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Sunday, November 18, 2012

About Tourist Spots, Fun in the Sun, Exotic Foods to Exciting Local Destinations: Top 10 Places I Want To Visit In "The Philippines "

Took this photo when we visited Coron last December 2011
I've been hyped-up with the current AVP of DOT posted in YT as their attempt to strengthen and boost at par our country's tourism campaign. When I saw the video last night, I feel like booking a ticket, direct flight going back home and getaway to all the amazing destinations I haven't reached yet in our country. Sobrang dami pala talaga. Ako man ay namangha sa nakita ko. Presented in HD resolution, no one would be left not awed of these amazing sights and sites our country is bountiful to have been endowed. 

I have always been a nature lover. Tripping in the vast wilderness of lush green hills and striding my way to the sea are two of my favorite past times in the province. In the sea collecting seashells just before sun sets. Or may it be a simple stroll in the sand is an unbridled joy. It's a perfect time to de-stress from a day's hard work or a getaway comfort zone from the hustle and bustle of metro life. 

Hailing from a life in the countryside (provincial life style), I can't help but reminisce the glory days of my childhood where a simple picnic in the brooks, the endless chasing in the vast green field, and our regular swimming session every after we gather woods from the forest is like a reward worthy of cherishing.  I bet you can really tell how was my childhood back in the province. Do you? Simple lang ang buhay probinsiya kasi. No complications. You wake up in the morning, do your daily chores, go to school (walking 4 kilometers back and forth). Enjoying with peers and friends while on our way back home from school. Truly, it's more fun and worth remembering.

Another shot while we're on our way via pump boat to Club Paradise - Coron  Island
And as a positive response and in support as well of this effort, I would like to draw your attention to my TOP 10 local destinations that my feet would most likely to land soon.

Another beautiful spot in Coron. Truly nature at its best.
Recently, it's quite funny that I've been counting my either top ten, fifteen or twenty of everything I love in this complicated, crazy and yet beautiful world. Now, let your eyes ride as I run down my own top 10 list of local destinations.

1. PALAWAN (Southern Luzon) - Be in awe with the majestic seascapes and landscapes of Palawan. Listed as 13th best island in the world. Cited by the National Geographic Traveller Magazine as the best island destination in East and Southeast Asia in 2007. Its still pristine nature is what travellers and tourists alike come back.
Photo credit from the internet

Janssen, Wida, Ringo, Joy, ME and Italian-American Clarice
Famous For: Tubbataha Reef, Subterranean National Park, Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center, Honday Bay, Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary, Tabon Caves and of course my favorite - Coron Island. 

Activities: snorkelling, diving, swimming, island hopping, caving,

Must-Try Food: live mangrove worms, seafood dishes, vegetable dishes, chicken inasal (grilled chicken).

2. BATANES (Northern Luzon) - Why Batanes gained the number two spot in my list. There are various reasons why I want to explore this province I call now as "Province of Honesty". Basically Batanes has friendly people, fresh food, honest people, the experience of wearing "wacul", to experience riding in "faluwa, to drink their local "palek" - a native wine made out of sugarcane.

Photo credit from the Internet
Batanes Lighthouse- Photo credit from the Internet
Famous For: Batanes Lighthouse, Faluwa, Marlboro Hills in Batan, Nakanmuan Famous Arc, Valugan Beach, Sumhao Wind Power Plant, Nakaboang Beach, Arc and Cave, House of Dakay (1887)- a UNESCO world heritage site, Songsong Ruins,

Activities: lighthouse watching, swimming, snorkeling, sightseeing, faluwa boat riding.

Must-Try Food: uvud balls, flying fish silog, seaweed soup, escargot with beef strips, lumpiang dibang, giant squid calamares and uvi chips, coconut crab, miniovaheng or rice wine.

3. BOHOL (Visayas Region) - Looking for beautiful beaches and resorts? Let's fly in to Bohol. Diving wise, it is a well know spot for it. Gaining a spot as one of the top ten diving locations in the world. The home of the world famous "tarsier" - the second smallest primate in the world. A must see for tourists.
Chocolate Hills - Photo credit from the internet

The famous Loboc River  - Photo credit from the internet
Famous For: Chocolate Hills, Bolod Beach, Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Loboc River Cruise, Doljo Beach, Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary, Blood Compact Site, Man-made Forest in Bilar and Hinagdanan Cave.

Activities: whale and dolphin watching, swimming, scuba-diving, snorkelling, caving, sightseeing, cable ride, zipline, sky jump, rappelling, trekking, biking, kayaking

Must-Try Food: seafood dishes, sisig (hot plate), chicken barbecue

4. CEBU (Visayas Region) - rightful owner of the tag as the "Queen City of the South". Cebu is synonymous to colonization where Magellan landed. Cebu is the Manila of the south for its progressive city. It has everything from shopping malls, first class hotels and stunning resorts. It caters to all budgets and tastes. Home of the famous "Sinulog Festival". Cebu is a royalty in its own ways, It is the center of commerce, trade and industry in the Visayas. Danggit is what's addictive in Cebu.
Shangrila Mactan - Photo credit from the Internet

Taoist Temple - Photo credit from the Internet.

