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Saturday, July 21, 2012

2012 London Olympics: Swimmers To Watch - 200M Freestyle -Men

In a pool surrounded by world-class and top caliber swimmers, there are always many possibilities. Possibilities that a defending champion can be out-swam by the underdogs, that a record holder can potentially be outwitted by the neophytes, that an upset is a thing that can happen in a pool. Anything can happen. It's the human spirit that pushes a neophyte to win and the same that triggers a champion to emerge on top again.
200M Freestyle - Men
A classic example of this scenario was during Sydney 2000 Olympics where the hometown hero and crowd's favorite to win the 50M Sprint Ian "Torpedo" Thorpe suffered a devastating loss to his greatest rival in the pool Peter Van De Hougenband of The Netherlands. It almost made Ian cry as he was expecting to pull-out from the water a champion. He felt that he brought so much disappointment to his home turf. 
I guess you've done reading or browsing my previous two entries: 2012 London Olympics: Swimmers To Watch - 100M Freestyle - Men and 2012 London Olympics: Swimmers To Watch - 50M Sprint - Men

So, it's time to to go a distant swim lap and let's find out who's who in the 200M Freestyle - Men.
Our current Olympic gold medalist is none other than my all time fave swimmer MICHAEL PHELPS of USA with an Olympic record  clocking of 1:42:96 last Beijing 2008.

Let's see who are in the list of challengers for the "Flying Fish". I call him the flying fish because when he swims he's way ahead of the pack and that his speed made him break a number of world and Olympic records and even his own too.

Here are the swimmers to watch and are poised to give Michael a huge threat.

1. YANNICK ANGEL - This French sensation is going against the strong competitors in this event. His current clocking in this event is 1:44:42 almost 2 seconds behind our champion Michael Phelps. 

2. RYAN LOCHTE - a fellow compatriot of Phelps and is regarded as the biggest threat to displace Michael in the leader's board. He specializes in backstroke and individual medley but he's also a fast freestyle swimmer. And his record of 1: 45:75 as of current standing is enough to give his fellow American no reason to smile. Will he upset Michael in August? Let's wait and see.

3. TAKESHI MATSUDA - a Japanes tanker and a veteran of two Olympics. One is 2004 Athens and 2008 Beijing. He's a butterly Asian sensation and had finished 3rd behind Michael and Laslo Cseh of Hungary in the 200M Butterfly event. Will he pulls out of the water victorious in August?

4. SUN YANG - a Chinese long distance swimmer champion and will tackle the speed of Michael Phelps in his favorite event of 200M Freestyle. Will his ability and record-breaking swim in the long distance enough to scare Michael?

5. PARK TAE HWAN - is a South Korean swimmer born on Sept. 27, 1989. He's the Olympic champion 400M Freestyle and a silver in 200M Freestyle in 2008 Beijing Olympics. He's the first Asian to win a gold medal in 400M Freestyle and the first Korean to win a medal in Swimming. It seems he's a swimmer to take a closer watch and can rally against Michael in this event. Let's wait and see.

Surely, this event will be one of the most exciting as it fields many fastest and strongest contenders. Contenders who hold a name of their own in other swimming discipline.

Are you guys excited to watch them? I guess you sure do. Let's anticipate as it happens live in August. 

Have a nice read everyone. Next entry is the 400M Freestyle - Men. 

DISCLAIMER: This list is of my own and it holds no claim in terms of accuracy of information. I might have missed other swimmers. The only thing I'm sure of is the current champion's and Olympic record holder stat. As of this writing, there might be changes in their stats as swimming is continuously being held in different governing championships. And I provided each swimmer a link so that you can read more about them. Please click their names and you will be directed to their Wikipedia profile.


  1. competing against the PHELPS?? goodluck to them hoho
    hmmm no filipino yet?? hmm thats sad

    1. Mecoy, we have a Filipino contender in the 200M Freestyle. His name is Jessie Lacuna. The odd is that there are 8 Heats usually in the Qualifying Round and from there they will be cut to enter the semi-finals and then a cut again for the finals. The chance is very slim but let's hope that he can deliver well.


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