight for now or maybe not even for your entire life time.

Yesterday, Satt and I were riding in his car heading to the fancy city of Al Khobar for a very special purpose.

Along the way, while having a constant chat about some sensible things and a little rant complaining about his hungry stomach triggered by not finding a food shop to dine in for a supposedly late lunch at 3pm, I immediately noticed a billboard in one of the major roads of Al Khobar having Marc Kielburger's face along with other Arab dignitaries. Knowing a bit of what Marc do for a living, I quickly assessed that his presence in the Arab world is for a very important and upcoming event which I am sure caters for humanitarian purposes. The description was written in Arabic reason why I can't figure out what really it was. But my heart pounded instinctively that it is for a good cause.

Wake Up To Happiness

Wow, the title is so challenging!

Challenging nga ba?

Para sa akin, ang happiness is a state of mind. A state where no one can provide you. Only you can decide upon it. Don't fool me with statements like: "Oh! you made me happy. Your presence is a happiness to me. When you came into my life I became happier. Such a crap! (sorry, sinubukan ko lang gumamit ng curse na ganyan--it's not me..hahaha).

You can't derive, get, or achieve happiness by borrowing it from other people. Your happiness should come from WITHIN YOU- it comes from your inner core and you just let it transcends out.

Like what I've said, happiness is a state of one's mind. The things, people, and events that trigger you to pour out the already happy state in you are just all additions that heighten that state in you.

When I woke up today morning, I opened my laptop and randomly browse a video that touches my heart even more to my soul. It feels good to see this kind of gesture by COCA COLA Philippines to come-up with this idea. It's grand yet it's inspirational. The families involve was put spot-on and startled in awe of the unexpected Christmas gift to them. Check this video and feel good.

Our mind is an amazing instrument. When we truly learn to make use of our mind's potential, it's like having a big power tool that is much faster, easier, and more efficient - THAT IS -we can set our mind to whatever we want to. I am convinced that happiness or unhappiness depends on the way we meet the events of life than on the nature of those events.

So stay happy lang mga peeps, don't make a room for DAMN things but LOVE.

And so I say: "Wake up to happiness! Shake up the happiness! :))

Are you naturally a happy person?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Accidental "Yogurt" Experience

It has been running for like a week or two now that every time we take our lunch we would visit Baskin Robbins after and feast with a pint-sized & sometime even on a cone ice cream as our dessert.

Today, after a quick lunch we head-off again to Awwal Street corner 1st Street where Baskin is located. But while we're about to take a left turn then straight to Baskin's location we saw this "Freshly Berry - Frozen Yogurt Cafe"---hmmm..sound like parang pambabae lang tong food store na to. Pero, out of curiosity, we entered in and check out what's the stuff inside. Siyempre yogurt ang dominant since yon ang nakalagay sa banner nila. We're hoping that somehow may ice-cream sila. Pero, kabayan Joseph Aldea- the store attendant who served us said it's purely yogurt. Immediately he handed us a taste-sampler while discussing a bit about their products. So, umiral na naman ang katakawan namin. Taste dito, taste doon. And bingo, masarap naman siya...hahaha..With our taste buds convinced, we abandoned the idea of going to Baskin. Right there and then, we began checking out the flavors. And they've got the following: Fresh Berry Tart, Vanilla, Pomegranate, Decadent Dark Chocolate, Classic Strawberry, and Mango.

The takaw-tingin gang checking out what flavor to try-out. While Joseph was busy giving details of what to try and what's the good choice.

The Curious Tag Game

It's been fast circulating in the blogging world. I have read I guess four entries from different bloggers and I was entertained by their answers. Some have shown boldness and courage to go through answering some thought-provoking questions. While others, on the other side of the tunnel, just play safe.

And jokingly prodding to "tag me in" to one of my blog mates Michymichymoo of I Am A Dekaphobic she gave in and re-edit her entry to include me in the list of tagged people. Thanks Michy for the gesture-- it's highly appreciated.

There are certain rules to follow for this game and below are the details:
  1. Post these rules
  2. Post 11 random facts about yourself
  3. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you in their post
  4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
  5. Go to their blog and tell them they've been tagged
11 Random Things about myself:
  1. I can't go out of my house without bringing a pen.
  2. I just read philosophy and inspirational books
  3. I am a fan of war movies --but definitely not a war freak
  4. I so loved ancient history
  5. If I'd be given a chance and with lots of money, I want to embark traveling the world.
  6. I'm into checkered polos and long sleeves
  7. I am a swimming & football junkie
  8. I'm so obssessed with badmiton & can play competitively
  9. At home, they call me "Jhun"
  10. Sweet foods won't sell on me though I eat just a bit-- yeah just a bit!
  11. I love mixing sauces when I eat (catsup, soy sauce, vinegar, hot sauce etc whatever are avail)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ako Si Jay

Ako si Jay.

Palayaw lang ang gamit ko rito. Pero ang tunay kong pangalan ay Joven Rada Rafol, galing kami sa lahing Espanyol dahil ang aking "el abuelo" (grand father) and "la abuela" (grand mother) ay parehong half-Spanish. "El abuelo es muy alto" (my grand father is very tall). "La abuela mi bonita" (my grand mother is so lovely).

