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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

About Restaurant Hopping, Of Unexpected Moments, Of Disappointments, Of Long Roads, and Of Every Road Led Us To Fushi Again: The Second FUSHI Encounter

I was late! That’s it. No further explanation. LoLs!

No! wait I need to explain. I was late because I took a nap and the nap almost turned out to be an uninterrupted sleep. Just woke up when my phone alarm rang that disturbed my comfy sleep.  So, I rose up rushing to the bathroom for a quick bath. Consumed 5 minutes, yes it's 5 minutes shower and went out to fix myself up. Looking at the clock, it's 7:04PM already, the agreed time was 730pm. I was running late. Dammam was like a 15-20 minutes drive going to Rakkah where my good friend Bong was waiting. But what added more to the dilemma was the lack of taxis around my area. It seemed though that they connived with time to prolong my delay. Such a crap! I hate being late. Apology guys!

About Restaurant Hopping......

This is what happens when four hungry bunnies (us) didn’t formally agree which restaurant to eat before going out.

Yes, we never thought that we’ll find it hard collecting our decision which restaurant to dine in last night. Initially, Bong suggested of  “Chinese Tandoori” – a Chinese restaurant just along Corniche Road near Hotel Sofitel. While I was thinking of trying “La Fonda” – Mexican restaurant located near Pizza Company within the area of Corniche too. So we checked out “La Fonda” first, asked the food attendant to lend us the menu book. Browsed, discussed, and browsed again until we ended up not liking what we saw. We found nothing so new with the food they offer, I feel like I had a bit of misgivings because their dishes were quite similar to that of “Sizzler’s House” in Dhahran Mall and several others resemble with what  “Chillis” along Corniche Road offers. We went out of their store and the four of us quickly got inside the car while still busy arguing which restaurant to eat. We came across “Piatto’s” – an Italian original. Bong requested me to go and check out what’s in them. So, I gladly obey while few meters away he also followed me. The restaurant impressed us – design wise. It’s cozy and you can feel the class when inside. Yet, the sight of the food choices from their menu are not stand out. Much to our surprised that almost all of their dishes we have tasted already. No surprises, no new flavors to savor. We ended up going out and continue our hunt. It’s was like we’re in a race.

Of Disappointments & Of Unexpected Moments.......

Then "Chinatown Restaurant" in King Khaled Street popped-out from I guess Ted or Chad’s mind. I was feeling it since it's already a bit late and we're that hungry. So, we drove fast to reach it quick as the night progresses and the clock hits past 9pm already. We have reached the place. Bong was able to find a parking space when he realized he had to shell-out 1SR coin to pay for the parking fee. The dilemma was that no one from us had any coin inside our pocket.  We decided to buy one "shawarma" just to have the much needed “loose change” but the store after giving us our shawarma order still handed us paper bills. What the heck is happening? 

When we enter the bachelor's section of Chinatown Restaurant, Bong's disappointment heightened. Actually, the cause  that made Bong almost furious was when he politely asked for a "loose change" from one of the (Indian) crew for us to pay for our parking fee outside but the A-hole crew sarcastically responded by saying "You can check the back side of the restaurant for free parking". Holy ghost! Is that the manner fit for a crew when in fact he should politely assist customers' need?  How can we be sure that there are still free parking at the back when the front area were almost full? We are about to place our order, we just humbly asked if they can do a favor for us just for us to settle the parking fee. 

Their chivalrous behavior heightened Bong’s disappointment which triggered us to go out of the restaurant before we caught ourselves in verbal calisthenics with those “itik or “pana” (we normally call Indians as “itik” or “pana”- in reference to their fast-paced conversation and also relating to “Indian pana” LoLs. It's kind of unexpected that crews in a fine dining restaurant would treat their customers as such. We never expected that huh?

Of Long Roads.......