Famous For: Magellan's Cross, Santo Nino Basilica, Sky Adventure at Crowne Regency Cebu, Taoist Temple, Museo Sugbo, Casa Gorordo Museum, Cebu Heritage Monument, Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary, Cebu Botanical Garden and many more.

Activities: whale and dolphin watching, swimming, scuba-diving, snorkelling, caving, sightseeing, cable ride, zipline, sky jump, rappelling, trekking, biking, kayaking

Must-Try Food: Zubuchon - Best Lechon in Cebu, Danggit, Brownie Cup from La Marea, Chicken Inasal, Cebu street food, Larsian BBQ, and more.

5. AKLAN (Visayas Region) - home of the world famous Boracay Island. Voted as one of the top ten beaches by the National Geographic Traveller magazine. Enjoy fun activities and beach relaxation with its famous white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

White Sand Beach of Boracay - Photo credit from the Internet

The world famous Boracay - Photo Credit from the Internet
Famous ForWhite Sand Beach, Kalibo Aklan, Bulabog Beach, Yapak, Tibiao Whitewater River, Mount Luho, The Bat Caves, Dead Forest

Activities: scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, kite boarding, boardsailing, caving, horse riding, yachting,

Must-Try Food: seafood dishes especially Kinilaw (raw fish or shellfish marinated in vinegar and spices) , lumpiang ubod (vegetables mix with shrimps and pork wrapped in crepe), pancit molo (noodles)

6. BICOL RegionBicol is also a great place to explore the Philippines. One tourist destination you shouldn't miss is the Mount Mayon in Albay. It is famous for its "perfect cone". The almost symmetrical conical shape is amazingly beautiful once you see it in person. It is also a must to try their exquisite spicy "gata" (cooked in coconut milk) dishes.

Caramoan Islands - Photo credit from the Internet
Perfect cone - Mayon Volcano - Photo credit from the Internet
Famous For: Mayon Volcano, Cagsawa Ruins, Calabidongan Caves, Mercedes Group of Islands, Puraran Beach, Mount Bulusan, Bulusan Lake, Butanding (whale sharks) watching in Donsol, Lake Buhi, Tumaguiti Falls, Camarines Sur Water Sports Complex, Catanduanes beaches, Caramoan Islands.

Activities: sightseeing, caving, nature exploring (lake, falls, mountains, volcanoes), beach, Butanding whale-watching, scuba diving, water sports.

Must-Try Food: Bicol express (spicy vegetables with meat or fish cooked in coconut milk), Pinangat (taro leaves stuffed with shrimp fry), pili nut products,

7. GUIMARAS - (Visayas Region) - I want to experience eating the sweetest mango in the world right there. It is known that these sweet mangoes have served the White House and Buckingham Palace. Try checking it at their famous Zemkmaps Chalet and Roca Encantada - heritage and summer house of the Lopez clan.

Costa Aguada Resort - Photo credit from the Internet

Sweetest Mango in the world - Photo credit from the Internet
Famous For: Sweet Mango Farm, Zemkamps Chalet, Costa Aguada, and Roca Encantada

Must-Try Food: Of course, Guimaras is all about the sweetest mango in the world. You have to try the "Baye-Baye too. 

8. CAMIGUIN ISLAND - (Mindanao Region) - this smallest province in Northern Mindanao has a lot to offer visitors when tourist spot is concerned. Its culture is a mixture of Boholano and Cebuano. Home of the sweet lanzones.

The beauty of Camiguin Island - Photo credit from the Internet
Camiguin Dive Safari - Photo credit from the Internet

Famous For: Camiguin Dive Safari, Catarman Church Ruins, Cross Marker and Sunken Cemetery, Philvocs Observatory Station, Tanguines Lagoon, Katibawasan Falls, Mount Hibok-Hibok, Macao Cold Spring, and many others.

Activities: whale and dolphin watching, swimming, scuba-diving, snorkelling, caving, sightseeing, sky jump, rappelling, trekking, biking, kayaking

Must-Try Food: seafood dishes, sisig (hot plate), pastel, chicken inasal and many other local cuisines.

9. MARINDUQUE (Southern Tagalog)- When you happen to check out this southern part of Luzon, do not forget to check out their "Moriones Festival". And of course it is home to the Santorini-inspired "Bella Rocca" Island Resort and Spa. Apart from that take a stroll in the WHS Butterfly Farm where varieties of species of butterflies can be found and are cultured.

Bella Rocca - A Santorini inspired island - Photo credit from the Internet
The famous Bella Rocca in Marinduque - Photo credit from the Internet
Famous For: Marinduque Hot Spring, Poctoy White Beach, Boac Cathedral, Malindig Volcano, WHS Butterfly Farm, Bathala Caves, Makulapnit River Dam and the famous "Bella Rocca" 

10. DAVAO (Mindanao Region) -  Davao is the largest island in Mindanao. It is also where Mount Apo, the tallest mountain in the Philippines is located. Grab the chance to trek its popular nature trails for an unforgettable summer adventure. Davao also has world class fine beaches and dive spots.

