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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Greatest Olympian Of All Times - His Swimming Highness MICHAEL PHELPS

Michael swam into history when he took the gold along with his Team USA friends (Ryan Lochte, Conor Dwyer, & Ricky Berens) in the 4 x 200M Freestyle Relay finals earlier tonight.

History unfolds with a clocking of 6 minutes and 59.70 seconds. With the help from his friends-teammates, he anchored the last leg and gave USA another reason to celebrate.

Michael had just become the "Greatest Olympian of all Times", winning his 19th medals and surpassed the standard set by the legendary Soviet gymnast, Larisa Latynina who had 18 overall. 

Swimming in the first three legs were Ryan Lochte, Conor Dwyer, and Ricky Berens. Phelps had a responsibility of swimming the anchor leg and the outcome was virtually assured as he had a 3.08 seconds lead when he hit the water. France came in second and China bagging the third place. 

Fantastically, Phelps had 15 gold medals, 2 silvers, and 2 bronzes since he  first joined the Olympics in the year 2000 at the age of 15 (becoming the youngest ever qualifier in that event) held in Sydney Australia. Then, he was just a swimmer in one discipline 200M Butterlfy wherein he just placed fifth. Later, it became his signature event when he clinched the gold in 2004 Athens and 2008 Beijing. Plus the different world championships he participated. 

But about an hour earlier before this event, he took again one of the most frustrating defeats in his brilliant swimming career when a South African Chad le Clos overtook him and snatched the gold. Making it the most shocking blunder in the finish that settled for him a silver in his favorite and signature event. 

But that disappointment from the 200M Butterfly race was gone when he dived into the pool for the relay in 4 x 200M.  He may haven't surpassed the expectations of the many yet he made a stunning history as the 'GREATEST OLYMPIAN OF ALL TIMES" 

Hail to the King of Swimming Pool. CONGRATULATIONS IDOL!


  1. so that's why wheneverthe topic is swimming he's name always comes out
    he's indeed a great olympian
    but in spite all this well he's jsut a human after all

  2. i heard swimming competition this year made two world record is that true?

  3. Unbelievable achievement. Congratulations to the greatest Olympian, Michael Phelps!

  4. I am not a big fan of swimming but I can't help but notice Michael Phelps' name during Olympics. He is such a remarkable person. I remember last Olympics when they featured how big his breakfast is every day and no junk food during training.

    He is like Michael Jordan of Basketball (in my own opinion). =)

  5. Mecoy - Yeah, he's synonymous to swimming already that even when he eventually retire after this Olympics, his legacy will still shine through. His personality shines even more for he is a good person.

  6. Ray -- Indeed! such a huge achievement for a 27-year old tanker. And this achievement will take long before someone can surpass it again.

  7. He is such a great person even not in the pool. I've watched some of the docus featuring him and I was just in awe of his personality. As for his meal, it's normal especially when he's on training at the pool. He is the Michael Jordan of swimming absolutely.

  8. Winning those medals is such a feat! Congratulations! :)

  9. Michy -- Yeah! plus the humility being displayed is even more awesome.

  10. i think i did two comments here
    i was talking about thw new world records set on

  11. Mecoy --Yeah, There are two new world records sets:

    1. Ye Shiwen of China in 400M Individual Medley
    2. Dana Vollmer of USA in 100M Butterfly -- the first women to ever swim under 56 seconds in the 100m butterfly — to win her first career individual Olympic gold medal.


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