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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Neophyte Cook # 3: "Binagoongang Manok"

The Neophyte Cook - this segment in my blog will feature my cooking apprenticeship without the formal culinary lessons, shy of cooking standards, and is done out-of-passion in cooking. Recipes will vary from various cuisine's dishes as long as I can modestly prepare and my guts tell me to do so.

If you've been following this blog, you're probably oriented that I have this blog segment called "The Neophyte Cook" and the description is written above. In cooking, if you really have the talent it will surely show-up even though you're short of having formal culinary lessons. And this talent if properly develop will evolve into a passion. For it to become a passion you need to have a natural inclination and an intense & pure love of the craft.

Cooking runs in the family. In fact, I have an Uncle who's been so successful in the field of culinary arts. He is based in Sheraton Hotel in Guam and had devised & designed his own "Cuisines of the Suns Culinary Program". He's been traveling to different colleges and universities within the country to conduct this program. Basically, giving lectures and seminars to college students pursuing the field of culinary arts and hotel and restaurant management. And countable from my cousins are pursuing the same passion. So, you might not wonder if one of these days, I may be joining their ranks and you'll just see new posts here which are at par to cooking standards or has leveled-up in a very near future.

Like what I've said, I only cook if I have free time, which in my case fall under weekend. Today, I am featuring a original Filipino dish and perhaps most of you are familiar with. Or I may be wrong too. Maybe some of you aren't used to seeing or hearing "Binagoongang Manok" since when we speak of binagoongan, pork comes first into our mind as its main ingredient. To add a twist in it, I have deviated the recipe into chicken. Just for the taste of it and a detour from the normal course so to speak. And here's my third entry for this segment. I cooked it for our dinner.

Binagoongang Manok
Preparing this menu is more enjoyable when you're being assisted by your wife. She's like my "sous chef" - a second in command and direct assistant of the chef. Well, I pretended to be the master chef..LoLs. And when cooking session is being done with smiles both in your faces it'll surely result to a palatable finish product. Plus the constant goofing around adds a lightly cool mood into the relatively hot atmosphere in our kitchen.

Yummy right?

It's funny to say but whatever veggies are available inside our refrigerator we always connive it up to as an ornament to our featured dish. And this time, we experimented of having on top of it a "chilli pepper". We put four unripened chilli peppers just to boost its food styling and aesthetic side. And I guess it's not that bad. Well, that's what you called "creativity in cooking". LoLs...palusot..but it ain't bad right? hehehe! Anyway, while this entry is being done, we've already finished our dinner and what the heck! we've almost consumed what we have prepared. It only mean one thing. It's delicious. Burp! burp!

And by the way for recipe request, just drop a comment in my comments portion and I'll provide you with the recipe.



  1. mukang masarap, lutuan mo ako ng ganyan pag umuwi mo dito sa pinas, haha


    1. Sure..hehehe..pag meet and greet dalhan kita LoLs!

  2. Replies
    1. Michy --nope, it's not that spicy as what you's tolerable..there's this bite but just to make you eat more..hehehe


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