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Sunday, July 22, 2012

August 9, 2012

August 9, 2012?

What’s with August 9? What’s important about this date?

I hardly noticed that I almost forgot my “2nd Blogversary Contest”. I didn’t know I was drifting too far busying myself with lots of things and I undermine the idea that August is fast approaching and perhaps my blogger and non-blogger friends might be losing patience in anticipating my entry for the contest. I know some of you are excited to see it and eventually join. And disappointing you is far from my plan.

For first time visitors or rare visitors, I started blogging last August 9, 2010. My very first blog entry then was "Starter's Delight". Nahhh..nope...don't think of it as maybe about food or sort of that. It's just nothing. It was pure blah-blah of anything. That post was really created last August 2, 2010 but I failed to publish it on that very day and so it fell on the 9th day of August which makes this blog's "birthday". Advance Happy Birthday blog..LoLs!

It's been several weeks since I've tried thinking of a unique contest. But this time, it's like I'm running out of unique ideas. It seem ideas wont' visit me. It didn't even bother to drop by at my most solemn moment. Nor it says a "hi or hello" in my euphoric mood. It's kinda hard but I'll still try to make a credible one. 

Concentrate spidey! FOCUS! This is the word I direly need right now. Detach from the ways of the world and soak in to a bowl full of rich imagination. I as write this one, I can't help but laugh. Yeah, laugh as in L A U G H. I don't even know if I make sense with this post. I don't even know if it's too interesting to be read. I don't even know if someone would let me borrow his precious five minutes by reading it. 

Ok, enough of it right now. My nueron is just too passive and it's not cooperating right now. But lemme tell you peeps, the next time you visit my blog you'll just see and read all about my CONTEST and the MECHANICS of it.

Good night people! Too tired right now!


  1. I'm not interested at all. BUt can you please send me the mechanics of the contest in my gmail. I told you I was not interested. wahahahaah

  2. wow 2nd year huh congratulation and happy birthday to your blog "in advance hoho

  3. hoho "blogversary contest" that sounds fun hahaha dont worry jay i know you can come up with something awesome and i'll keep my eye on that

  4. Looking forward to join this one. Fingers-crossed to win at the same time.

  5. RAWR WAHAHAHA <- previous winner here. Hahaha

  6. Huwag ka kasing mag-adik! Kaya hindi ka nakakaisip eh. Jowk!

  7. advance happy blogversary! sana makasali ako ulit dito.. hehe

  8. happy 2nd blogversary! sana makasali ulit ako.. hehe


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