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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Of Lenten Season, Of Summer, and Of Ihaw-Ihaw Sa Tag-Araw

A powerful sneeze has just exploded before I started scribbling this. And I felt like my lungs could also explode any moment. It’s painful to sneeze esp. if it’s a forced one. The urge to release is so sudden. 

I don’t have any plan to write about anything right now – I mean it’s 2AM. Who the hell would wake up at this holy hour? I should suppose to be in my sound sleep. But I was awakened by that powerful sneeze and incessant coughing. It's so disturbing that I can't even go back to sleep again. 

So, what I did was - I went to the kitchen, boiled the lemon grass. After boiling, I pour out into a mug and mixed it with a powdered ginger given to us by my sister-in-law last Friday. 

This cough has been bugging me for a few days already. It started last Friday night - I thought it won't developed into a full blown one -- but unfortunately it did. I started to feel uneasy inside my throat and I felt a slight fever already. Yet, I never attended to it and just whisked-away the idea that I'd be sick. 

Then comes Saturday - Sabado De Gloria that was. Feeling amused as it was our first.

Weeks before, I arranged for an Ihaw-Ihaw Party for some CFC friends in the grill area near the Badminton Court when Sabado-De-Gloria comes. (FYI - There are at least five areas inside the housing compound of National Guards Hospital where it was really set up for a grill or ihaw-ihaw session for the employees residing within its premises). Initially, we were expected more people to join us as we have also invited the SFC Ladies especially those who don't have their hospital duties. But none showed up, so I just thought that maybe all of them were on duty and some others were maybe on an "On Call" status. 

Summer here has a different entrance this year. A combination of wind with moderate sand storm has been frequenting us for several weeks already. While the heat was starting to have its presence felt. Normally, during the peak season of summer, the surrounding even with the intermittent presence of wind still blows a hot air. Unlike in the Philippines where the wind even at the summer season's peak won't give us a hot air. Here, it's different - very humid that perspiration is just a struggle at any normal day. 

Going back to the small party - the night before Saturday, I've prepared my own recipe of "Chicken Barbeque". Since I'm having trouble smelling because of my cough and cold, plus the dull taste bud I was not that confident if the taste of the Chicken Barbeque marinade was already in its savory state. 

Nonetheless, I just continued what I was doing. Finished mixing all the ingredients and viola - I'm done. I put the chicken in a plastic container and started pouring in the barbeque marinade. After a few mix - to even out all the chicken with the marinade, I sealed it with its cover and it went right through the chiller. They say - an overnight marinade would make it - taste perfect. But I don't know if it would work for what I have prepared considering my poor taste bud that night.  

Before I commune that night to my bed, I rang my kumpareng Randy reminding him of his fish assignment. He quickly replied. After a short convy, we bid each other good night which also means I can dive in to my bed. 

Saturday morning here we come. I woke up at around 9am, a bit late since I hit the sack last night around midnight already. So, I checked on my marinated barbeque - tooki it out from the chiller and did few mixes again. This time the uppermost part occupied the lower. I called out to my nanay to smell it and to tell me if it smells good. She said, it was good - I don't know if she's just flattering me - but then I believed her haha. The unbiased verdict would still come from the people later. The thought was giving me a qualm. 

I've been checking the clock from time to time, until it hit 3pm. So, I quickly prepared what we need to bring in to the grill station. Plates, spoons, pork, cups, - etc. We even cooked rice while preparing all those stuff. The agreed time was 4pm - that means we have to be there on that time. While busy thinking what other things to prepare I called up once again kumpareng Randy asking him it he's ready. He told me - he's up to go. He even enthused to fetch us up in the house. We could have opted to walk but due to some heavy stuff we decided to hitch in. 

Fast forward - we're now in the grill station preparing the grill area. We put charcoal in it then lit a piece of paper and there you go - waiting for the charcoal to produce the much needed heat in order for us to start grilling. With at least five minutes of waiting, we're ready to put our first menu. 

Tadaaa- it's my Barbeque Chicken recipe.

Looks tasteful isn't it? Oh, and we also had our grilled egg plants. 
The finish product - sabi ni kumpare - daig pa daw ang Mang Inasal sa lasa - haha!
Oh by the way, while we're doing the ihaw-ihaw, we engaged ourselves in a few camera moments. And here it goes.

You may notice that there were no photos of grilled fish. Well, I failed to take some. Kumpareng Randy and family friend Riyadhelle have also some photos. I just don't have them right now. As soon as it gets available I will update this post. And also, during the feasting time, we didn't even bother to take photos of us while devouring the foods. 

By the way, we got - Chicken Barbeque, Grilled Tuna, Grilled Tilapia, Grilled Talong, Vegetable Salad in Apple Cidar, Biko, Katuray Leaves Mixed with Bagoong. Ang sarap kumain that time! hahaha! 

