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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Inspiring People: "The Better Samaritan And A Good Soul Unfolded In Rugged Clothes"

It always fuels me to write stories of inspiration and hope. It always motivate me to continue to touch people's lives as I encounter one along my journey.

More so, it is equally delightful to hear and read stories of such sort. Of those stories that are heart-warming. Of those stories that triggers a weary soul that despite how difficult a situation still manages to smile and ready to fight and move ahead for life. Of those stories that melts our heart because it touches our emotional core in a positive way. Of those random act of kindness. Of impromptu situations that positively changes a person's view of life afterwards. 

Today, let me share with you a great story of a good-hearted young man strangely meeting a man that inspired him in myriad of ways who despite his horrible situation finds no reason to resign from life.

Roldan Jimenez Pineda, 63 years old a.k.a. "Mang Roldan"
I find his story on Facebook as being shared by Joemil which exploded in thousands shares and still counting. I knew it was a good one and so I read it from the first paragraph until the last. I'm a reader so I didn't bother reading lengthy article. What's amazing is that it's a story that inspires. Along the way, I shed tears. Not the typical me but I was just so touched at how the random act of kindness happened between two people totally stranger to each other. 

Perhaps, I'm one of the many people who still read again and again this piece of inspiring story that every time I browse it again it's as if I just read it for the first time. God really works in mysterious ways. Here below is the grabbed photo of a man responsible in giving us river of tears and melted our hearts. 

Meet JOEMIL REYES a.k.a. JOE ZEYER. Kindly click the link under his photo to access his Facebook account and get to know more of him. As of this writing, I'm still waiting for his reply. I hope I can receive one very soon.

Joemil Reyes (Joe Zeyer)
A guy who just dined in his friend's canteen encountered a man dressed ruggedly but only to find out that he will inspire the former as he shared him his story. Awesome right?. It is really true that you'll never know when you will witness a grace of God. Most of the times, there is no preparation in it. It just randomly happens. And your responses grossly and innately coming from your pure heart. 

I was deeply moved by his story and the fact that Joe did converse to him to scratch more not just Mang Roldan's life's surface but his full story. Sometimes, you may think that it's unusual these days to find genuine people -- people that really cares not just by words but by actions. But it is convincing to believe as well that there are still extraordinary people out there ready to stamp an impact into someone's life and inspire thousands. And Joemil is one of those many.

The line in the story that struck me is this "I give him my umbrella so that he will not get wet on his journey". The thought that he never think twice in offering something even if it's not his own just to provide comfort for someone in dire need is priceless. 

I don't even know you bro but what you did was just purely amazing. Thanks Facebook that you've paved the way that this kind of story be read and spread to effect goodness and to inspire others to follow a great deed. To you Joemil Reyes -- Kudos and may your tribe increase in million folds. Your act gave us chills! 

And by the way, you've mentioned about your interest in social work or of helping others in needs especially less fortunate people deserving to be helped. There are many social organization that caters to what you want. All you need to do is to choose which one you get yourself involved in. I, for one, is affiliated with SILID ARALAN INC.- an organization that caters the schooling needs of those who finds it hard in academics by giving them a tailored learning tools focusing on their interests yet integrating a holistic learning approach. And also the other one is my own KASIMANWA KO ORGANIZATION - an organization that aid less privileged but deserving kids who can't afford to buy their schooling needs by providing them scholarship. 

To read the full story of Mang Roldan please click this link. The Better Samaritan 

Let us always aim to be of person to others because God blessed us to bless others too.


  1. Nabasa ko din yang story ni Mang Roldan sa fb. Very inspiring :)

  2. from the title alone, I had the gut-feeling that your story is about Mang Roldan. btw, do you have a link on those social organizations? I'm not earning that much as of now but I'm willing to share a little. The government, which essentially uses the taongbayan's money, financed my studies for more than 4 years. I just feel this urge to at least give something back.

  3. nakakainspire, sana matuto ang mga tao na maging mapagbigay :)

  4. Mang Roldan and Joe's story circulating in Facebook is really touching and your post gave a deeper meaning to it. Nice bro!

    Btw, thanks for the wishes for my running blog, appreciate it much! Cheers!

  5. @Fiel-Kun -- Oo nga bro, nakaka inspire talaga na parang may sense of urgency sa magbabasa to quickly follow Joe's lead.

  6. @Olivr- Bro, sorry I don't the exact link/s of those social organizations. Wala kasi akong database of it. I would recommend you to try to search from the net. Or you might as well join our org in SILID as one the benefactors like me. May link na rin ako diyan. Or you can send my your FB account para makapag usap pa tayo. Meron din kaming grupo na BLOGGERS 4 CHANGE baka gusto mong sumali.

  7. T.R. --I guess marami naman ang willing to do the same kaya lang di lang nila pinupush din ang sarili nila to go out of their own boxes.

  8. Light/Balut-- Welcome, ang sarap magbasa ng ganun more so kung tayo ang nabigyan ng chance to do it.

  9. Michy --at sigurado ako naiyak ka Michy hehehe!

  10. there's always a hero a great person at each and evryone of us we just have to let it out and be inspiration to others

  11. its amazing at times like this heroes comes out even from a stranger

  12. Mecoy- You're absolutely right bro. Each of us has a hero hidden within us, all we need to do is to unleash that hero in us.

  13. Mecoy--And that's the sweet part of life. Good things come in unexpected packages.


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