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Sunday, December 9, 2012

About Winning And Of Losing: Mighty Heroes Do Fall

This is just a post in defense for my idol Manny Pacquiao 

Is It The End Of A Pacquiao Era or Just A One Lucky Punch of Marquez?

Even the greatest among the greats has his time to succumb. Even the most technical fighter suffers defeat. Even the most experienced one crosses path with a great loss.

In short, athletes are human—vulnerable and far from being invincible. Only carton heroes portray invincibility as writer projects in their script. Reality is different. It is way far from those cinematic characters that confuses young children to be swayed in “make believe” world.

I personally was in disbelief when Manny planked down flat on the floor on the 6th rounds. It was so quick. He got hooked by the lucky punch of his fourth time nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez few seconds short of finishing the round.

I stood still, acted like I froze in extreme cold. Even thought that maybe I’m in a dream and needed to wake up. But, I saw reality before my very eyes. I saw people surrounding him trying to wake him up.

Then another pinch of reality sank in me. He was knocked out- badly knocked out. It’s real. I’m not dreaming!

Now, we have seen perhaps one of the most shocking defeats in boxing history. And to witness it with our naked eyes sent a powerful punch of dismay, to some disappointment and to others mockery equals their frustration.

What even more painful was it’s the loss of our countrymen, our hero in boxing. The man who gave us so much international pride. A boxer who elevated our country’s name to be known to the far ends of the world. We have benefited fame from him. He graciously represented our country even though he’s short of international diplomatic exposure and foreign language efficiency when he's just starting out.. And through his love of boxing we have been blessed to have gain international recognition as a country with fierce fighters in boxing. It’s a credit we owe from Manny. And forever it’ll be.

Yet, at the dawn of his fall, many people mocked him, whine about his loss, shouting “planking jokes” about him, and lots belittle his capacity of winning again.

Goddamn it! For those people who have screamed their disappointment – to hell with you! It’s easy to shout out your disappointment and frustration directed towards Manny’s performance BUT have you tried to step into his shoes? Have you tried to box yourself? Have you walked to where he walks?

You judgmental cynics should realize that Pacquiao at some point, sooner or later, can suffer his defeat. We saw it right now with our naked eyes. Somehow, sometimes, Pacquiao’s game plan can also work against him or won’t materialize as planned due to his opponent’s better strategy. Do not over expect or highly expect.

You should realize as well that it’s freakin’ hard to stand up inside the ring, fight, received painful jabs while carrying within your heart the weight of expectations of your country and countrymen. Even if he is regarded as the “P4P King” he is still subject to vulnerability. A vulnerability that could even lead to a loss should he not over guard himself. And it happened in tonight’s fight.

One more thing, a lot were saying it was because he changed religion. What the heck? What’s change of religion has to do with his fighting? I am a full-blooded Catholic – I celebrate and proud to be one. But for me, religion has nothing to do with boxing. It’s a different thing. The plausible analysis for me is that “Marquez is way better prepared than Pacquiao in today’s fight.  Or if you won’t agree, it was Marquez “one lucky punch” that ended the supposedly “Round 12” rallying jabs.

Plus these bunch of irksome and cynical craps acted like they are expert in the field of boxing. Portrayed a role as if they are the one fighting. As if they are familiarize with how a boxer feels every time he enters the ring. Holy craps!

Now! Where were you when Manny needed your prayers most? Where were you when our boxer needed a moral boost? Are you on your knees praying? Or just waiting for announcement of the words” AND STILL THE DEFENDING CHAMPION” be lifted in husky-baritone voice of Michael Buffer?

You consider yourself fans of Manny but now that he lost “ARE YOU STILL A FAN OF HIM?”. Or put him under your category of worst nightmare?

Sometimes, it’s hard to accept a loss. It’s even harder if you’ve been eyed as the greatest. Yet, at the end of the day, in any competition one will emerge as a winner and one as a loser. It doesn’t count whether you are the defending champion or a challenger.

But, what we should learn to realize from this experience is to value MANNY’s contribution to our Filipino society. A gallant man and a fierce boxer who gave us so much pride that looking one for a replacement would perhaps take a decade, or even a century.

Let us give him proper respect. He is accorded of one. Let’s stop disheartening mockery.

One last thing, try to imagine yourself as Manny. How would you feel?

