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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tame It


     Yesterday, I've been dying to sit down, sip a mug of coffee, and quickly write an article pertaining  to the talk, I and the rest of SFCs, attended & listened to, but it's just that my body and mind was too exhausted that I feel the immediate need to sleep. So I decided to pass on and communed with my bed (which I'm sure is missing me) at around 645PM. Initially, my plan was to just take a nap since I'm waiting for a call and/or SMS message from either bro. Zaldy or bro. Robert as we have agreed to fix the air conditioning switch-on/off outlet of bro. Satt. But the planned nap went on to be a long & unobstructed sleep. I felt blessed that I woke up from an uninterrupted sleep at exactly 552AM today feeling good and refreshed. Eyes not irritated. Rushed up to charge my mobile which is battery empty already. When I switched-on my mobile, I realized a call notification from bro. Robert and what-a-heck, I got five of them. Sorry bro, I never planned to sleep continuously but my body succumbed.

     Sometimes I feel a slight guilt when I'm rendered deep sleep because I can't even wake up answering calls and SMS messages. Pardon me guys, this is really me when I'm totally laid -sleep wise. Even the boisterous sounds of thunders won't wake me up. I remember a quote my mother had said way back then. And she quoted like this: "Halos magiba na ang langit, pero ikaw mahimbing pa rin ang tulog". There you go guys, as explained it all. So, just to give you the hint, in case I'm not answering at night even if my mobile is ringing  you already know my status. And my fiancee get used to it in the process. Thanks sweetie by the way for surpassing that test..hehehe..

     Meanwhile, going back to the topic. The talk was awesome and of course our well-loved speaker Tita Tess Lumbao is equally interesting and worth listening too. Shout out of thanks to the people (leaders and members) who've brilliantly came-up with this idea once again. Many have benefited with your efforts and I am a testament to that.

     Many a times when I've heard this talk, sat down, and soaked all that the speaker imparted, but our human capacity sometimes put us unguarded. Unguarded by the very words that comes out from our mouth. Evidently, such case usually happens when we are fuming with anger, our blood flow rushing fast, and our initial tendency is to hit back by saying some impolite even the "grossly-below-the-designer's belt" litanies of unsatisfactory words. And those unhealthy words were directed to those people we're in conflict with or in some cases have simple misunderstanding with. Our usual resolve is to be defensive. Our ego has been crashed or worst was blotted with foul words which is why our being defensive take the lead.

     During those younger years, I, for one, has been a culprit of "speaking in bad tongue" and I won't deny it because If I'd be perfect then I wouldn't be attending this kind of teaching and sat down quietly internalizing the lessons of the talk. It never matters to me how many times I've heard or will be hearing this talk because it isn't about the "how many times" but "the opportunity of being reminded" that is far more important to me. Sometimes, we can never learn a lesson from a similar mistake at once. There are few instances in our own experiences that we need to fall down several times before a similar lesson is being lived-out. 

     I can well remember Tita Tess words and it goes like this: "Our tongue can be used both as a blessing and a curse." As said those that comes out from our mouth originates from our heart. So, it is a must at all times that we should be more sensitive in conveying our speech or language. Our words can make or break an individual. 

     Moreover, as I can remember her quoting "One angry word from a leader of a nation directed to another leader of a nation can provoke war." We should be careful with the tone of our voice and the meaning behind it because words are an outward expression of what we feel inside us.

     It is of critical importance how we should communicate towards one another. Having our speech in order is one crucial aspect of righteousness and love. There are key problems presented in our unguarded communication, we have SLANDER or speaking a false or malicious words or statements against someone, GOSSIP, BUSY BODIES or people busy taking part on other's problem without direct involvement in it, and NEGATIVE HUMOR. 

     Many have said that "we are human and we are prone to commit these things". But we should also realize that being human we are given free will by God to think and exercise our mind in a manner divinely possible. That, in all instances, we should always talk with sincerity of the heart, openness of the mind, and uplifting of the spirit.

     Our words should be an expression of love, hope, support, and affection. It is wise if we'll just spread or talk about good things regarding other people and spare our time in soaking to news that defiles them. It's difficult to be engaged in the business of crashing people because in the long run it's your own persona upon which you're crashing too. Remember, we mirror each other.

