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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem! - phrase used by Muslims which literally means "Have a generous Ramadan". 

When this crescent moon is sighted on the last day
 of Shaban it means Ramadan officially begins
It's the Holy month of Ramadan where I'm currently based at. Basically, Ramadan observance follows Shaban, the eight month of the Islamic calendar. Unlike, says, January, Ramadan and Shaban do not have the fixed number of days. Each month can have 29 or 30 days depending on when the first silver of the crescent moon is sighted by the naked eye. If, on the 29th day of Shaban, the crescent moon is sighted, Ramadan has begun and Muslims begin fasting on that morning. If the moon isn't sighted that night, Shaban last 30 days. And Ramadan will begin the next day whether the moon is sighted or not. 

Crescent Moon as the basis in observing
the Holy month of Ramadan
This year 2012, Ramadan officially begun on July 20, 2012. You can also hear other muslims say "Ramadan Mubarak" which they mean it as "Congratulations it's Ramadan, Happy Holidays. It's a religious tradition in the Muslim faith and it's main essence is to become humble,  simple, free from ill-will, meanness, and animosity. Let's us pay homage to our Muslim brothers and sisters as they faithfully observe this religious tradition in their faith. 

On a side note, let's examine how we Filipinos of non-muslim faith observe this sacred thing as workers in the Middle-East where the largest Muslim population is present. It is typically a merry month for most because it means a lot. It is the time where offices shorten their working hours from 8 hours to 6 hours, it is also a time where there are plenty of vacant hours which can be used to rest. Some Pinoys utilize it as a motivating factor to trigger their diet plans by following the fasting of the Muslims. 

But if others are happy, some express disappointment because their schedule is broke. I mean, other workers have to work until the wee hours of 2am (in cases of workers in malls) because malls close at 2am. While on the showroom like me, (my office is on the upper portion of our showroom) I have a broken schedule which puts me in a bit irate because our working schedule is from 8:30AM-11:30AM and the other shift is 8:00PM-12:00MN. Who wouldn't be upset? It pissed me off because last year my schedule was granted on a 7-4pm straight. But now, our new manager is such an ass**** and he wants me to be coherent with them too. I am not a Muslim and my work entails international purchasing. Who among our international suppliers would go on Skype with me at the holy of like 2-3AM in their country time? Well, as a sign of respect I didn't argue. Let's leave it at that. Pinoys naman are always ready to adjust having a resilient attitude. Ready ibala kahit anong laban mapa front line pa yan. 

Basically, there are some DON'TS during the observance of Ramadan. So, I'll orient you with what I know:

1. Don't deliberately eat anything during the fast, unless you are not physically able to complete the fast. You are forgiven if you have forgotten your were fasting. 
2.   Don't deliberately drink anything during the fast, unless you are not physically able to complete the fast. You are forgiven if you have forgotten your were fasting. 
3. Don't lie. 
4. Don't slander. 
5. Don't backbite. 
6. Don't swear or use bad language. 
7. Don't raise your voice or argue. 
8. Don't forget that if you are traveling, you have the option to not fast and make up that fast later. 9. Don't fast if you are on you're menstrual cycle. 
10. Don't deliberately make yourself vomit. 
11. Don't take injections or drugs that are used instead of food. 
12. Don't delay breaking your fast. 
13. Don't smoke or take drugs. 
14. Dont' fast on EID. 

I may have forgotten some of the DON'TS but these are the basic things you shouldn't do during the Holy month of Ramadan if you are a Muslim. Non-Muslims are being observed too. They should not eat, drink, smoke in public. Violation may results to expulsion from the Kingdom or a higher form of punishment maybe implemented depending on what violation was committed. 

This entry just aims to at least inform how "RAMADAN" is being observed. Hope you had picked some information.

Have a nice read! Al Hamdullillah!



  1. I know a few Muslims and they're really sweet and good people. Observing this holy season of theirs is probably the best way to counter their goodness or at least show our respect to them.

    1. Yeah! there are many of them who are gentle and sensitive. I mean they really put into heart and action what a Muslim should be. Loving, with fear of Allah, generous and all the good character we want to name. It's a prerogative of one to make bad action and he is accountable to Allah. It's like our Christian faith too though there are differences but sabi nga "let us celebrate our differences by just showing respect to their religious tradition and culture.

  2. ramadan mubarak jay hoho
    i now know what ramadan truly means at first all i know is they forbid to eat pork and have sex before dawn but now you have shared alot thanks for the info hoho

  3. Hoho! Ramadan Kareem din sa'yo Mecoy! Al Hamdullilah. What I've written are compilations taken from my good friend Abdullah who is a Saudi national. Though di pa yan lahat ata at least madami dami na rin. hehe

  4. very i know more of ramadan plus the far mahirap nga pag broken sched....with that i dont know how to resolve it....mostly part of uae ganyan daw tlga work sched....


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