Wait!, do you want to know what's the final verdict for my Chicken Barbeque recipe? I'll brag a bit - they all said - it tasted soooo good! Obviously, all the 10 pieces were easily gone. The ingredients for my chicken barbeque were: banana catsup, black powdered pepper, lemon, soy sauce and salt. As simple as that. But you know why it tasted so good - it's because of the overnight marinade - the mixture penetrated the chicken so perfectly. 

So, that's it. Even if we cannot freely and lavishly observe lenten season here - still we can create a few simple ways on how to discreetly observe one. And what's more fulfilling than doing it with your family and close friends. 

By the way, belated HAPPY EASTER to all of you!




  1. tinitigan ko pa lang, nagutom na ko.. lels... perfectly grilled! talap siguro nyan, luto ka din dadijay pagbakasyon mo..hehehe..

    1. Masarap siya kasi pati ako naka dalawang piraso (takaw mode). Normally, ang nagpi prepare di masyado kumakain ng ipinrepare niya di ba, my case is different. Sure, sige magluluto ako pag uwi ko ng August. I can invite you sa condo nalang para mas homey ang feeling hehehe :)

  2. Hey, get well soon! Habang dini-describe mo yang ubo mo nai-imagine ko kung gaano kahirap yun. Ayoko rin kasi ng may ubo (sino bang may gusto? haha), pakiramdam ko kasi parang maglalaho na yung lalamunan at baga ko lols.

    "...I mean it’s 2AM. Who the hell would wake up at this holy hour?"

    - eh pa'no yan minsan gising pa ako ng ganitong oras hahaha :) pero ngayon nag-improve na, mga 12 midnight tulog na ako lols.

    "I called out to my nanay to smell it and to tell me if it smells good. She said, it was good - I don't know if she's just flattering me - but then I believed her haha."

    - Hahaha :) ayaw mo pang maniwala. Naalala ko tuloy sa mga kwentuhan pag tinanong mo yung bata ng "Sino nagsabi sa'yo na maganda/pogi ka?" Ang sagot eh "Ang nanay ko!" lols...

    And congrats sa iyong chicken barbeque! Iba talaga kapag hindi minadali ang pagluluto at syempre tamang timpla ng mga sangkap. :)

    1. Like you, ayaw ko rin ng may ubo, ang sakit sa dibdib na parang matatanggal talaga ang lungs mo :(.

      At least, changing na ang sleeping time mo ...slowly haha

      Hahaha, naniwala naman ako knowing nanay na di naman yun joker hehe

      So, when I call out for a barbeque party sa condo, sasama ka ha hehe.

  3. Buti ka pa daddy Jay nakasama mo ang family mo this lenten season. Ako kaunti lang ganap ko with them may work kasi ako.

    1. Di naman ganun ka complete pero ok na rin kasi nag skype naman with the rest sa pinas. Work is really a big culprit hindering us to celebrate moments with our family. Kaya nagsa stock market na ako baka sakaling I can retire early and enjoy life with family :)

  4. Bat di ka nagluto for me (for me talaga? hahaha) when you were here??
    If they told you it was great then I want to have a piece or two of that Chicken dish you prep. lels

    Caleb looks fine on the picture. hehe

    1. Ok, I will cook for you, este, ikaw lang? hahaha, of course with the presence of our good blogger friends. Pero, modesty aside, masarap nga kasi 2 pieces ang naubos ko hahaha, At parang bitin pa sila sa 10 pieces lols!

      He's doing just fine hehe :) Very makulet na talaga. He has his naughty gestures already.

    2. Ahahahaha, o sige na nga kami na pag lutuan mo.. pero 3 piraso saken.. ahahaha.

  5. you seem to be enjoying sir. and nakakaintrigang matikman yung chicken bbbq. parang binibenta mo po/ iniinggit mo kami based sa description.

    1. Family bonding along with friends is really enjoyable hehe. Well, you still have to taste the barbeque, makiparty ka together with other bloggers sa condo pag uwi ko sa August hehe. A chance to meet you in person na rin hehe. Thanks :)

    2. wow. looking forward to that. just let me know po. :)

    3. Sure, it's in my itinerary already :) :) See you soon

  6. Awesome family bonding! Nagutom tuloy ako sa bbq nyo :3

    Jewel Clicks

    1. Thanks, If only I can let you taste it, I'd give you one piece kaya lang ang layo eh hehe. Followed your site :)

  7. Hmnn... I need to have a taste with that mouth-watering-looking chicken bbq!

    Hope you're feeling fine now Jay... no more "achooo!"

    1. I can prepare it for you in Pinas, or I can invite over a salo-salo hehe!

  8. That is one great looking chicken barbeque. Sarap mo siguro kasama sa picnic Jay :)

    1. Ahahaha! I guess I am..basta isama mo ba ako Atty. ay talaga naman sasama ko haha. I hope I can let you taste it when I come back in Manila in August.


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