The Pearl Farm - Photo credit from the Internet

Eden Nature Park - Photo credit from the internet
Famous For: Mt. Apo, Philippine Eagle Center, San Pedro Cathedral, Pearl Farm Island Resort, Crocodile Park, Samal Island, Paradise Island.

Activities: sightseeing, beach, water sports, scuba diving, snorkelling, boat sailing, hiking, trekking, river rafting,

Must-Try Food: durian fruit, durian candies, mangosten fruit, pomelo fruit, fresh seafood,

There are many fascinating places that are worthy of a spot in my top ten list but so far above listing are my own top ten spots. 


  1. hmn...I'm trying to avoid making this kind of list but they are all lined-up in my head :) and you're right that latest AVP is motivating and deserves kudo!

    I'll be looking forward to your posts as you unchecked each awesome places from your list.

  2. After this week, I've already gone to 5 in your list.hehe. Our country is such a beauty that we should explore it while we can. :)

  3. Sadly, I have not been in any of these places. And your post is a reminder (joke!)Pero ang maganda, it awakens my desire to be in these places. For a time kasi my interests switch to other things. Pero nagyon pwede nang mag serious planning, pero dapat muna mag serious saving hehe. Nice post!

  4. @Balut - It started with my dream destinations worldwide. Nag enjoy ako sa kakapili ng mga top 10 or 15 ko. So far, baka medyo matagalan pa bago ko ma unlist ang mga yan. Sometimes, kahit gaano natin kagusto mag travel wala naman tayo sa timing or walang panahon. :)

  5. @Michy - tama yang ginagawa mo habang kaya pa sige lang. Masarap talagang libutin ang atin mga lugar sa Pilipinas. :)

  6. @Littleyana - kaya yan....di naman ganun ka mahal ang pagta travel, avail mo lang ang mga promo packages at travel in a cheap way lang like what we I do. :)

  7. woot!? dream kong makarating sa mga lugar na nasa list above specially sa Palawan at Batanes!

  8. @fielkun - Simulan mo na parekoy! top ten pa lang yan but there are lots to choose from. ganda talaga sa atin noh..:)

  9. 'pag may work na 'ko, i'd bring my family to these places. just happy to see the philippines so beautiful as these photos. ^_^

  10. sir baka po pwede malaman kung mag kano gastos hehehe. :)))))))

  11. @Orang Pulps - tama, masarap magliwaliw sa iba't ibang lugar sa atin. Paghandaan mo yan hehehe

  12. @Padz - sorry di ko na nilagay ang expenses or estimated budget needed. For one person 7,000-10,000 is enough. But I advise you to travel with friends kasi may mga promo at makakamura ka talaga plus masarap ang may kakulitan sa biyahe at sa nature trippings. :) Thanks for visiting, what's your blog link pala?

  13. No. 3 and 10 lang ang napuntahan ko dito. Ang dami talagang places sa Pinas na talagang must visit at maipagmamalaki natin :) Dahil dito gusto ko narin umuwi sa Nice post sir!

  14. wow! i love the pictures of coron! lucky to have visited cebu, bohol and palawan :)

  15. kagandang bansa meron nga tayo, mapupuntahan ko rin tong mga to tiwala lang hehe.

    hindi na katakataka na tunay nga tayong biniyayaan, hindi man tayo ganoon kayaman na bansan kita mo nga naman ang meron tayo higit pa sa ilang kilong ginto

  16. its indeed more fun in the philippines hahaa it makes me even prouder as a filipino
    despite of the thing the world said against us i will always be proud
    and these are the reason why i want to travel and explore our beloved country first

  17. @Berylle - wow, good for you that you have gone to 3 out of my list. YOu should visit Coron. It's awesome. Thanks for dropping by. Do you have exchange link too?

  18. @Mecoy - It is Mecoy, and you're right to decide to explore first all the beauty of our country before venturing the world. :)

  19. @Archie- Kaya maglista lista ka na rin ng mga target places mo bro..hehehe.

  20. @Nongnong - Tama ka diyan kaibigan, kailangan lang natin pagyamanin at alagaan para ma sustain natin ang ganda ng biyaya. Salamat sa pagbisita. Let's exchange link :)

  21. In fairness, napuntahan ko na yun 4, Boracay, Guimaras, Marinduque at Davao! Yun Cebu at Bohol sana mapuntahan ko rin next year.. Mahalya sa Batanes, kailangan pag-ipunan ng bongga

  22. @Joanne - Don't forget in the list's awesome there..nakita mo naman ata ang first few upper photos na kuha ko di ba hehehehe ganda diyan kaya babalikan ko talaga yan.

  23. ive been to your number one and yes thats my number 1 too among the places i've visited.. were coming back march next year yey!

    batanes is my local dream destination..haaay kelan kon kaya sya mapupuntahan..

    loboc river is my favorite in Bohol..mas gusto ko rin ang beach sa panglao island kesa sa bora mas peaceful lang hehe..

    binigo ako ng bicol but definitely babalik ako for mt mayon and misibis bay ;)


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