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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Road to Christmas: Days Left -111

     As promised, here I am once again updating you with today's encounter. And it's 111 days to go before Christmas. what's special about this "triple first number". Well, as to me it got lots of significance. Anyone can associate this number to anything they wanted to think of. Someone has to be as imaginative as the scriptwriter or director to form coherent thoughts.

     111 can be a triple success for your today's endeavor. 111 can be the number of opportunities that might knock on your door today. 111 can be the times you had your firsts in adventures you're neophyte to.

     One hundred and eleven days. It's like so close yet so far. Far as it may seem, but thinking 'bout it open my eyes to the idea of a grand celebration. A time of the year where big and sweet smile flashes to your love ones, to some people whom you had misunderstanding with, to a stranger in the street, to the sales attendant in a department store while buying your desired gift, to a crew in a fast food chain where you're ready to claim your "take out purchase" as a present to your favorite niece and to the street cleaner for a job well done helping maintain the aesthetics of your village.

     I can't help but linger on day-dream or shall I coin it as a "wide awake dream". There is a special place in my heart that delight to the very season of our Jesus Christ's coming to earth. A chance to renew my vow as a Christian, an opportunity to give back and share blessings. It's also a great chance to boldly express our love to our dear family members and close friends and relatives as well.

     I always love the idea of togetherness, of being one with the whole family. I say so because seldom do it happens to us nowadays. A thing which sometimes put me in a state of melancholy. It's hard not to see them on a daily basis, more so of not being able to ask how they are doing in their everyday strugggles. But life is like that, we sometime have to learn to endure the sacrifices for the common good and goal to our families.


     Right now, I'll direct you to the last encounter I had today. An unexpected dinner and visit to two of my co-SFCs in the community. Bro. Don Phero San Lorenzo Marcaida and Bro. Jun Santo Tomas Jr. The place--KFC- Rakkah branch. The funny thing was KFC always serves as our melting pot when SFCs would think of ordinary dining out together. Yet, we don't even had this feeling of "nakakasawa na". Why is that so? Well, it's because we (or I) intentionally overlook how sumptuous the food can be but more so of the sensible and funny exchanges of conversation we can certainly enjoy.

     I'm sleepy now, so I'll end this entry to a cliche: "Smile, it irritates those who wants to destroy you."

     Godbless everyone. Sleep tight, until my next entry.


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