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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

That "Kaboom" Moment

That “Kaboom Moment” –is a self-coined phrase synonymous to “awkward moment or kill time moment” wherein you’re not expecting a thing to happen and yet it happen in a very awkward situation. Uhu? Did I get it right? LoLs.

It’s nothing special actually, just a little rant or a trivial outburst

I had this idea while I was walking toward the office for my night shift.

v  That “kaboom moment” when you’re dressed up properly, office attire with neck tie and all when you just quickly realized while walking along towards your office that you forget to insert a hanky in your pocket and you need to wipe your sweats because it’s super duper hot (extreme humid weather) temp. is like 50+ degrees and when you reach your office you’re sweating so much as if you just get out from a bath room, Kaboom.

v  That “kaboom moment” when you realized that you fail to bring extra clothes to change the wet one. And you’re right in front of an air-conditioning unit. Kaboom!

v  That “kaboom moment” when you’re about to go home, you’re in a hurry because of “call of nature” urgency when out of the blue, your boss call you up to do something for him that will cost you at least 5-10mins. Your face is twisted  and trying to hide na may pinipigil ka. Nag decide ka kasi na doon na sa flat mo pasabugin. Kaboom!

v  That “kaboom moment” na naka alis ka na ng bahay mo, smiling while walking but when you look down you realized that your pants is unzipped. Kaboom!

v  That “kaboom moment” na kampante kang umalis ng bahay mo at nasa kalagitnaan ka na ng paglalakad mo papuntang office when suddenly di mo matandaan kung naisara mo ang pinto ng room mo. Dahil di ka mapakali, you get back to check it only to realized naka lock naman pala. Kaboom!

v  That “kaboom moment” na super saya ka pang nakikinig ng music using headset, suddenly nasa likuran mo na pala ang boss mo at ang bungad sa’yo “How’s things with you Jay? Kaboom! Huli ka..hahaha.

v  That “kaboom moment” where in you’re in the middle of rushing deadlines, left and right and suddenly your Gen.Manager adds up to the pressure by giving you an urgent thing to do too. You can’t complain but inside of you, gusto mo ng magwala! Kaboom!

I can't remember other "kaboom moment" but I'm sure there are still many of 'em.


  1. that "kaboom moment" when you're enjoying your float alone then people start staring at you as if you're slurping their brains off their skulls and you suddenly realized you're wearing earplugs in full volume:( kaboom!

  2. Hahahaha! Lakas ng tawa ko sa kaboom moment mo hahahahaha!

  3. haha nang yari na saking yang call of nature na yan pati ung unzipped pants haha

  4. kabboom moment yung masosolo mo ung net for two days peo nawalan ng net,nagbrownout .nagloko ng pc pde ba to? haha

  5. hahahaha, pwedeng pwede yan Mecoy..hehehe!


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