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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Road to Christmas - My Own Countdown - 112 Days

     Whoaah! I computed the number of days left for 2011 until Christmas time comes and bingo it's 112 days to go from today.

     112 days to go, 112 days to do more good if not great things, 112 days to make people around me smile or even laugh, 112 days to start something worth remembering before the clock hits the remembrance of Jesus' birth. It's really a euphoric scenario as I can imagine.

     As I was browsing some FB profile, I encountered one of my friends' portfolio. She was so excited that she'll be celebrating Christmas in the Philippines. Five years of wait, five years of longing and five years of not being able to hear jingle bells and the merry sounds of Christmas carols in myriad of places like malls, residential areas, parks and the likes. As I continuously read her shout-out I can feel the same emotion as I am happy to the idea of celebration.

     Many a times when our country has been regarded as the only country which celebrates the Christmas and New Year merriment for almost a month. For us Filipinos, the atmosphere during Christmas season is very light. There is this certain feeling of security and of peace. When you see people running or walking the street, it's like a smile is a freebie that you need to give away as it delights one's heart.

     It's always a joy to be around in the Philippines during the Christmas season. But to many of the Filipinos like me whose works literally separates us from our homeland, we only content ourselves by doing discreet celebrations especially since we are inbound a country where celebrations as such isn't recognized due to religious differences.

     Back to 112 days. I don't know but when people hear or realize that the calendar months reaches the ending syllable in "ber" it's like they also have to change their attitude somehow. Maybe because of the anticipation of the forthcoming yuletide season. Right now, I don't have concrete things nor plan in mind how will I spend or celebrate Christmas. I just don't want to fall again into the trap of "broken promises" as I hate promises. Through times, I've been seeing myself weak at delivering such. Many a times I broke promises and this time I don't want people to expect from me. I don't want to disappoint and more so to disappoint myself for not living up to it.  So, I guess it is just wise to enjoy each day and live on the present moment. Not thinking too much of the next day to come.

     As some says, we are the masters of our own attitudes. It is up to us what kind of attitude are we gonna display once a certain circumstance arises. But mind you, always be on the other end of the tunnel where light can be seen. In simple terms, wear the attitude of positivism as it always brings good results.

     So guys, if you're going to count down the number of days left before Christmas, what will be your plans? Well, I leave it up to you, I can't decide it for you as I don't live your life. 

     Just remember to always incorporate God's providence in all your plans as He is the master designer of it all. He can fail you for a reason or let you succeed for a reason too.

     Stay blessed everyone. -:)))


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