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Thursday, September 29, 2011



     Why am I writing about this topic when too many won't even explore it either? Why suddenly in the middle of work I quickly took a break and abandoned the paper works I am currently working on and rushed to open my Google account and started writing?

     To many, this word entails a negative meaning. It's connotation quickly shy-out our enthusiasm to get to know someone labeled with it. Oftentimes, this word is associated to a person who is  suffering from an excessive use of prohibited medicines.

     But heck-of-a-hell! I ain't no overdose with any of these prohibited medicines. Instead I'm deeply drowned with the extreme interest to write. And this makes me an addict - a writing addict. I don't know but whenever I feel the need to write or whenever ideas shoot-into my neuron I can't stop myself. The next move is to look for a pen and a piece of paper to capture the very idea that is presented to me. As the case now, "it either pressing the keys of the keyboard of a PC or a Laptop. And if you're a gadget-trend freak, you might as well writing using an Ipad via its touch screen feature. There is this thing with an "idea". It's like a shooting star that you should make a wish before it's gone. So, ideas before it's gone should be scribbled quickly to hold on to it. So that before a writer's block sets in, it can never erase brilliant ideas you were able to jot down.

     I just want to clear things out. I am not a professional writer, though I dreamed and still dreaming to be one. It would be fitting if I'd say I'm just a struggling writer. To put it in a different perspective, it's like I am a college undergrad who's a semester shy of finishing the entire course.


     I had been desiring to write few days back but due to a very busy schedule, it stops me from doing so. And the worst part is that ideas which previously popped-out of my mind were lost already and retrieving them back is like trying to win a battle without a blazing sword. You know what guys, I had this memory problem....sort of a memory loss..or to put it in a very clear perspective, my memory isn't functioning that well. I always forget things and events. The only thing I can brag on is my terrific recognition of a face of a person even if I just meet them once. But to trace back a particular situation in the past, Bloody hell! trust me and I'll embarrass you. I'm really damn forgetful and it ain't no good I know. This is why I always write things in office and at home.

    Maybe God has showered me with a gift of writing so that it would compensate my state of incapacitated memory. God knows that in my future life my memory will slowly deteriorates so He made it a point to endow me with this ability...hehehe (Just trying to figure out what God has thought of me..hehehe.)

    But writing has been one of my constant companions through thick and thin, great and hard times, ups and downs moments. It releases the tensions my body has and the outburst that my heart holds. 

     Interestingly, I had been a lover of writing since I was in my pre-school days. In fact, in school I am always regarded as one of the students with "best writing skills" in terms of penmanship. I can well remember memories of me writing on a banana leaf, in our windows (our house windows are made of native bamboo), on top of our table, chairs, and everywhere so long as I can make use of my pencil or worse is the crayons. Some experiences gave me a deafening shout and scream from either my "nanay" or "tatay" for carelessly writing to portions in our house which shouldn't be written of anything in the first place. It explained my great desire in writing. 

     I don't know where my writing skills would lead me, but one thing for sure, no one can ever stop me from writing. I will write as long as I am able. I will scribble even in the darkest of nights. I will write  because it's a source of my happiness. I will write even when no one will read my script but me. And that's addiction. I am addicted to write as I am addicted to love! 

     By the way, it's 96 days before Christmas! It's excitement!!! and 75 days left of my bachelor's life.     

     Until my next entry. Peace y'all. :))


  1. I share your addiction! :D I too am addicted to writing, plus taking photographs.. :) I wish I can write and shoot as a profession. But until that dream becomes a reality, I'm quite satisfied doing the things I love as a hobby.

    Cheers to more writing!

  2. Let's have a toast to least I know I'm not the only who can be called a 'writing addict-there are many of us I'm sure. It's the love and passion that makes us stay writing and writing and writing.

  3. i USED to write the same way as yours too. any piece of paper is fine. at the restaurant, church, etc. but mostly they are poems and not complete thoughts. haha. now you made me travel back to the past where i was addicted then in poetry. lol

    keep on writing :-)

  4. Hahaha...Totomai---I can still recall when one of my friends challenges me to write a spot on poem in Tropical Hut and I did and he was shocked how I managed to write it in less than 10 minutes..those were the days..hehehhe

  5. Anything in excess is called an addiction :)

  6. @Kay---tama..hehehe...pero ok lang na maging addict ako sa pagsusulat..hahahaha


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