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Thursday, December 27, 2012

About Books, Of New Formed Friendship, and Of Personal Messages: BOOKS' RECIPIENTS

I have been meaning to post this entry a week back but due to my usual busy schedule it took a while for this entry to surface on the bloggers' world. 

Pardon me guys! I know there are lots of both interesting and gruesome topics that are too tempting to discuss or share views with but those are not my interest as of now. 

If you are a follower or a frequent visitor of this blog, perhaps you are aware that I had a blog contest recently. To be exact, it was in mid-November when I designed my birthday blog contest. 

As promised to the recipients (I'm talking about the winners), I will write/put a personal dedication message to each of the book as a gesture of a newly-formed friendship between the winners and me. BUT, it doesn't mean that having these personal messages limits my friendship to the winners. Of course, all my blogger friends are important to me. I'm just obeying a promise to them (winners).

I am a guy who invest and/or value friendship. It's awesome to know that my circle of friends and influences is constantly growing in number. Thank you social media for paving the way to connect to these exciting and equally inspiring people. 

OK, Let me go to the main reason of this post - the personal dedication messages:

1. Melvin "Mecoy" Coyne of "BUNCH OF NOTHING BY MECOY CUTE"

Dear Mecoy,

I’m always excited to meet new friends and acquaintances, may it be in the middle of the street, on the net, or anywhere as long as opportunity is presented to me. I would say, it’s a normal thing to a people-person like me. Though, it does not mean that meeting them would blossom a great friendship. It takes time to nurture a friendship. But there are instances where instinct plays a very important role in me in assessing people. And as always, instinct never fails to deliver. At some point, I know you will be a good friend despite distance between us.

Though I’m several years your senior yet friendship for me isn’t define with age differences. It resides within people who are genuine and is willing to open their lives to new people.

Indeed social media championed the idea of connecting people even to the far ends of the earth. I was touched by the message you’ve put in your photo contest entry that earned you a spot as a first place winner. Undoubtedly, I felt the sincerity of your words and the rawness of feelings involved.

It is but fitting that my blog contest had chosen “books” as the prizes because I want people to learn the habit of reading and discover good things about it.

May this simple gift be able to drive you to read more and appreciate how it is to be a well-read person.  It pays a lot to be a reader. Learn to love reading and it'll bring you places.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

2. Cyron Agustin of "iKWENTO"

Dear Cyron,

Peace in Christ!

May this book spark the enthusiasm in you to read more and appreciate the wisdom in every page of the book you will read ahead. As many have said, books can bring you to places you never have been into. It can stir you to dream and dream big while making you a well-verse individual.

I highly appreciated the effort you have made in making my birthday a special one. What’s amazing is that you really displayed the artist in you. Continue your passion for the arts while enriching your thalamus with wisdom you can decipher from reading books. 

Merry Christmas to you and to your family

3. Arline Matulac of "THE PINK LINE

Dear Arline,

I believe that friendship knows no boundaries.

And through this book I know I have cemented my mark into your life. Being a new blogger-friend is no different from those people who celebrates long years of friendship.

The important thing in this journey called "friendship" is the openness of every individual to entertain strangers and later on build and nurture a great friendship. May this book serves as a bridge to exciting friendship we will enjoy ahead. 

Merry Christmas to you and to your family

4. Hazel Stacy A. Morilla of  SHALLOW-DEEP"

Dear Stacy,

God's greetings!

I am amazed at how passionate you are with your faith. I take glory in knowing a woman who continuously strengthens her faith when a number of women today somehow whisk-off talking about faith or spirituality. You are one exciting person boldly expressing your beliefs.

Thank you for participating in my blog contest. Your photo message sent a strong message of how we should work to have a closer relationship with Jesus and to know Him better.

I'm happy to award you this book as a token of gratitude. Have a nice read.

Merry Christmas to you and to your family

5. Fielkun of "FIEL-KUN'S THOUGHTS"

Dear Fiel,

They say that “life is what we make it”. I couldn’t agree more. It is indeed our sole responsibility on how we create a beautiful story of our lives.