Going out of that %^&^%$% restaurant, it seemed like we’re driving a very long and winding road. We been here and there, back and forth, yet we weren’t satisfied about which restaurant to choose. Adding to the sensitivity of choosing which to eat was the fact that Chad can’t eat seafood dishes due to his allergies. Presumably, we have consumed more than an hour going to and fro, back and forth. And the roads if capable of complaining had already filed a complaint maybe. LoLs. Was this happening because I was late? Hahahaha! Or situation just tested us. Whatever it was, I don't know. All I know was that my stomach was craving for food. LoLs

Of Every Road Led Us To Fushi – AGAIN?........

We’re desperate. Time was running out. We even thought that maybe Jollibee is the answer to our cravings last night. Yes, there is one Jollibee outlet inside a nearby Ramaniyah Mall.  

Out of our desperation caused by our hungry stomachs, all roads led us back to FUSHI for the second time.  Of course with one new company, Ted, minus the two adorable sisters Micah and Gabby. It’s the best decision to make since continuing our restaurant saga was like prolonging the agony our stomachs were feeling.  

Finally, we're inside the fancy Fushi Restaurant. We chose our place in the bachelor's section and a kabayan crew attended to us. Out of nothing, I was led to ask one of the crew if our SFC bro. James Benedict was around. He quickly responded that James was upstairs handling the "Bar Section". But to our surprise, he called out James and luckily , it was James who then attended to our order. 

And here's a collage of what we savored last night. 

More individual photo to follow. I still need to upload them.

So far, our exhaustion and disappointments were whisked-away after we have been stomach-filled with the awesome dishes of Fushi. 



  1. I too hate being late, the same way I hate waiting for latecomers, lol! But accidents happen di ba? ;)

    The food is delectable! Plating is key no? Bongga food artist nila.. Yummmmmy!!

  2. Sarap siguro ng kain nyo nyan! Parang napagod din ako sa ginawa nyo! HAHAH! Tapos parang nakakabastos nga yung pana na yun! HAHAH!

    Also, sana lahat ng tao kagaya nyo: HATE BEING LATE. HAHAHAH!:)

  3. Joanne - Yes, they're particular with food plating and I too is particular with food presentation. It attracts more customer if food is presented awesomely. I do it when I cooked. Nagpi-plating ako for FB purposes hehe.

    Oo nga eh, ayoko talaga ng nali-late sana, pero sabi mo nga accidents happen. Hate Filipino time...hehehe

  4. Pao - Oo kaya nawala lahat ng pagod, pagkainis, at pagkagutom namin ng makita namin ang mga pagkain na inorder namin..hahaha..

    Actually masasarap talaga sila, plus our dear SFC friend introduced us pa sa new offers nila kasi pang twice na naming visit yon sa store nila.

    Well, sana nga lahat noh..hehehe.para maayos ang lahat hehehe

  5. ganyan talaga pag pinoy time hehehe... di nawawala ang late... ang mahalaga masarap ang mga foods....

    na miss ko na rin kumain ng ganyan...

  6. @JohnDMur- Oo nga eh, nakasanayan na kasi hehehe..pero pwede baguhin kung gugustuhin...hehehe

  7. Good thing the rude pana didn't completely ruin your night, ang sarap ng mga kinain nyo! Iba ibang cuisine talaga :)

    Excited for part 2 :)

  8. yay mukang masarap ung mga nakahain. lols. pwede patikim...:)

  9. Yes it's because you're late! ha ha nansulsol pa :P sometimes we really have those "kind of days"...

  10. Ako laging late. hehe. Ang sarap ng buhay jan :) Dito wala nyan. meron siguro sa city :) Nagutom ako

  11. I just had Japanese last night but any photo of sushi makes me crave for it! :)

  12. that's one hell of a journey jay haha(did i just say you blog title?) haha
    well is it sic or seven restaurant you all had in mind and visited? thats a torture to me
    i mean if im hungry i'll probably try what so ever without considering it's taste haha

    anyways were not fussy about resto, we usual dine at a fast food chain instead i mean were not rich to be fussy hahah

    and i guess those crew in that resto who refused to change your money know nothing about customer service

    overall i think fushi was the best way to conclude your resto hopping haha
    i mean those dishes were quite good

    part 2 please


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