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Thursday, November 8, 2012

About Spot on Moments, Laughter, and Rolls: "The FUSHI Experience"

November 6, 2012

Unplanned! Yes, this is the exact word for it. None of us knew that it would happen but it did. And we had fun, great fun. Nothing can beat the idea of an unplanned meet up because it's spot on and friends available just converged with us that night. I won't elaborate on how we ended up in Fushi but I'll try to divert your attention highlighting my raw and unofficial food review. I'll briefly chronicle in the later part about how the unexpected meet up was.

I am a neophyte cook and perhaps my review won't be at par with those whose knowledge about culinary and food are to vow for. This is just an attempt of how I find this new found restaurant so far. New for me since it was my first visit..

I had been in several oriental restaurants in Manila particularly those which caters Korean and Chinese food. I'm a lover of Korean food - a thing which has been introduced to me when I tutored two Korean students in BF Homes in Paranaque way back 2006 until late of 2007. As far back as I can remember, the only Japanese restaurant that I frequent to is the all accessible TOKYO, TOKYO which you can find anywhere in the metro. None in my wildest fancy will I ever encounter one Japanese inspired resto that caters mostly Japanese food. Let alone here in the Mideast - KSA in particular. Though I'm not sure if all are authentic Japanese cuisines since nowadays, food fusion abounds everywhere. I presume they serve a variety of Asian dishes that makes it more of an Asian cuisine and not purely Japanese. Oriental cuisine fusion so to speak. 

Before we went straight inside this fancy restaurant, I was caught in awe of its exterior design, the blending of colors make it more attractive that anyone who passes by would easily generate interest taking a peek inside and eventually dine in. 

The entrance area. - it's flashy in lavender and neon green color
The stair leading to the upper floor - the color is
dominantly red which reminds us of Japanese culture
An area where you can wait or just sit by if you're
waiting for peers to arrive

An area leading to the dining
A table set up good for four people
This interior elegantly ornamented chandelier made diners feel like
they're having an imperial dinner
So, here's my take on the different menus laid upon us. By the way, my close friend & buddy Bong Dela Cruz took charge in choosing which to order for - he's the expert in food so we just so obey.

Futo California Makialso called “California Futo Maki” is a combo of several ingredients. Though ingredients will vary some, it commonly consists of crab stick, cucumber, masago roe and of course avocado. What’s outstanding is that you can really taste each of the ingredients comprising it. And what makes it more palatable is its own sauce which add thick flavor in it. A serving is good for two persons at SAR36.00/serving. It’s roughly P400.00 depending on conversion rate - let's say between 10.00 or 11.00 per 1 SAR.

Complimentary Maki Rolls – Another mouth-watering delight maki rolls. This is just a complimentary freebie for us. 

Shrimp Tempura – And here comes Tempura. The sight of it is drooling but it's kind of a usual or most common thing in any Japanese or oriental cuisines. But don't get me wrong as it still can whip your taste buds - taste wise. It's like a classic menu  It could serve two persons. A reasonable price of SAR 48.00/serving.

Cheese Balls This one reminds me of "butchi or buchi" usually being served in Chowking's combo meal. But the difference is it's made mostly of cheese. An order would serve two to three persons at a good price of SAR31.00/serving.

Chicken Teppanyaki – A combo of sauced boneless chicken cuts with special yellow fried rice and a variety of veggies. Good for one person only with a economical price of SAR56.00/serving.

Deep Fried Furo Makilike any other maki, ingredients may vary. Makis are of Japanese style cuisines. Though this belongs to the family of maki, its distinct taste makes it separated from other makis. If you’re in a diet, an order would serve two to three persons – depending on how many you can devour. A reasonable price of SAR38.00/serving.

Fried Ice Cream – This one got me weird, perhaps being a not-so-lover of ice cream. I never thought that ice cream can be done like this. A reasonable price of SAR36.00/serving.

So we cracked the fried ice cream and I tried two scoops of it. It's awesome. My peers that night would love to take down another ball - hehe!

Above are photo collages of what we've feasted inside the fancy Fushi Restaurant as skillfully done by the Sous Chef Bong Dela Cruz.
House Blend Red Iced Tea is our drink that night.
Gabbie, ME, Micah, & Chad
The captivating smiles of Bong and Micah
Have you been drooling while reading this post. I bet you are. And here's my verdict:

Food - 4.5/5
Service - 5/5
Value - 3.5/5
Atmosphere - 5/5

P.S.-- Actually, it was only Bong and I who planned to meet up for a very special purpose - to claim from him my passport for renewal. As simple as that

Until our next restaurant adventure. :)


  1. Everything looks good! ;) Where's this located exactly? Good thing there's a Jap resto there. :)

  2. Wow food review! looks enticing at masarap ang mga foods jan sa Fushi ah :) gusto ko yang maki saka tempura. i'm also a sucker for Japanese food!


  3. @Michy - it's located along Corniche Road (like our Roxas Blvd there).

  4. @Fiel-kun - great to know you love oriental food as well. And speaking of masarap...YES indeed :)

  5. You're back sir! is this for real?

  6. november 6 pa to aah bakit naun ko lng nakita haha
    anyways RAFOL(mistype ako last time)
    food porn yan ha
    sarap sarap
    welcome back parekoy

  7. @Oliver -- yeah I'm back for good bro. Bouncing back for a more than a month of hiatus. :) lots of catching up sa blog mo..hehehe

  8. @Mecoy --hahaha...naun ka lang bumisita siguro ulet hahaha... food tripper din kasi ako hehehe. thanks..lots of catching too sa blog mo hehehe


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