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Friday, April 4, 2014

What I've Been Into Lately?

Does anyone miss me lately?

Errrrr…my posts? Haha. Well, I had been so occupied the past week. As much as I wanted to write but reading both books and stock market updates & online tools had been the culprits for failing to give this blog some worthy posts.

Also reecently, I’ve been giving more time and attention to my stock market exposure as I’m gearing towards establishing a really strong fundamental and technical knowledge about it. I’ve been doing my own financial analysis plans, working on excel on the updates of my account, computing several valuations and target prices and stuff like that. 

Plus, I have a financial exposure that if one would see will say “Oh, that amount is huge” or so I thought. Well, it’ll still depend on how one consider a huge amount. One reason why I'm so focused in monitoring over these stocks.

But the important and bottom line is that I just want to take serious steps into achieving financial freedom and retire early if it allows me to do so. Why not? Who won’t dream a dream like mine – haha.

Another thing that had a serious wrestle over my schedule was the consecutive activities we have had in our spiritual community. I had a series of talk assignment plus the need to share my creative inputs over matters I have a say on – meetings here and there.

So far, so good – channeling my productivity into something that lifts me up is a thing to be happy about. Moreover, being with people who shares the same passion and interest as I have.

Meanwhile, I will be visiting blogs soon and will of course - share my comments. Definitely, I have several posts waiting to be proofread and published. So watch out for that. 

Have a blessed day everyone!


  1. hope ay maging ok pa rin ang takbo ng mga stocks mo daddy sa stock market :D

    1. Not to brag, but the way I handle it is giving a huge smile :) :) :)

    2. Not to brag, but the way I handle my account is giving me a huge reason to smile :) :). Thanks Rix

  2. very productive naman pala ang pagiging busy mo :)
    and it's nice to know that you're still happy kahit marami kang inaasikaso.

    hindi ko ma-gets yang stock market na yan hehehehe
    gudlak! mukhang maganda ang takbo ng career mo dyan :)

    masaya nga rin sigurong mag-retire ng maaga para ma-enjoy pang lubos ang buhay :)
    hihintayin ko ang mga susunod mong blogpost! :)

  3. ah kaya pala tahimik ka dad lately... nagpapayaman ka pala ehehe :D

  4. Ikaw na ang mayaman! ha ha.

    Weeh hindi ka namin na-miz no feeling mo lang yun! ha ha ha

  5. Good job. Once you're all financially learned on stock market, I look forward for your personal reviews on which to take into longterm and short term investments. Hehe..

  6. Same lang tayo Dad.. Oh not stocks of course. Been not active in blogging lately. I was uninspired.hayst. After ko to magkasakit at mag iba schedule ko nahirapan na ako mag adjust. But I'm trying again coz I miss you all here in blogosphere.


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