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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

About Wishes, of Sharing, of Giving, and of Christmas Spirit: A Highlighted Way of Generosity

It’s almost Christmas season. When the month of November finally bids good bye, the onset of the season of merriment and joy clearly is on its way. And it’s the spirit that it brings that counts a lot right?. 

For us Christians who celebrate Christmas, it’s the feelings we put into celebrating the reminder of our Savior’s birth. We kind of brace ourselves into the season's wind of euphoria, of joy, of giving, of sharing, of reconciliation, of rekindling relationship and of strengthening our faith to Him who is the giver of all that there is in this world.

Perhaps, all of us Filipinos (whether in the Philippines or working/living abroad) never really forget to share a blessing to someone may it be a family member, a close friend and even a stranger. We are used to this kind of scenario during Christmas season. It delights us seeing a young child saying thank you and flashing her most disarming smile upon receiving something from us, a dad who hugged his son receiving a car or a simple thing he like the most, a mother who blesses you back upon hearing from you that she'll receive a necklace and a pair of earrings as a Christmas present, two siblings finally reconciled after months of silent treament toward each other. It is also heart-melting to witness social workers who devote their full time in generating funds just to make a colorful Christmas to the orphans and to the abandoned.

Christmas is all about giving. As my ritual every Christmas, I will once again do a random act of kindness to someone stranger to me. It is my way of reconciliation to the Lord for the shortcomings and misgivings I have had for the past 11 months and to renew my relationship with Him. 

This Christmas I wish only one thing - that the Lord continue to bless me with good health. With good health everything follows. 

How about you? What is/are your wish/es this Christmas? Share your thoughts by commenting.


  1. I want for christmas is him...waaah! For us filipinos christmas is indeed a time of love and sharing. When i was little I love the gift giving, but as I grow old, I don't enjoy it anymore coz its always me giving...hahaha

    Merry Christmas dear! A new follower...:0)


  2. Was smiling when I read your nakakatuwang comment..hehehe..yeah Christmas is about love, giving and sharing. But don't burn out giving...sabi nga it's better to give than receive hehehe.thanks for following me. I'll follow you back :)

  3. actually i have cam up with a wish for myself haha at hindi ko pa rin nararamdaman pasko dito samin hahaha
    mas masaya ung pasko para sa mga bata ahhaha hmmm christmas is sure is the season of giving at un yung nilooklook forward ng karamihan at ang nkakapag papasaya sa pasko
    peo ang christmas more than anything was the celebration for the birth of our savior

  4. Christmas wish ko ulet this year na magkasama-sama kaming lahat na magkakapatid at lahat ng pamangkin ko.. eto lang kasi yun time na nakukumpleto kami e.. Saka good health din to everyone.. Ako naman ang Santa Claus samen, e mahirap ako this year kasi gala ako ng gala, haha! Ilang days na lang ba? Advance Merry Christmas :)

  5. same here parekoy. only wish ko lang talaga this Christmas is good health for me and my entire family. nabasa mo naman siguro ung past entry ko na nagkasakit ang nanay ko several weeks ago and now, nagmi-maintainenance na sya ng gamot. so ayun, pinaka importante talaga ang good health and everything will follow :)

  6. Ramdam na ramdam ko na talaga ang pasko. Eto ang mahirap sating mga OFW. Mamimis mo yung pasko sa pinas.

    I'm sure God will grant ur Christmas Wish. Alam mo na naman yung wish ko this Christmas. hehe


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