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Monday, December 24, 2012

About Jesus and His Birth: Christmas Is For Him And Him Alone

In between break from work, I just felt the need to write. The sight of my office station strongly sends a message of de-clogging. I know how pressure plays a significant role in distracting me to enjoy the celebration of remembering Jesus Christ's birth. Plus the fact that the location added some factors to really dodge me from feeling the vibe. BUT, I won't allow it to happen. The forces of the dark side that poses a constant and everyday distraction in me won't succeed. And so this post is all about HIM. 

HIM, who is "The King", "The Good Shepherd", "The Alpha and Omega", "The True Vine", "The Messiah", The Mighty King of Zion", The Beginning and The End", "The Rock". Lots of exaltation names can be given to Jesus and He is accorded of all of these exalting names.

My last post is not a good vibe, somehow it carries an element of negativity, though too shallow to that effect. Part of it is like whining and complaining. Never did I realized that Christmas isn't about me or us. It isn't about lavish parties, drooling foods, and expensive presents. It is about HIM and only for Him. My idea of Christmas was almost eclipsed and encapsulated with the euphoric and extravagant celebration that is fleeting and earthly. Good thing, I was knocked-out by many comments that Christmas is really all about Jesus Christ. 

Sorry Lord! I run short of thinking that it is YOU that all my causes of celebration should root for. It is your day and not my day. It is your spotlight. I almost steal it from You. Forgive me, your servant, Oh Lord. And to pay homage to You, allow me to express my sincere gratitude and thanks:

- Thank you for the gift of life – without it I won’t witness how beautiful your creations are. 

- Thank you for my family – they are my greatest source of love, courage, joy, and strength. 

- Thank you for my old friends – whose presence in my life has long been tested and proven. 

- Thank you for the new set of friends and influences – connecting with them make me believe that there are still beautiful and good people around. 

- Thank you for allowing challenges and trials to visit me from time to time – because I know you want me to be stronger and wiser. 

- Thank you for the blessings and abundance you've graced me through out the year - I am able to share it to the next one in need. 

- Thank you for giving me my "God's Greatest Gift" or 3G (that's how we call our "GF" in the community) who is now my wife - her presence spice up the already happy state of me. 

- And most of all, thank you for allowing us to have our first born "Damien Caleb" - he is our greatest gift coming from you this year. 

Lord, forgive me too for my shortcomings to you. I know there's a whole lot of catching up with you and I will do my best to improve a notch higher in our relationship this coming year. 

Finally, I want to lift up to you all our future plans and concerns. I know your grace is awesome and overflowing. I know you have planned already what's best for us. Unfold it before us Oh Lord and we will gladly obey. 

Happy Birthday Jesus!


  1. We all should give thank to Papa Jesus talaga...

    Kaya nga no matter how big our problems at times, we must always find reason to be thankful and smile... He loves us much...

    Thankful ako sa lahat ng blessings even sa trials that made me stronger...

    I lurve 3G!!! Sana ako rin magkaroon

    Merry Christmas sayo!!!

  2. Senyor- Salamat! Merry Christmas din sayo! Stay blessed.

  3. Merry Merry Cristmas! enjoy enjoy lang diyan ^_^

  4. Merry Christmas Daddy Jay :) Yes, Jesus should always be in the center and let him have the limelight on this special day.

    Regards to your wife and baby Caleb.

  5. merry chirstmas jay,
    like i always say there so much to be
    thankful for,

    this day only meant to remind us that he, our mighty saviour, our god,jesus have once been like us, struggled like us, and sacrifices his own life for us but never even once lose faith to his father
    we just have to thank him for that for everything actually
    everything has a purpose and it was for the best that's im sure:)

  6. Merry Christmas kuya jay! :))

  7. @JondMur - Oo nga eh, eto chill chill na lang kahit busy sa work. Merry Christmas sa iyo

  8. @Fiel - Big thanks parekoy! likewise to you and to your family. Stay blessed

  9. @Mecoy - Well said parekoy! Stay blessed this Christmas and onwards. Extends my regards to your family as well.

  10. @Theo- Same to you Theo! Stay blessed and happy. Regards to your family as well. God bless you always

  11. Bino - Merry Christmas din sa'yo pare and to your family as well. Stay blessed.

  12. Beautiful post! Merry Christmas! You have the right attitudemy friend:)

  13. Ate Joy -Thanks ate Joy! Merry Christmas po sa inyo and to your family as well. Cheers to good life ahead.

  14. Merry Christmas Daddy Jay, to ur wife and kay baby Caleb :)


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