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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do!

"When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: You haven't

In the final analysis, the tough people who survive do so because they have learnt to react positively to their predicament. They don't give up. They manage their problems creatively and constructively-- and succeed. Tough people think positively. "Positive thinking will always get positive support" as quoted by Dr. Robert Schuller-- the originator of the philosophy of "Possibility Thinking".

It is an exercise in dynamic and creative imagination. It provokes you to DREAM. It inspires you to execute your dreams-- and to succeed.

Every Human Being Has Problems:

What is your problem? Are you unemployed? If you're an impossibility thinker you probably think that a job would solve all your problems. The truth s that employed people have problems too. Most people who have jobs complain about the fact that they have to go to work on Monday morning.

And countless people have jobs they don't like. Bro. Jao..I guess this one refers to your current situation. But I challenge you to read this post so that you''ll be enlighten somehow before deciding to quit and changing the course of your path.

It is like you are giving five days a week to unhappiness. Working to live rather than living to work. Hating their jobs. Dragging their feet getting to office or factory. And once they're their they devote a great deal of their time to negative thoughts. They focus on the unenjoyable aspects of their jobs.

What I can say is that you have to put your problems into proper perspective and learn to react to it positively. There will always be one million and one ways for a solution. You just have to commit yourself into finding it. "Along the journey, each stumble and thousand falls will always have realization that will slowly lead you to thinking and unfolding the right parameters of solution." Have faith and never lose hope. Just remember that when all else fails, hope will always stay afloat. 

By the way guys, I made it after reading 2 books last night and bingo..I had lots of ideas coming from so many positive insights from those books. It prompted me to write and I hope my SFC bro Jao will have time to browse and read this entry because it is timely for him as he needed moral support and confidence boost. Dude! ..please have take time to read might help you and enlighten you. God bless everyone!


  1. I just wanna give credit to the book of Dr. Schuller for the ideas and some insights I used to elaborate this entry. Thank you Sir.

  2. Your right T2 Jay, when we are faced with challenges our imagination starts working. Taking action on the idea determines success from failures.

  3. Indeed bro. Ted. and thanks for stopping by and reading this post....appreciated..more blogs to come...

  4. I agree 100%!

    Title pa lang nakuha na ako... I have been a fan of positivity and just recently, I even bought charms that would boost my

    This made me think of changing the thought process I am using on my blog which tackles more on Negativities stemming out from not being well off.

    Iskwater nga eh...

    I should take friend's advice telling me that I should present poverty on a better and positive light...Mahirap... Hindi naman kasi ganun napagdaanan ko...

    hayyy... I shouldntalk to you more Daddy Jay!


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