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Thursday, November 22, 2012

About Baptism, of Christian Faith, and of Damien Caleb: The Christening of My First Born

A disarming smile captured when he was just 6-days old

It’s past 11pm now and I should suppose to be sleeping now since I have lots of very early errand tomorrow but here I am still wide-awake. I already finished sipping two mugs of coffee and still prepping-up another mug (di naman ako mahilig magkape, ngayon lang). Occasionally, I go to our bedroom to check out if my little boy needs me (baka gising and need to be fed). Ako ang naka assign to look after him since my lovely wife is already asleep. And it's a usual routine that during weekend there's no need for me to be reminded of this task. I always look forward every weekend since that's the only time where I can bond with my little boy (who will turn 2 months old this coming Dec. 5). 

Captured when he was a month old
Tomorrow is his christening (baptism). Tomorrow he'll be a full-blooded Christian. As Catholic Christians, it is our religious tradition to undergo the sacrament of baptism. It is the first step towards our lifelong journey of commitment and discipleship to God. Whether we are baptized as infants or adults, baptism is our church's way of celebrating and enacting the embrace of God.

He's comfortably sleeping surrounded by mommy bear and baby bears
One of my closest friends asked me few weeks back, he told me "How many sponsors will you allow as ninong/ninang for Damien Caleb?" I was laughing hard since when I had an initial count few weeks back, the list reached 30. Ang dami - hahahaha! But we are delighted about it since we didn't force anyone to become sponsors, most of them volunteered which gave us indescribable joy. Who would have thought that many will volunteer as sponsor (Godmother/Godfather) to our first born. Initially, we thought of twenty (20) persons only, 10 men and 10 women. But to our amazement, we ended up reaching 30. I asked one of our elders in the community if the numbers are allowed. She said it's no problem and even enthused that we should be delighted because lots are volunteering to guide Damien Caleb as he grows up. Basically, the essence of Godfather/Godmother is to be parents' partner in molding, guiding, and disciplining a child. 

There's another exciting event aside from baby Caleb's baptism, we will also celebrate our 6th CFC General Assembly (can't elaborate details, since religious gathering is a taboo activity here). I am sure everybody who are going to participate are now in a deep sleep in preparation for tomorrow's big day. A celebration of praise and worship for our Great God. We will witness and we will proclaim His greatness. 

Ok, I guess it's time to hit the sack, my eyes are starting to feel heavy. Good night guys and God bless!

UPDATES: I just took these photos below today Nov. 23 (Friday), at around 3am here when he finished a 125-ounce of milk and  he comfortably sleeps already.

I woke up just to feed him and I tripped with him while he sleeps. #makuletnadad lang ako hehe!


  1. Welcome to the christian world, Baby Damien!

  2. welcome sa christian world sa baby mong napaka cute
    lalo na nung naka smile ohh sarap kalgahin
    tagal ko na di nakaka hele ng baby
    im sure lalaki siyang may takot sa diyos at mabuting bata,
    hays ako kaya kelan magkakababy haha

  3. Happy Christening Baby Damien Caleb. welcome to Christian world. Palaki kana agad ah at wag kang papasaway kay daddy at mommy. (hehe. kinausap ko talaga). Cute ng baby mo tol :)

  4. Proud Dad!
    Congratulations on the Christening of Damien Caleb - God guide and bless him always...

  5. Congrats parekoy and Welcome to the Christian World baby Caleb! such an adorable baby ^_^

  6. Congrats ulit sir. And God bless the kid. Blogosphere celebrity na siya, sana wala sya masyado pagdaanang mga intriga. XD

  7. @Mecoy - thanks parekoy! It's such a joy having a child, more so a cheerful/cute son. One day, you'll have your own, just waiting with a loving longing. :) God bless

  8. @Arvs -Thanks bro. It's good sa baby na kinakausap siya all the time kasi they listen at lahat ng mga sinasabi natin nati-take note nila yon, di lang sila makapag salita. You'll know it when your own see the world. Stay safe in NC. God bless

  9. @Balut - Thanks and Yes I am, a proud dad in a nice way hehe. Amen to your wishes. :)

  10. @Fielkun - Salamat parekoy, one day magkakaroon ka rin ng sariling pamilya and the joy I am experiencing right now will be your experience too. God bless.

  11. Olivr - Thanks hehe..natawa ako sa blogosphere celebrity hahaha..wala naman siguro intriga sa kanya hehehe. I'll teach him to be humble always. God bless :)


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