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Sunday, June 24, 2012

CHANGE is Coming

It had been a long plan that I wanted to drastically change my blog’s content. Drastically? Wow! such a big word. Well, for quite sometimes and as I promised during the onset of 2012, I want to create a fully informative blog which will feature any of the following segments:

  v  Books
  v  Current Affairs
  v  Faith
  v  Family
  v  Food
  v  Movies
  v  Opinions & Editorial
  v  People
  v  Prose & Poetry
  v  Places
  v  Travel

I know it’s pretty challenging to come up with a regular post on any of the above-mentioned topics but I will try my best to at least deliver. I should befriend the quote “Under prepare but over deliver” at least the pressure won’t be mounting and disappointment will be nowhere in sight if I won't be able to reach a targeted output.

This change will also help me gain more traffic in my blog and my consistent readers will be more hooked reading my entries and those who barely visit will be excited to come back again. 

As some of my blogger friends would say, it's a sort of leveling-up--climbing another ladder to create a more seasoned, up-to-date, relatively & plausibly concise, and more informative entries. 

Of course, I will never discount the fact  that my write-ups will always be prone to grammar blunders as it happens most of the times. Further, I will really appreciate anyone, bloggers or not, if they'll put extra effort in informing me through email or private messaging if they see grammatical flaws in my writings. 

As I've said, I write not to impress, I do so out of passion. My writings will always have grammatical flaws no matter how keen I'll be in editing. Plus, I do not conform to any structural way of writing nor I do an outlined framework. Admittedly, I am not a trained creative writer nor a holder of any communication arts degree. It's just passion--pure and driven kind of attitude in me that pushes me to scribble my thoughts about anything. 

And now, since we are talking of reaching a notch higher from where this blog is used to be, the above mentioned segments will be my focal points.

The scope of each segment will be defined in my follow-up entry. In the meantime, this is all for now.



  1. We'll be looking forward to your future posts. :)

  2. Goodluck :-)

    As long as you have set your goals, when it comes to blogging, already, it will be easy. :-)

    keep writing man!


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