Kaya paminsanang natatawag din ako sa pangalang "Jovencio" ng aking mga childhood cousins and friends. Jovencio kasi ang nakalagay sa baptismal ko dahil ang paring nagbinyag sa akin ay isang purong Espanyol-- si Padre Caminse. Pero sa NSO ay Joven lang. 

Ako ay mahilig mag-isip, magbasa, at magsulat.

Paano ko nga ba nahulma ang ganitong karakter sa aking sarili?

Bata pa lang ako ay mahilig nang sumulat ng kung anu-ano sa mga dahon ng saging, sa lupa, sa biyak na kawayan, sa balat ng niyog, sa lamesa, sa bintana at higit sa lahat sa aking "notebook".

Tandang tanda ko pa noong anim at kalahating taon pa lamang ako nang nagpupumilit na ako sa nanay ko na i-enrol na niya ako sa Grade 1. Pero hindi umobra ang pagpipilit kong yon kasi ang required age sa G1 ay pitong taon. Di pa kasi uso noon ang pre-school. Wala pang nursery, kinder 1 & 2 and preparatory level.

The "BurgerFuel" Experience

What a name!

What an awesome fast food chain! It really fuels one's desire to come and try their mouth-watering burger delights.

How annoying it was to see four easy-go-lucky guys  last night whose primary purpose was to check-out gym outlet yet ended inside a fancy-built and presumably one of the best servers of burger in town. Too bad there's none of it in Pinas.

Our not-so-hungry stomachs led us to one of its store -outlet in Carre-Four, Dammam. 

I'm speaking of the BURGER FUEL. This dominantly purple, highly decorated yet not-so-over-top fast food chain boasts of its cool ambiance and the awesome burger experience.

Burger Fuel originated in New Zealand and is labeled as the original gourmet burger.  And here's the short story about how it was formed.

Burger Fuel -Carrefour, Dammam highlights also its
almost all-Filipino staff and crews

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baskin Robbins: Your Neighborhood Ice Cream

Ice Cream!

I mean really?! Since when did I so crave to eat this junkie- I guess none that I remember. I don't buy it kasi di ako mahilig talaga. It's not that I completely do not eat it but I just don't go for sweet foodies.


Ang Pagiging Makata Ko

Kalaliman na ng gabi. Medyo inaantok-antok na rin ako. Bumibigat na ang pakiramdam ko sa dalawang bolang nagsisilbing tagasilip ng liwanag ng mundo.

Binisita ko uli ang mga panulat ni Gasoline Dude at napadaan akong muli sa kanyang entry tungkol sa mga nanalo. Scroll up! scroll down ang banat ko hanggang mapagawi ako sa nagkamit ng unang gantimpala. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

One Steaky Night

I claim I have a talent in cooking - a raw one but trainable, unrehearsed yet willing to be exposed in the kitchen. 

Soon I know I'll walk down the road of the lucrative world of culinary arts and have my degree from it. It's not too late though for talent doesn't choose an age.

I can cook and I know I have this gastro intelligence in me. Well, chicken cordon bleu is one fave recipe which excites me every time I prepare one. There were considerable numbers of Filipino recipes which I'm at par in cooking. Oh boy! I won't elaborate it here. Name it and I'll cook it for you...hahaha.

But being a neophyte food blogger is way far from the alleys of those professional ones, those whose living depends on it. My blog does not mainly focus on it. Food and resto reviews comes only when we dine outside our kitchen-court advantage at home (lutong bahay).

I feel the enthusiasm to test my raw talent in writing a food review with a resto I would say, is one that is at par with the rest of the best fine dining restos anywhere. Raising the bar a notch higher, I'm talking about STEAK HOUSE. 

Yes, it's spelled STEAK HOUSE! And this entry will evolve all about this fancy restaurant in a not-so-highly sophisticated city of Dammam.

The Dammam-branch of Steak House near Corniche

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Krispy Kreme - Krispi Na! Kreme Pa!

I'm not really into sweets! o kung sa sariling wika ko isasalin ay ganito lang naman yon: "di ako mahilig sa mga matatamis na pagkain".

Cakes, pastries, candies, tarts, and doughnuts - Oh boy! don't gift me with those or else your effort will just be wasted and disappointment would just slaps you right in your face. So, never ever give me one.

Three Books In A Cool Tuesday Night

Accidental purchase -- maybe or maybe not?

Perhaps what triggered me to have these books is basically my intense desire to read it. As a book lover, reading books for me is like smoking a weed - speaking of that restricted weed or so called "pot". It is so addicting that removing that habit is so extremely difficult for me that it could not complete a day or a month not having it in anyway. It's like it should be in a place where it can easily be sighted, one of which should be beside me when I sleep at night.

The three books I purchase

Thursday, February 2, 2012

FOR THE LOVE OF "Starbucks Mugs"

She has a collection.

She marveled at the sight of it inside their house.

And so I am granting again another wish or shall I say humble request from her.

In one of our chat conversation through Facebook and before we flew in back in the Mid East, these were her wishes and humble requests.

“Jay, don’t forget my mugs from the Mid-East ha!, don’t have any of them yet, plus, the “ref magnet” pahabol at nakangiti niyang sabi. 

Who would resist granting these requests if the favor comes from someone as sweet and bubbly as my good friend Kay? I bet no one would especially if the request comes from her tender voice and disarming smile. Naks, disarming talaga..hahaha!

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