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Thursday, December 13, 2012

About My Birthday's Blog Contest and Of Winners: The Big Reveal

And the winners are…………….(drum rolls)……stop!

Uff! Wait a minute, let me do some recap of what’s it all about. So, here it goes. I designed a blog contest last month, November to be exact. This is just my humble way of thanking the Lord for the graces He showered upon me, the challenges He designed to test my faith and makes me stronger, and to thank my fellow bloggers and non-bloggers friends who always spare a fraction of their time visiting my blogs. though at times, some of my post are personal stuff. 

A total of 52 entries have been submitted. Coming from blogger-friends, non-bloggers, FB friends and twitter friends. A number almost half only of my first ever blog contest before. 

The winners' revelation should supposedly be posted on December 8, 2012 but due to some highly important matters that I need to attend to I have to postpone it for several days. My apology to all the participants who patiently waited until this winner's entry be posted. I know how it feels to wait and anticipate the announcement. There is this part in you that triggers your excitement, feelings difficult to contain and the uncertainty as to when it'll finally be announced. 

Now, the time has come to put an end to all the waiting you've been trying to hold in your hearts. I'll announce the winners in reverse order. LoLs! Parang pag Miss Universe or Miss World lang hehehe!

And now, the moment has arrived! Here are the winners of my Birthday Blog Contest:

Presenting a simple video fo the winners done in Stupeflix.

Fiel Kun of Fiel-Kun's Thoughts

Hazel Stacy Morilla

Arline Matulac of Pink Line

Cyron Agustin 

Melvin "Mecoy" Coyne of Bunch of Nothing by Mecoy Cute

And by the way, all the book prizes will be written with dedication from me. Don't worry I have the best handwriting in the whole wide world- LoLs. I will take a photo of each dedication notes.


This will be UPDATED. I posted it since it's overdue already. But, I will edit- out this blog entry. I just want to end to the speculations of participants as to who are the winners.


  1. whoa I never expected that i'll be the first placer i mean after the mistake i did haha
    nakakaflatter talaga to jay
    thanks a lot
    congrats din sa lahat ng nanalo,
    excited na ko sa book naun pa lng pati sa
    dedication notes haha

    honestly, this just made my day brighter
    well im sorry i forgot to greet you on facebook last december 7 Ive been busy too,

  2. Congrats sa mga nanalo. Deserving naman magaganda ang entry nila.

    Happy birthday ulit :)

  3. congrats sa mga nanalo.. hehehe..:)

  4. congrats to all the winner! pahiram na lang ako ng book with dedication from Pareng Jay himself :)

    Happy Birthday Pareng Jay! :)

  5. wow! congrats sa mga winners... galing galing naman! sensya na di ako nakasali.. super busy kasi saka wala ako maisip hehehe

    Congrats sa success ng contest !!

    Happy Kaarawan uli!

  6. karir ang mga nanalo. congratulations sa kanila :)

  7. Ayun oh, Fifth Placer ako ehehe!

    Naku, maraming maraming salamat parekoy. Excited na akong mabasa yung Time Keeper :)

    Congrats also to Hazel, Arline, Cyron and Melvin ^_^

    Ang saya saya!

  8. thanks jay.. :) never expected this. God Bless you always!

  9. Congrats to all the winners! So happy for everyone lalo na to my bff Stacy! Yey! :D

    P.S. Sana mapatawad mo ko at hindi ko nakapagpadala ng photomessage, hihi! Happy Birthday again, Jay! God bless..

  10. CONGRATS to all the winners! Ang gaganda ng mga entry nila they deserved it and I really love MEcoy's and Hazel Stacy Morilla's entry :)

    CONGRATS also to you Jay for the successful giveaway - more! more! more! :P

  11. hindi ako nakasali, di ako umabot =( nakakalungkot naman koyah

  12. Ganda ng video. Astig! Congrats ulit sa ga winners :)

  13. WAAAAA!!!!! 2nd place! grabeh teka pano ngyari toh? lol dapat pala sinubmit ko na lang sayo yung video na ginawa ko para sigurado 1st place ako. HAHAHA...XD pero anyhoo, maraming maraming salamat kuya and i hope you had a blasted one. more birthdays to come!!

  14. nalaman ko na sa twitter bago ko pa nabasa to hehehe!..thanks again Jay..hindi ko akalain na mananalo pa ko hehehe...excited na ko sa book :)

  15. Wow, sayang at ngayon lang ako napatambay dito, edi sana ay nakasali rin ako sa pa-contest mo si Jay :) Congrats sa mga nanalo. Pahiram nalang nun book. Gusto ko ng mga books :))

    Mapapatambay na rin ako dito :)

  16. Deserving lahat ng nanalo and I love Pink Line's angd Cyron's... Good choice for the 1st place kasi kaka-touch tlga to receive a well thought message.... Sayang d ako nakasali...tsk...

  17. HAHAH! Gagaling nila! Congratulations sa lahat! :D

  18. Congrats sa lahat ng fairness kay mekoy ha? Hindi ako naka sali dito...:( next time...:)



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