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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I’ve visited my blog statistics today for no apparent reason or purpose. 

Call it accidental? - Yes, it is. I was about to click the comment moderation page when I clicked the wrong button. 

Then suddenly an idea just popped-up in my mind. How about sharing something to you? Would it be a good idea if I'll give you a glimpse of what posts occupy the most number of views in my five years of blogging.  

This caters as of current date and the list may differ depending on the number of visitors in the coming days or months or years.

I have never done this before - so I guess it's quite thrilling if you'd see which one topped the list. I can't even imagine nor have concrete thought how some of them landed a spot in the list.
I feel that some of my blog posts deserve a spot more than the others listed but things are like that. 

We can't blame the people or force them to like what we want them to like. It's their decision that resulted into this. 

And I am thankful of course. So here they are THE TOP1O BLOGPOSTS OF ALL TIME

1.  MOVIE REVIEW: LETTERS TO JULIET - Maybe, just maybe - people keep coming back because the movie was so interesting and it breathed out a not-so-typical love story. Plus the romantic location where it was done added a cinematic appeal to the viewers. 

2. INSPIRING PEOPLE: THE BETTER SAMARITAN - I'd say, I have a very soft spot to people who help others that why I'm so inspired writing this entry. And it was an instant hit after. 

3. A HOPEFUL EXPECTING LESS - This chronicled my journey when I participated in a reflection writing contest in Doha, Qatar where I was able to clinch a runner-up finish after the event. Just proud being a neophyte in the field.

4. LIHAM PARA KAY AMA - I feel awkward yet proud of this work. It's because I just let it all out here. I just went too personal in sharing my emotion to my readers. 

5. KRISPY KREME - KRISPY NA KREME PA - I find it weird and funny why this made the list. Honestly, I find this a not so interesting post. 

6. INSPIRING PEOPLE: JOEMIL ZAPANTA REYES - I just enjoy writing stuff like this. And guess what - the person who headlined this entry eventually became my kumpare. 

7. SUMMER SCENE - this post is just a typical summer post which has nothing special in it. I wonder why it made the list- haha! 

8. INSPIRING PEOPLE: A MAN OF STEADFAST FAITH - I'm not surprised if it's on the list as I know the person being highlighted deserves a spot in it. But I honestly hoped that it went a little higher in ranking. 

9. THE SUGGEST A NAME CONTEST - OUR ONLINE SEARCH FOR A CHRISTIAN NAME - I never thought it would make the cut but it did and I'm happy.

10. About Tourist Spots, Fun in the Sun, Exotic Foods to Exciting Local Destinations: Top 10 Places I Want To Visit In "The Philippines - Now I know why it rounded up the top 10, it's because until now it is still surfacing my trending ten posts. 

Looking back, I have realized that I've gone so far in my blogging and have written quite a few interestingly good posts that are worth a comeback read. How about you guys, what are your top ten most viewed posts? Care to share?


  1. You just gave me an idea:)

    1. Gawa ka na rin ng sa inyo mommy Joy :) :)

  2. Ang damiiiing nagview Daddy Jay. Sikaaaat! :)))))

    1. Ahaha, may sinipag lang magbasa hehe. Pero siyempre thankful ako kasi binasa nila hehehe. Salamat sa pagbisita

  3. Hmm.. Wala pa kong ganyan dadijay! Hihi.. Pero ok lang :) siguro sa mga sususnod, i goal ko na din ang mga inspiring entries...

    1. Ok lang, naisipan ko lang naman i-share etong sa akin hehe. Next time magkakaroon ka na din ng ganyan hehe

  4. Hmph! baket yung top 10 blogposts ko eh yung may konting pageviews ang nakalista. Ang daya, di naman updated yung blog stats ko ahahaha. When I checked naman kanina, marami akong blogposts na may mataas na pageviews... LOL

    1. Ganun ba? hehehe. Refresh mo ulet baka mali lang yang feed na data hehe. From what I know updated naman ang stats.

  5. I checked mine. The most viewed blog entry of mine is about the supposedly gayuma recipe i wrote. More than 11,000 views. Grabe. It explains so much the desperation of people in finding love or stealing one. Depressing losers. hahaha!

  6. gusto ko ung liham para kay ama.

    sa akin naman, ito ang top posts:

    Mga Dwende
    Jan 31, 2011, 48 comments
    Salitang Bakla
    Jul 16, 2008, 11 comments
    Doraemon Quotes
    Feb 1, 2009, 36 comments
    Summer Destinations sa Pilipinas
    Mar 19, 2012, 11 comments
    Iba't Ibang Tao'ng May Masamang Ugali
    Jan 24, 2012, 38 comments

    1. Thanks Bino, I'll find time to scroll down and read these posts. :)

  7. Paano ba malaman top posts ko haha? Katulad ba yan ng popular posts?

    Anyways, I have to do backreading on your top posts 'coz you have written most of them before we "discovered" our blogs hehe. Keep on writing for I am sure that these posts will change for you are becoming popular :)

    1. You can view your top posts by going to STATS data in your moderation page. And then click "Overview" and after that click "ALL TIME" button to get to know your top 10 posts of all time.

      Thanks much :)


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