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Monday, August 9, 2010

Starter's Delight

          I just started this blog in about a week far back as I can recall. Been busy these past weeks with a whole lotta things. Routine badminton game matches with my buddies from Asian Hospital in Alabang and some BA (Born Again) Christian friends, doing some research on entreprenuerial stuff which I'm constantly brewing, attending trade fairs on small and medium enterprise exhibitions. Well yeah, that kind of stuff usually occupied my time right now. I need to fill in my spare time while waiting for my visa (which was long overdue now), one of the reasons why my patience is starting to fade-off. Damn! it piss me off thinking that it delays me to work again and earn the much needed bucks. But I need to be patient and still persevere. Indeed, life has full of surprises....who would have thought that I'll be delayed for such a longer period of time. I am a workaholic person and I don't want to be stucked doing nothing or be idle for a considerable length of time. " But as life surprises me, I muster the guts of facing it squarely". Well, on the lighter note, I still enjoy this so called "idler's time" if I can put it that way because it has given me enough and one reason to stay with my family and bond with them strongly. But one thing that puts me in a sad tempo is that I so missed my GG ( term of SFC bros to their GF) as the community coined it as God's Gift. But as I knew her, she fully understands my predicaments, one thing so admirable about her. I love you Mine.... don't worry things will be better and we'll have our grand time together. So I guess it's enough for a starter's delight as the title suggested. More exciting blogs to be published ahead as I continue to scribble my adventures in this fancy world. Have a great day ahead. Godbless everyone!


  1. Author's comment: This post has been created last August 02, 2010 but it was just posted late. For my blog future visitors, feel free to drop your comments. Godbless!

  2. Wow T2 your into blogging na pala ha, nice post, keep posting T2. U


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