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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2012 London Olympics: Swimmers To Watch - 50M Sprint - Men

Olympics tradition is coming very near.

The Summer Olympics begins on Friday, July 27, 2012 and ends on Sunday August 12, 2012.

2012 London Olympics - Aquatic Center 
Every four years we experience the meteoric and euphoric celebration this quadrennial event brings. It is a competition of the biggest names, brightest stars, and the promising neophytes in the sporting world each wanting to stamp a history of their country in whatever sport's discipline they compete.

As a lover of this sport and a swimmer in my own right (haha!), I will give you a glimpse of who to watch out for in my favorite sports' discipline in the Olympics -- SWIMMING.

It has been regarded that swimming is the most watched and highly anticipated sport discipline in the Olympics and  I am too glad this is my fave sport. Tickets run out because people's influx in the aquatic center is too many that most of the times cannot be accommodated. And for this reason, it is always an implied task for the O.I.C to install a big screen outside the aquatic center to give way for spectators and fanatics to watch their idols in the pool.

Right now, I will transport you to the aquatic side of life and orient you about who's to watch out for in this event. Let's start with the 50M Free Style Sprint

2008 Beijing Olympics Record Holder: Cesar Augusto Cielo Filho - A Brazilian sprint swimmer and the lone gold medal holder of Brazil in swimming in Beijing. He has a current record of 21:30 seconds in 50M and will be defending his slot in London Olympics. 

Competition won't be more exciting if there are no strong rivals to root for. Competitors that could give the current record holder a big scare, a run for his money, a huge threat or an unexpected upset. So these are the rivals to watch out for: CULLEN JONES, ANTHONY ERVIN, BRUNO FRATUS, JAMES MAGNUSSEN

1. CULLEN JONES - is an American international swimmer and olympics gold medalists who specializes in freestyle sprint events. He will be competing in 50M, 100M and the 4 x 100M freestyle relay in London Olympics, He hold a record of 21:59 seconds in 50M. This is a huge scare to Cesar Augusto Cielo Filho.

2. ANTHONY ERVIN - He is an American international Swimmer and a medalist and is part of the 2012 London Olympics USA Swimming Team and is slated to compete in the 50M freestyle sprint. Watch out for him. His record of 21,60 is enough to make Cesar Augusto Cielo Filho run for his gold medal.

 3. BRUNO FRATUS - is a Rio de Janeiro native in the city of Macae. A Brazilian compatriot of Cesar Augusto Ceilo Filho. Let's see if his current record of 21:70 seconds is enough to upset his fellow countrymen in London few weeks from now.

4. JAMES MAGNUSSEN - is an Australian swimmer who is currently the 100-meter freestyle world champion. He is poised to splash a big threat to the record holder as he is pumped-up to compete in the 50M freestyle comes this August in the 2012 London Olympics. 

As the days go by, I will constantly be updating you with swimmers to watch out for in different swimming categories just to give you ideas of whom to root for comes Olympics time. So Olympics fanatics, especially those fanatics in swimming like me. Watch out for more updates. 

This is all for now. 

CREDIT: Wikipedia and Internet Photos


  1. i envy their body and their swimming skills i actually dont know how to swim at all
    hmm i searched for filipino contender for swimming is he competing with this guys im clueless at ttthe game actually never watched even once hoho
    anyways im sure everyone put up their best for this so who ever wins the gold he is truly deserving

    1. I guess we have swimmers to compete in London, but I'm not that sure which categories. Definitely, in 50M sprint wala tayong contender diyan. I am a swimmer and I can teach you how to swim hehe..the thing is di paano naman tayo magkikita for a swimming lesson kasi we're country apart right now. hehe. Maybe kapag umuwi ako diyan. LoLs.

    2. haha thats so nice of you nmn haha hmm
      iba iba pala ng segment ung swimming competition kala ko isa lng

    3. Yes, Mecoy, a lot..and there are upcoming entries chronicling different event in this sport discpline..hehehe. At least you're being informed now. hehe

  2. wow. swimming is not actually my forte. i don't know how to swim even if our house is situated a couple of hundred meters away from the sea. tsk.

    before i jump into the pool, i need a pair of floaties first. hahah

    1. Oh that's a bit sad..hehe. And the sea nearest you is sad too. I can teach you for free hehe. You know what, when I teach someone, I intentionally send them to a deeper part and push them without them knowing it. Kasi that's the only thing that they would really struggle to swim. Of course naka antabay lang naman ako hehe.

    2. In my early childhood days, I had three near death experience through drowning but it never injected fear in me but it sustained me. Through that I became stronger and more cautious.

    3. i have tried almost drowning when i was a kid, and it was traumatic. -_-

    4. Haha..try it's all in the mind. Kaya mo yan

  3. Swimming is also not my thing. haha. But I do watch swimming events.

    1. Good that even though it's not your thing still you watch the sport. I can teach you though.Let's meet at Lozada Swimming School :) hehe!


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