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Monday, June 18, 2012

And The Winners Are..........

I know it's too early to announce the winners since the announcement is really slated on July 15, 2012 but since we're done in deliberation anyway we decided to do it now. So, without further ado, this post will reveal the winners of this contest. 

So how did this blog contest came to life?

It was a cool and sun-shiny Tuesday of April 10, 2012 when I devised this blog contest. Basically, it has two major reasons: 
1. To sponsor a blog contest following the lead of other bloggers who have done it already.
2. To add an exciting twist of how our soon to be first born will be named.

To count it back, it ran for the period of two months and five days.  How time flies fast isn’t it? I never imagine that I would receive one hundred thirty four (134) in total entries. All I thought was just maybe 20+ entries would be many for me. But when I counted it last Saturday I was in awe when it totaled 134.

Firstly, I would like to express my sincere thank you to all who have passed their entries. I couldn’t put all your names here since it would cost me too much space but I believe my gratitude is enough for all of you. For giving me your time joining this contest, meticulously thinking of beautiful names for our soon-to-be-new-born is worthy of a praise from us. This contest won't be possible if none of you had joined. THANK YOU VERY MUCH indeed!

You never know how excited I was every time I receive additional entry every now and then. And my excitement would lead me to reading it and smiling while thinking "Is this the one?" You have made the journey of our soon-to-be-first born baby boy very momentous. And this event will surely be one of his life's highlight when he grows up. 

Overwhelming joy is the right word to describe how we feel of your overflowing response to this contest.

Finally, this is the moment you've all been waiting for. The announcement of winners. I know lots from you are anxious excited. Maybe some would exclaim "Sana mapili ang entry ko" others would say: "I did my best in searching for it! while few would say: "I'll just cross fingers and wait for the result"! 

Like anyone of you, we too are so excited in finally announcing who impressed us and made us nod and say "This is the one we want for our baby's name."

Heto na! Atat na ba ang lahat ng sumali? I am sure! hahahaha!

Ladies and gentlemen (kunwari parang announcement lang ng nanalo sa raffle draw hehe..kidding). LoLs. Ok, here we go! In

OK, wag masyadong ma-excite hehehe!  I will announce first the runner-up who closely and almost made it as the grand winner.

And our first runner-up is none other than.......................................

His entry: "DWIGHT GIDEON"
From Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Daddy's Remarks: "I choose his entry as first runner-up because I was inspired by his words about his wishes to our soon-to-be-first born. Like what he'd said we want our son to be a warrior of faith and to exert his full potential in every endeavor he'll undertake trusting the Lord for all his decisions. Congratulations Nayvs!

By the way to access and read his entry, please go to my FB profile and scroll back to June 11, 2012. You'll find it there. He won P2,000.00 and one collector's item of Starbucks mugs or demitasse, whichever is available.

AND finally, the RUNAWAY WINNER of P5,000.oo worth of cash plus one collector's item of Starbucks mugs or demitasse, whichever is available and owning a legacy of naming our first born is none other than....................

From Manila, Philippines

Daddy's remarks: "I choose his entry for two very significant reasons: One is, he did his entry in almost Filipino language with a twist of humor yet very light. Second and what struck me the most is when he said: "Gusto ko paglaki ng baby ni Sir Jay, maging mapag-kawanggawa siya" . I'm sure few of you know how charity works occupy a special place in my heart. I do volunteerism and social work discreetly. And Damian (or Damien) works either way is a martyr of charity. While Caleb means "like a heart or whole hearted. We want our son to be a whole hearted individual with a passion for sharing and giving. Congratulations JEO! I know you're not expecting this since you've passed it days before the deadline yet your entry was credible enough and had our unanimous approval .

For the five (5) who garnered CONSOLATION PRIZES of one collector's item of Starbucks mugs or demitasse, whichever is available.Here are the names:

1. Lorelie Romano Mortera
From Quezon City, Philippines

2. Jasmine Rutor Rio 
From Manila, Philippines

3. Ryan Tablizo
From Dammam, Saudi Arabia

4. Arcie Mallari
From San Rafael, Rodriguez, Rizal

From Pampanga, Philippines

Congratulations to all the winners!

Million thanks also to the rest of 127 entries who didn't make it in the list of winners. Until my next blog contest, I hope you will still join.

For the winners, you will be notified through FB, Twitter, Email , SMS message or call on how to claim your prizes.

Once again, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

May God Be Praised!


  1. Replies
    1. Indeed congratz to Jeo! galing ng batang ere siya pa ang nanalo..hehehe!

  2. haha congratzz I had to admit na kinabahan ako haha,

    naks naman pate si Arjee panalo!


    1. Wow, kinabahan ka ba..hehehe..pinagpuyatan ko ang pagpili..actually your entry was shortlisted to top 20 but fall short to make it in the final 7. thanks for joining!

  3. Thank you Michy! :) I feel so happy. Endless thanks to Sir Jay!

    1. Welcome! you truly deserve the prize.

  4. HAHAHA! Sayang hindi ako nakasali! Panalo sana ako. Jowk! Caleb din naisip kong pangalan bilang isa sa mga nakapasok sa Canaan kasama ni Joshua. Kaso wala akong maisip ng magandang pangalang pambabae.

    Congrats sa pacontest!

    1. Hahaha! Salamat...oo nga sana kung ipinasa mo lang kahit na boy name lang tatanggapin ko pa rin sana yon. hehe..nahirapan pa sana ako kung sino sa inyong dalawa ni Jeo ang ipapanalo ko. Magkakatalo nalang sa other name hehe. Di bale Gasul sa next na pa contest ko nalang ikaw sumali. Meanwhile, it's time for you sponsor another one..hehehe..ako by August pa kasi yon ang anniversary ng blog ko eh..hehehe...Salamat sa comment mo. Sinipag tayo ah..hehehe

  5. hehe.. tnx much for being shortlisted.. :) congratulations to the winners and especially you jay.. :)

    1. Welcome Jee! and thanks for visiting again.


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