Let us unite to offer him a moral boost! Let us unite to proved the world that a loss of one far from the end it all but a rebirth of a more careful, more focus and wiser Manny - be it in boxing again or in a different endeavor. 

This also sends a strong message to everyone that fame is temporary but legacy forever lives in our heart.

For you EMMANUEL ‘MANNY’ PACQUIAO, I am still proud of you. I'm with you in the beginning and will be with you until you hang your gloves.

UPDATE: Birthday Blog Contest Winners will be posted very soon. I'm just doing some finishes in my entry. Sorry to keep you waiting.


  1. Alam mo parekoy, yan din ang mejo hindi maganda sa karamihan ng mga reactions ng pinoys na nakita ko sa fb at twitter kanina. Parang hindi nakapagbigay ng karangalan sa bansa natin si Pacman para laiitin nila ng ganun. Hindi ba nila alam na hindi madali ang makipagsapakan sa taas ng ring. Kung sila kaya ang lumaban dun, tignan natin haha :)

    Nung na knock out si Manny on round 6, ang una agad pumasok sa isip ko ay si nanay Dionisia. Inisip ko agad baka nag histerical sya then pinagtutumba nya yong mga santo nya sa bahay lols. Pero hindi naman hehe..according dun sa nakita kong interview nya sa tv lols.

    #FilipinoPride #WeStillLoveYouPacquiao ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
    We Are Proud of you Manny!!!!

  2. Well he was the winner on every filipino's heart,
    he just made our country proud enough
    and as one as awlays,
    win or lose it doesnt matter weve seen him fight with all his heart he gave us back the pacquiao we knew the a boxer that were capable to put on a damn good fight,
    Now our post were quite synonymous haha but yours were nothing compared to mine,

  3. Matalo man o manalo Manny parin ako. Nalulungkot ako sa mga pinapakita ng ibang Pinoy. Nakita ko din kanina sa twitter at fb. Maganda ang post mo nato daddy jay. Sana ay ganyan ang nakikita ng mga Pilipino. We love u Manny.

    LOL sa comment ni Pareng fiel re. Mommy Dionesia. :D

  4. malungkot yung nangyari kay Manny, pero di pa rin nawala ang respeto at paghanga ko sa kanya :) mahirap talagang maging isang Manny Pacquiao...

    sa laki ng naiambag niya para sa larangan ng boxing sa ating bansa, walang nakakahiya sa pagkatalo niya ngayon, di kayang burahin ng kanyang pagkatalo yung mga karangalan na inihatid niya sa Pilipinas

    ganyan talaga, minsan panalo minsan talo, pero ano pa man eh dapat magsilbing aral sa lahat ang nangyaring ito, we are still proud of you Manny! :)

  5. Hi Jay, sorry for my not being able to join the contest. Busy kasi sa work. About your post, ito lahat ang laman ng heart ko. Pati yung mga comments. Nang matalo si Pacquaio, natalo din ako. I feel so sad.

  6. I am really trying not to make a post about this fight on my other blog Jay... like every Filipinos today, I am trying to move on from the painful "heartbroken" period.

    but I one thing I am certain of, Manny Pacquiao is still a champ in my heart. God bless him...

  7. Yesterday was truly a sad day for us Filipinos, but the time Manny was knocked down I was just hoping that he'll be okay. Nakakatakot yung knock down na yun, honestly. I haven't seen him fall down ever. I just hope that Manny will think of retiring and focus on his family instead. Ang babata pa ng mga anak nya para mawalan ng ama, and boxing is such a dangerous sport. He has more than enough money naman na.

  8. Nakakalungkot ang nangyari. Totoo. Pero hindi ko maintindihan kung ano ang gustong mangyari ng mga bashers nya. We cannot expect him winning in each of his fights, tao din sya. Manalo matalo, hails to Manny!

  9. Dapat manalo matalo idol mo pa rin siya... di naman sa lahat ng oras laging panalo sa laban.... sabi nga minsan talo minsan panalo..

  10. As I commented on MEcoys post - si Manny ay gaya lang ng kahit sinong Pilipino, matapang, malakas, hindi susuko. Pero sana kaya din nating magaya ang nagawa nya na tanggapin ang pagkatalo. Dun pinakita nya talaga na sya ay isang champion :)


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