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Monday, December 3, 2012

About Faith, of Praise Songs, and of Hillsong United: My Seven Favorite Worship Songs

I am bold with my faith. I don’t hide it (like some others) just because it’s a religious thing and they are somehow apprehensive to discuss about it. I stand firm to what I believe in.

I am writing this not because I want to patronize to the world about it but because I just want to express. I respect other’s beliefs as well. I don’t engage myself in religious debate but I do take a solid stand if some people draw the line, or belittle it. I will defend but not to the point of criticizing other’s belief. Everyone has their right to be passionate to their faith, to what and who they believe in. And no one has the right to judge anyone except of course our Lord.

In the end, we are answerable to only one God and our deeds will be sized up. And that’s what I’m preparing for. I can live in harmony with people in different religious denomination by showing only one important abstract thing – RESPECT. With respect around, love follows and overflows. And with the presence of love, understanding takes effect. 

By the way, I already experienced watching Hillsong United - Live in Manila last April 20, 2010. It was a moment of ecstasy, joy, and euphoria. I never imagined that a Christian concert can fill Araneta Coliseum more than the most popular pop artist can do. I was so overwhelmed to witness thousands of people inside. I can compare since I'm a concert-freak person. Paying a Lower Box A ticket didn't matter to me just to witness Darlene Zschech live in concert together with Reuben Morgan and Joel Houston and the rest of their group. Therefore, I can boast: "Who says Christian songs don't rock? It does rock and I've witnessed it live." 

Just this afternoon, while consuming my 3-hour break time at work I just lay down in my bed, open my laptop and put the headset on. Unintentionally, I browsed a praise song in my bookmarked pages. Instead of closing it since it's not my intention to open I just proceeded playing the song. Listening to the song turned my ordinary day to a praise and worship mode. It's like I was lost in moments and just sang in my loudest voice and sail away feeling the song so much. When you're passionate with Jesus, praise song becomes like the most popular rock song. I was so moved with the lyrics even though, I've been listening to it countless of times.  That song by the way is the "number 4" song in my list.

That moment earlier led me to run down my top seven (7) favorite praise songs. I'm pretty sure some of you or maybe most of you know these songs.

1. FROM THE INSIDE OUT -  (Hillsong United) -This song topped my list. It has a very significant meaning in my life. The message of the song is very moving. From the first few lines of the lyrics "A thousand times I failed still your mercy remains; Should I stumble again, still I'm caught in your grace". It remind us that despite our countless shortcomings to God, still He never gets tired of pursuing us. We may drift away a thousand times, but He will pursue us even to the far ends of the earth.

2. ALL I NEED IS YOU - (Hillsong United) - This Hillsong original has been my source of strength during those times as a newbie OFW here in the Middle East where I encountered an evil (haha evil talaga) boss. My first work as an OFW has been the most difficult in my entire working life. I have been verbally abused, belittle, degraded, and insulted by a crazy boss. As a neophyte OFW, I was culturally shocked to the point that I almost gave up after the six months of stay. Turned out that he's full of attitude problems. But out of that experience, I never gave up. There were lots of realizations in my life from that experience. This song helped me fight all the negatives energies that has been haunting me everyday in my work place. Won't you believe that I pray everyday, as in everyday. The moment I get inside our "service van" I started my silent prayers asking God to provide enough strength and courage. Palasigaw kasi ang boss ko tapos lahat ng frustration niya sa mga clients namin ipina pa absorb sa akin. I know the pressure of the Sales Department but I really don't understand why he's treating me the way he treated me. In the end, when I told him I won't renew my contract anymore, he pleaded for me to stay and even say sorry to all the bad words he had said to me. He even told me na ako lang daw ang nakatagal sa kanya..hahaha.. Pero before I went home, I was extended for more than two months since wala ngang kapalit na mahanap. He continuously ask me to stay but I stood firm with my decision to leave. Ang haba ng explanation noh.

3. ACROSS THE EARTH - (Hillsong United) - Almost everyday, I play this song. It's a feel good song that promises to us that when our life is centered with Jesus, surely the victory remains in us. Every time we gather for a praise and worship conference or assembly, we always suggest that this song be played.

4. FOR WHO YOU ARE - (Hillsong United) - The very first moment I played this song, I fell in love to it. It's about professing our love and faith to Jesus.

5. I SURRENDER - (Hillsong United) - When I'm listening to this song, I feel like I'm the strongest man. I just feel something strong inside of me. Surrendering your life to Jesus Christ, brings up in you a new person - a renewed one. This song is so moving that when you're alone and you play it, surely tears will fall down right across your cheeks. Then, you'll just find yourself honoring and thanking God.

6. UNTIL THE WHOLE WORLD HEARS - (Casting Crowns) - This rock Christian song is sending a message across that we should be ready ourselves at all times. That we should be prepared to stand by with our belief with Jesus even persecution comes. Our faith will be our shining light in the darkest of hours. 

7. LIFE SONG - (Casting Crowns) - A Casting Crowns original is my seventh most favorite praise songs. It has been in my cellphone 2 years ago and is still with me. What I love about this song is the rock arrangement of melody. It started from the slow pitch then builds up to a full blast. As always, the lyrics of the song is what captures me. Secondary is the singer and his voice.

How about you? Do you have your favorite Christian songs? What are they? Are they included in my list? Feel free to share your spirituality. It doesn't harm anyway.

