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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday's Reflection: I Ponder As I Journey Beyond

A while ago, as I was looking for something that would be a pre-cursor for my Sunday’s reflection, I come across a photo posted in our SFC Global Facebook page (photo on the left). 

This photo consists of seven (7) interesting messages that centers on our CFC theme this year - Behold and Ponder. Seven as it fits the number of days in a week. I read them one after the other. Its hashtags read #Ponder #Share #Act #Share #Act #Ponder #Share - seven of them right? 

This is a lenten season (for Roman Catholic observant like me) challenge for every SFC single man and woman. In fact, it's the first week of lent. I know I'm not under SFC already since I've crossed over to CFC last December 2011 but I'd use this to make my reflection anyway. Since it's Sunday, it's very timely to utilize the Sunday's ponder challenge.
And it reads: "In what deserted area of my life God is willing me to battle in victory over temptation?" 

Honestly, I feel dumbfounded after reading it. I felt like I don't know how to respond to the question. But at the back of my mind, I know there are lots of areas in my life - deserted enough- that I want God to direct me into battle. 

The dilemma of selecting one of them and the sheer pressure of exposing my weakness has taken me aback. Yet, the thought that through my share of weaknesses I will be rendered strong. That in my weaknesses lie that bridge that will translate more strength in me. 

It takes more than enough courage to confront one's weakness. It really is. There is this certain kind of negation forcing an entry in my mind that forbids me to refrain from exposing it. But there's this positive subconscious light that tells me "Hey it's ok, you're human, you're not God. Owning up some won't permanently hurt but it will be a release". A release that I'd say will be a big help for me. 

I think what I deserted a growth in me is my discipline and consistency towards a goal that has been bugging me for quite sometimes now. I really blame my being so vulnerable nowadays when it comes to really committing to shape up my body again. Most of you may not know that I'm really not that fat of a person before. 

Here's some proof. 
Middle East Conference in Bahrain 2009
KSA Delegates
CFC General Assembly some years ago, forgot the exact date eh hehe!
SFC bonding moments namin to way back 2010, naiwan kami ng mga tropa kaya tumatakbo kami
It was my lack of discipline and being inconsistent that brought me to a weight I have been in so much regret now. I deliberately enjoy eating foods. 

Apparently, this is the area in my life that I want to battle hard to achieve a victory overt temptation. I hope I can win this thing before another year greets me again. 


  1. You can do all things to Christ brother. The fact that you are aware of it is a plus factor. Anyway, you are not alone with this, not that I have problems with weight. But to have a better stamina, I need a push myself to train all the time.
    have a nice week:)

    1. I am positively hoping so. :) Thanks mommy Joy

  2. Replies
    1. Hahahaha, buti nalang may karamay ako in you haha

  3. Fact is, there are lots of disease that comes with being overweight. based on bmi, I have been bordering into overweight too. I really do not mind being one but I am trying to maintain my weight not for vanity but for health reasons. Kaya natin to :)

    1. You're absolutely right attorney! :)

  4. I must admit, masarap naman talagang kumain hehe. Pero syempre, as we indulge ourselves over these tempting and sumptuous food around us, 'wag rin natin kalimutan na paalalahanan ang ating sarili na magdahan dahan rin sa pag take nito. Remember, lahat ng sobra ay masama.

    Hindi pa rin naman huli para maging fit. Yung mga contestant nga sa Biggest Losers nakakabalik sa dati nilang sexy and fit body eh. Proper diet and discipline is the key!


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