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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Quick Movie Review: Miracle In Cell No. 7

I’ve seen quite a few friends sharing it in their timeline but paid little attention. Initially, I thought it's just another movie bordering from lame to boring kind - that made me skeptical to watch. Until a time when a brother in Singles For Christ shared it in his timeline that my interest heightened. So, I clicked the link and started watching. 

Society may not always have our best interests at heart. Laws and regulations are tangled with bureaucracy and riddled with a rigidity that often leaves the individual alone and unrepresented. Modern Korean cinema has embraced the depiction of such societal frustrations, often choosing to downplay authority figures while indulging melodramatics.
Favorable genres such as the seasonal horror and persistent gangster flicks, consistently contain themes of an inauthentic authorial agency that subverts social authority. 

Whilst I was watching, I realized that I find myself choked into a roller coaster ride of emotions - made me - at first - sob a bit and then eventually cried a river as I can't hold the gravity of emotions finding its way to burst out from my chest while equally giving me a laugh out loud moments due to its hilarious scenes. It's both a humorous and heart-wrenching film that shows how cruel and unfair a society can be to those who are intellectually impaired or should I say mentally handicapped.

Miracle In Cell No. 7 is a heartwarming movie that presents a combo of comedy and melodrama about a mentally challenged father (Yong Gu) who loves his daughter (Ye Sung) so much - the former was wrongfully accused of a crime and was sent into prison. Later, Ye Sung studied law and works to prove her father's innocence. 

Worth -watching - this film really deserves recognition not only in Korea, but also in other countries as well. I'm hoping that it gains a pass to be shown in our country as it is something everyone should watch and appreciate.

P.S. - It's a Korean film - therefore - only the translation would spark your interest in watching it. Here's the link with English translation Miracle In Cell No. 7


  1. I should watch this film. Thanks fir the link:)

  2. Di ko alam. Mukhang di nag pushed through yung first comment ko. So here I go again, mukhang maganda ang story Dad. Comedy tas melodrama pa. I wonder how the story ends though.

    1. Napanood ko na kanina! Cry me a river ako. hahaha

  3. hmmm mukang interesting nga ito..

  4. I'm still deciding if I will watch this.... Hmn...

  5. my sister is watching it the other day and said this movie is something i should not watch unless i want eyebags. sad ending daw and she knows how I don't like movies with sad endings. pero as you said looked like the movie has quite some fun and light moments so I might give it a go. :)

  6. I just watched this movie.. I agree with you, nung pinanuod ko to pigel yung tears ko. It's not too heavy drama since nagmimix yung comedy and yung drama

  7. Heart touching movie... tagos sa puso ang pag mamahalan ng mag ama. Dapat mag ready ng tissue nakakaiyak ksi


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