Still, I'm highlighting the number seven (7) since it is my favorite number and it's the date of my birthday. And this post is still related to my upcoming birthday. Anyway, still waiting for others to submit their entry for my birthday's blog contest. Here once again is the link: My Birthday's Blog Contest


  1. I was surprised for not seeing Your Love Still Amazes Me here. Anyway, it's your list. Not mine. :)

  2. @Olivr - Honesty, I don't know this praise song you wrote. Maybe my focus runs only with Hillsong United and Casting Crowns. I will check the net to try to listen to this song of yours. I assume it'll be great. Thanks for dropping by again.

  3. no disrespect, i'm not questioning your beliefs. this is entirely my opinion and i hope that it doesn't affect you in anyway. i'm not too fond of gospel music and these are good choices but it's like they want you to convert to the other side lol... anyhoo i do love christian music, gospel music not too much. check this guy out, he's pretty cool.

  4. oh i forgot to answer your question on my comment box in regards of me going to P.I.

    well i was there last november, for only four days. i did enjoy those short four days but it was pretty much family business. i don't think i'll be visiting anytime soon. i've got tons of stuff to tend to here. anyhoo, have a great week! happy monday!

    by the way, where abouts are you?

  5. Your *Grace still amazes me pala yun. Not sure of the title though.

  6. i also listen to christian songs by don moen :)

  7. Fave ko din ang Hillsong. Lam ko lahat ng kanta sa taas. hehe. Thanks for sharing ser :D

  8. You speak my heart. I don't also engage in debate when it comes to religious inclinations. You are very right. It's about respect. In case you are back here in Ph, you can also listen to Malayang Pilipino. They have just released their new album. Good list. I especially like the I Surrender.

  9. I got goosebumps hearing there voice,
    i gotta finish watching this akk,
    anyways konti na lng mga bandang ganyan yung hindi fame ung gustong maatim
    karamihan nga ee mga Illuminati na ee

    ito yung mga songs na bawat words ee pupukaw
    kakasad lang hindi to ung tunatangkilik ng karamihan

    nakaattend na ko ng worship at pinaka favorite kong song ee
    ung lord i offer you my life
    saka warrior is a child pati shout to the lord

  10. Naku parekoy, HillSong is one of my favorite Gospel Band :) Ang sarap makinig sa mga songs nila lalo na pag gusto mong magkaroon ng kapayapaan ng isip at damdamin. Gusto ko din yang top 7 songs mo dito.

    My other HillSong United favorite songs are their version of Shine Jesus Shine and Power of your Love.

    Favorite ko din na Gospel singers sina Don Moen and Jaimie Rivera :)

    Nga pala, ini-email ko na sayo yung photo entry ko for your birthday blog contest. Sana magustuhan mo, mejo nahihiya ako ahahaha!

  11. Hi tito!...:) I also have my hands full of Hillsong playlist. I love your choices above, gusto ko rin ung all for love, hossana, for all you are, through it all, all I need is you, at the also in the music minitry tito...gospel music rocks!

    I have something for you to worked on nga pala...:) please visit this link:


  12. honestly, mga don moen lang ata alam kong songs kasi lageh yung pini-play ng lola ko sa bahay tuwing sunday. thanx for sharing these praise songs, Jay.

  13. I sent the email at your gmail account posted on your previous Sending a happiness and joy of gift giving post. Ang weird kung di mo pa natatanggap. Baka nasa spam or bulk mail napunta. Wala naman kasi akong natatanggap na error notice sa yahoo mail ko.

    Sige, dito ko na lang post yung entry ko.

    Sana magustuhan mo, ayos lng ba yung linaw nung image? parang mejo malabo kasi para sa akin hehe!

  14. wow hillsong and casting crowns :) paborito ko rin sila :)

  15. @Vin -'s all the perspective and someone's point of view. I respect your choices too. BTW, I'm based in the MidEast- KSA in particular. Thanks :)

  16. Earl- Don Moen's songs are great too. :)

  17. @Arvs- Siguro we both liked their songs because it has personal connection with our lives. We can relate to it in many ways.

  18. @Ms. Malou - Thanks, would love to hear the songs by Malayang Pilipino. Hope I can grab one of their album soon. Thanks :)

  19. @Mecoy - Yeah somehow, people are hooked kasi sa popular music. And some find it awkward to patronize Gospel kasi they don't want to be labeled as someone like "too religious". But, I'm not one of 'em.

    These songs speak directly to our soul and connect us directly to God. It's somehow the link when we want to speak to God.

  20. @Fiel - Need I say more? Masarap talaga makinig kasi alam mo it refreshes your soul and somehow leads you to always go on the straight path. By the way,I receive your entry already. Thanks

  21. @Xoxo-Grah - Actually, there are plenty of good choices. Halos lahat naman ng mga songs nila ay magaganda. Kasi it all boils down to praising our God.

    I'm sorry, I can't make one sa request mo kasi nakagawa na ako. Thanks for tagging me though. Appreciate it.

  22. @Phioxee- Welcome, they're awesome, idagdag mo na sa play list mo. Thanks

  23. @Jep - good to know you also like them. Maganda kasi talaga ang mga songs nila. Plus the fact that it's for God it added to the value.

  24. Nanood din ako nung concert nung hillsong last 2010.. ang ganda, kasi thousands of people are praising and worshipping our Heavenly Father.

    I love Christian songs, kasi it gives us positive feeling and it makes us feel how much God loves us(it's a means of God's grace).. :)

  25. @Meeka - Exactly, it gives us new energy, new outlook and refresh soul. Ang sarap manood at mag worship more than I enjoy pop concert.


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