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Friday, July 6, 2012


- dict says "to make passage through (something) possible by removing obstructions; to free from obstructions or difficulty"

A patron of this blog would easily gauge if I'd say "I'm still wide awake even at these wee hours now" -- that I wasn't able to beat the ticking of the clock when it hits 12:00am. And that I should supposed to be sleeping before it clicks midnight because that's my usual sleeping time. And when I failed to beat it that would mean I could go through the next morning sleepless unless I fight this somehow insomniac state. Now, this is momentarily what's happening to me. This is really me, I've been fighting against this unorthodox sleeping behavior of mine for quite some times. There were few triumphs but most of my attempts fail.

It would seem fair if I'll be telling you what caused today's erratic and unorthodox sleep pattern.Well yeah, I spent the whole afternoon until past midnight conducting physical inventory for all the products we store in our warehouse. To be exact, I reached my flat at around 1:20am. Apart form being positioned as a "Procurement Specialist" yours truly also perform some accounting works. And since I am solely responsible for the inventory system and control in our "accounting system" I collaborate by working with people directly related to inventories and sort to that effect. 

Okey, enough of the explaining part. None from the above has anything to do with what I am going to chronicle right now. The first line above is the main reason why I'm not fighting to win few hours of sleep right now. I'm grabbing this rare opportunity while my neuron is giving me ideas to write. Though this entry is quite on a personal level but as many passionate writers like me would say "this is our best comfort zone to express our emotions, to rant about things, to shout out what's inside of us". Writing is like that of a one best friend that you could say anything you wanted to say by scribbling everything that your heart dictates.

And what my heart whispers to me right now? A lot. Many. Limitless and free-flowing. Ideas of discomfort, of anxiety, of triumphs, of plans, of dreams, of failures, of aspirations rolled into one entangled rope. And my mind strongly suggests that I should unclog.

I am a dreamer of not small things but big, a quixotic individual. I strongly assert my insights and ideas. I am a visionary. And because of being an idealist and a visionary I tend to clog myself with things way farther to reality. I tend to over prepare but sometimes under deliver. Sometimes because of free flowing of ideas in my mind I tend to overlap and forget the existing that should be worked on. This is the cause maybe of why I'm poor at concentration lately. I've had enough in my mind that my brains can't process in multiple form. 

And perhaps it is best to unclog each one of them and put more emphasis to a more attainable, time-bound, and absolutely necessary things. To set high level and low level priorities, to check on time frame, to plan and execute according to what is primarily needed.

Unclogging is also setting myself free from the risk of everyday stress. We all know that stress the main killer in this age and time. It'll be to my clear advantage to break out from these unhealthy situations and decide to make a better approach over it.

Pardon me if I didn't go into details haha! but I guess those things that consume much of my thinking lately are bound for my own privacy. After all, I'm the only person who can address those and no one else. Presumably, some of those concerns that I have right now are maybe your concerns too. So just read between the lines and I'm pretty sure you are smart enough to detect one or few of 'em. And by the way, if you have some advices in mind just feel free to drop under my comment's portion. Of course, anyone who'll do that will be highly appreciated.

This is all for now.


Though the theme is quite an irony of happy state.


  1. I initially thought you'll be writing about unclogging a faucet or something.. haha.. We just had a plumber over the other day kasi. Anyway, it's so hard to fall asleep when your mind shouts a lot of things. I've experienced nights of sleeplessness 'cause of too much thoughts going around in my head. And yes, all we can do is to unclog our brains. My personal choice to is to do some blogging to get things off my mind, or I play some computer games just to redirect my thoughts.. ^^ Anyway, I hope you get a good night's sleep from today on.

    1. Hahaha! Ang labo Sumi noh..mukhang excited ka pa naman kung related nga sa tubo or sort of that ang post yun pala metaphorical lang ang pagkadale hahaha

  2. well its really hard to sleep with a clouded mind id experienced it after my bestfriends die no matter how hard i try to sleep i just cant the stress and depression is keeping me wide awake

    1. Yeah, it's difficult nga talaga kaya nag drain out na muna ako unclogging the less important things in mind.

  3. I could not enumerate how many times I have experience such...Until now, I still don't know how to solve the problem.

    But, I no longer drink soft drinks during the night. It helps.


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