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Thursday, July 19, 2012

2012 London Olympics: Swimmers To Watch - 100M Freestyle- Men

Yesterday, I've written all about my predictions of who to watch out for in this category - 2012 London Olympics: Swimmers To Watch - 50M Sprint-Men and I'm sure some of you are quite enthralled and would be planning to watch whom among my top 5 picks will dominate. Will there be an upset or can the current holder maintain his gold medal standing? If you're clouded with doubts , I too have some qualms as the field is very intense. I'm sure some of the contenders will give the champion a run for his medal. And we may never know that someone not from my listed strong contenders will snatch a gold medal as a surprise victor in 50M Sprint.

In swimming, I've always been fascinated to a number of swimming superstars in their contemporary times. In Barcelona 92 and Atlanta 96, it was my Russian swimming idol Alexander Popov that I have been hooked watching. In Sydney 2000, it was the hometown hero "Ian "Torpedo" Thorpe" who caught my attention. Too bad he failed to qualify in the trials for this year's Olympics. That time, Michael Phelps was just a rising name. In Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008, it was my great idol Michael Phelps who had the biggest splash in the pool garnering gold medals after gold medals. He totaled 8 gold medals in Beijing making him as the most decorated swimmer in Olympics History. 
Today, let us swim a little further as I give you my boldest predictions of who to take a closer look in the 100M Freestyle - Men category.

The current Olympic record holder is EAMON SULLIVAN of Australia with a clocking of 47:05 seconds. 

And here are the men who would challenge him in the same category. 
1. JAMES MAGNUSSEN - This guy is exciting to watch as he both will swim in 50M and 100M and will challenge the Brazilian hero FILHO in 50M and his fellow Aussie Eamon. Let's us wait and see what he can do to pull out a victory over the two record holder of their respective event. He holds a record of 47.10 seconds only .05 of a second away from his compatriot.
2. JAMES ROBERTS - he is another Aussie who will try to snatch the record and the gold medal from his compatriot Eamon. He currently hold a record of 47:63 seconds. He is a two time medalists at the World Championships (one gold, one silver) and will be representing Australia in this Summer Olympics.

 3. YANNICK ANGEL - is a French swimmer  and national record holder of both 200M and 400M Freestyle. This French guy will attempt to out-swim other competitors to steal the gold medal. He current record for 100M is 48.02. Watch out for this lover in Paris.

 4. NATHAN ADRIAN - is an American international swimmer and Olympic gold medalist who currently holds the American records of 50 and 100-yard (short course) event. He helped anchored the USA 4 x 100M freestyle relay and earned the gold medal in 2008 Beijing. And this year he will try to outclass other strong contenders on the same field.
5. NIKITA LOBINTSEV - is a swimmer from Russia who won a silver medal in the 4 x 200m freestyle relay in 2008 Beijing. This year he will attempt to give a big scare to the champion and to other contenders in his field. His current clocking is 48:21 seconds in Men's 100M. Let's wait if he can break and make an upset.

 These names are my personal favorites. I may not have listed some contenders who equally strong enough to put on a huge scare in the pool. We will soon see who will dominate this event when we finally get to watch them compete in this year's Summer Olympics. 
In the meantime, next episode is the 200M Freestyle. Who do you think will be dominating this event? Just sit, relax and wait for my entry for that. For now, let your eyes familiarize each name and face so that when you get to watch them soon you'll have your two eyeballs hooked on.
Enjoy reading. :)


  1. hoho the only swimmer i know micheal phelps he had proven a lot he deserve hat gold meadals hoho

    1. Yeah, probably because he's one of the few swimmers who gained too much media attention. Well, he so deserves his status naman.

  2. this should be interesting hehe...i love watching a swimming competition, hehe it's the only sport that I really appreciate :))

    1. Wow, ayos, may ka-update-an na ako sa mga swimming events. Let's watch simultaneously when the Olympics starts. Wag kalimutan ang "Opening Ceremony" on July 27. It's highly anticipated.

  3. Gotta watch them in the Olympics. I don't know how to swim, and seeing them, bothers me a lot. haha

    1. Good thing you're interested to watch even though it's not your thing.

      I can teach you how to swim hehe!

  4. I honestly didn't read. I just enjoyed the photos.haha. :)

    1. Haha! I understand Michy..I'm envious with their bodies I hope I have at least 1/4 of their discipline to achieve such.


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