     To end this, I shall leave you with these four-way test questions in passing information to another person. First, Is your story TRUE? Second, Is what you're going to tell me KIND? Third, Is the story NECESSARY? and finally the fourth, If what you're going to tell me is neither TRUE, KIND and NECESSARY, you better keep it to yourself. 

     We have the POWER to INSPIRE or DISCOURAGE as well as the POWER to HEAL or HURT. Now, which would you choose? Are you still gonna exercise your mouth reciting unguarded speech or tame the beast inside it?


  1. nice one tito. very inspiring. thanks for posting. i lily lov it. tc and God bless always! =)


  2. Buti na lang di ako umatend! hahaha! well explained tito Jay! Clap Clap Clap! I believe it has connection to the homily of Fr. Paul Koenig last thursday Mass regarding loving your neighbor as you love your self (commandments). Dealing with people specially if you want to correct them with their behavior, it is better to talk to them directly (nicely) than gossiping it with someone who do not know the person freely. As part of loving your neighbor, you should help them the way it must be and according to the ways our Christian life.

    Our tongue is like a spear that really hurts the feelings of others. Our tongue also can be an insturment of love which defines our Christian behavior. so di pa rin ako aatend ng taming of the tongue! hahah! joke lang!

    Thanks for sharing this Tito Jay!Galing mo Kaibigan! God bless! :)

    Tito Don Phero Marcaida y San Lorenzo

  3. Very nice!

    I must say that our tongue though small as it appears but it has tremendous influence. It's like a tiny spark of flame in a forest that if not controlled can set the whole forest on fire. So, we should really be on guard with our tongues. Our tongues can do great things.

    Continue writing bro. As it serves as an inspiration to many who have the time to read it and somehow will light up interest to those who aren't readers. Kudos! Job well done. God bless.

    Kian of UK

  4. Magaling!magaling!
    Ang linaw ng insights mo T2 Jay...& I completely agrees although, because of human nature,minsan talaga nakakalimutan natin ang mga mahahalagang insights na ito...How I wish, there is always someone to remind me of this...hehehe...God Bless..

  5. Magaling...Magaling...!!!
    Ang linaw po ng insights nyo T2 Jay!
    And I completely agrees with your realization although sometimes, because of our human weakness we forgot to observe this wonderful insights.

    From time to's really good to be reminded by this rather than always giving in to our pride, anger, stubbornness, arrogance and self-righteousness.

    Coz sometimes we tried to justify our actions without realizing that what we have just said or done is not anymore beneficial to the people around us or to us as well.

    It's easily said than done, but if we are willing in our hearts and minds by the Grace of is tame our tongue!

    Wish ko lang...♪♫♪♪♫♪♫♪♪♫♪♫♪♪♫(With music)

    P.S. Hayyy...Lord ang hirap talaga...
    Ano ba itong pinasokan ko...???
    Hindi lang ito nosebleed..................
    Haemorrhage na talaga ito.....hehehe....


  6. Magaling..Magaling...
    Ang linaw po ng insights nyo T2 Jay...
    From time to time it's is really good to be reminded by this wonderful insights rather than always giving in to our pride,narrow-mindedness, arrogance,anger and self-righteousness...

    Indeed, it's very inspirational and challenging...
    Keep it up T2 Jay...God Bless...

  7. @Bro.Emman--thanks for the read. I'll visit your site as well.

    @Bro.Don- thanks kapatid. We are guardian of each other because we co-exist. We are created to look after our brothers and sisters, that, in times of misbehavior we can somehow remind them in a very fraternal way, the providence of God in our lives.

    @Kian of UK-- wow! it's nice to know of someone completely stranger to me to have read and provide positive reviews and compliments. I'm more inspired to write good stuff.

    @Bro.Zaldnor -- wow, you can be a writer too pala T2, how insightful of you. Lumalabas din pala ang pagiging "nosebleed" mo kung kinakailangan. Your insights are highly appreciated. Keep commnenting or better yet, create a blog too..para maging follower mo din ako..hehehe

  8. Asa pa ako na magagawa ko to .. pero sana ... minsan I learn na rin not to say anything when what I'm saying is something bad.

  9. I agree to how we should tame our tongues.. :) It's quite hard to continuously do though since people have biases and are judgmental, more often than not.


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