And this is another step of making my life as colorful and as interesting – investing more in friendship.

We are both lucky souls to have known each other through our love of writing, of expressing ourselves in the blogging world.

In this connection, I am awarding you this book for you to explore more about reading. There's more to it than meets the eye. Reading books can introduce you to places you have never had known before. Through it, one’s desire is fueled with the enthusiasm that one day a place familiar only from a book can potentially be reached.

Your entry is very meaningful that led me to believe that there more of you compared to the only “eye photo” recognition we got from your blog.

Have a nice read Pareng Fiel! Happy Holidays as well.

Merry Christmas to you and to your family!

Guys, I know I already have spoiled your personal messages (more like it's not personal messages anymore since everyone can read it) but then the important thing is "it comes from a sincere heart". But mind you, these messages will be the same messages to be written in the books. I might add up or I might spice it up for more. I'm a guy who loves to surprise people. Who knows, I might end up putting some twist in it - just watch out! 

Once again, thank you for joining my birthday blog contest. And for those who were not shortlisted in the TOP 5 spots, I value your messages as well. It's just that I need to choose five as winners. 

I'm looking forward to seeing you all joining another contest of mine soon!


2013 is just few sleeps ahead.



  1. I wanna read Mitch Albom's TimeKeeper...

    Congrats to the winners and I think you're judgement is right!

    Next time, I hope to win...

  2. Tissue tissue tissue!!! *sniff* ahaha, naku parekoy maraming salamat talaga dito sa librong Time Keeper, I know it would inspire me kapag nabasa ko na sya and thanks a lot sa isang napaka sincere na dedication. I really appreciated it!

    Happy New Year din sa iyo, wifey, and baby Caleb :)

    I would also like to extend my deepest congratulations Mecoy, Arline, Cyron, and Stacy.

  3. You're so thoughtful my friend!
    Your winners are lucky and deserving to get these books but luckier with the sincere thoughts sent with it.

    Congratulations on your blog contest and looking forward for more contests from here. Just so you know, I will always be around to join ;)

    Btw, I can relate to what you said in your (opening) 1st two paragraphs = likewise here.

  4. I am touched by how you see me as a person. I will continue my journey with the Lord and be bold always on what I am, HIS CHILD. May you and your family be blessed always :)

  5. Cangrats ulit sa mga nanalo. Gusto ko yung mga book ni Mitch Album. :)

    My book din ako from u. Thank u daddy!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Daddy Jay, wifey and baby Caleb :) GBU

  6. HOHOHO! Congrats sa mga nagwagi! :DD Sayang di ako nanalo! HAHAHAH! Parang ang ganda ng The Time Keeper. :)

  7. Congratulations to the winners! Sorry Jay I completely forgot sending an entry. Anyway, I have a copy of "Tuesdays with Morrie" and friends gave me a copy of the "Timekeeper" as birthday gift. :)

  8. wow ngayon lang ako nainggit sa libro buong buhay ko hahahaha congratulations sa winner sana meron pa next time sasali na ako! hahaha

  9. sarap naman basahin nun jay,
    well it is my pleasure being part of you blogger circle of friends
    i know it's only been a while but i could feel a deeper connection between our blogs,
    perhaps our past lives were related or something.

    Iba pala talaga feeling ng nananalo hahaha
    looking forward of reading that book,
    Is movie was on my list but i prefer to read that first.

    tahnk you jay, you're one of the reason why i enjoyed this craft

  10. i love your messages to us..thank you for the friendship and hope it grows deeper as the time pass by..naks!hehe.. excited na ko sa book..see you in feb!

    thanks kuya Jay, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family :)

  11. your so sweet sir. hehe. sayang hindi ako nakasali, oks lang baka sa next pacontest mo, hehehe :)

  12. Congratulations sa lahat ng nanalo...parang gusto ko lahat ng selection...:) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, tito!


  13. congrats!

    sayang I wasn't able to join.

  14. wow. that mitch albom thing. :)


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