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Monday, August 9, 2010



What does the word implies to you? Well, it could mean a lot of things or definitions depending on how you'll associate it with a certain situation or scenario. The dict says "extreme" (noun) -something located at one end or the other of a range or series; extremity.

Just the other day, I experienced being on extreme, not that I was on the edge of a cliff or something but I was having the extreme of being so laid back (tamad na tamad kumilos). Sigh.... something strange to me since I am a "go-getter guy" as I would describe myself. Always on the go for things, new adventures and embracing new challenges and taking advantage of fresh opportunities there in and there might be. Too bad for me though, since lurking on that kind of attitude isn't something you can be proud of. Hell yeah. IT IS REALLY NOT! And I'm not proud of my act that day. But it doesn't end at that, I even carried it over until today. I missed a lot of time which would have been so useful had me just quit being laid back.

Here's a concrete proof that it was really an extremely bad day for me today. Last Saturday, I told myself that I'll be visiting the HP Service Center in Makati this Monday to avail for their repair services as my laptop badly needs it.... but ....holy crap!...I wasn't able to deliver to that promise. It pissed me off! But the sole person to be blamed was ME...ONLY ME. Even the call of my GG was jeopardized due to that hell-of-a-kind state that I lurked on. I permitted it to happen and it resulted to series of regrets saying " I could have done this, I could have finished that." 

But enough of this (bad) extreme. I have to go back to my old hardworking self. It pains me seeing myself doing nothing and I am really guilty if I can't accomplish simple things just because I give in to a non-sense use of time.

Well, it's not bad at all pala..I returned back to taking tea ( sometimes "milk tea") Another milestone..hahahaha..since I had been so passive on this good health practice. Good motivation as I go along with my weight loss. Jeyz and Aris (two of my SFC friends) have teased me that I was getting fat again which alarms me..hahaha..I can't be...guys, give me time I just started my diet for more than a week. Don't expect drastic physcal change..hahaha.. On the lighter note, their side comments really pushed me hard to go beyond my goal and thanks for the motivation.  This is all for now.


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